August 7, 2016

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This morning were continuing some sermons on Colossians and I want to start by sharing something that I discovered this week something my son Carter who is a junior at the great University of Tennessee in Knoxville volunteer University there where that were ranked. I think number ten somebody was telling me for football this fall already. So I appreciate all the warm Applause. Thank you for that. You can tell I'm in Wildcat Country, but Carter was telling me about some some interesting science that he's been exposed to both through the universe and also just being a student and there's this Cutting Edge of science that's out there now and it's kind of On The Fringe. It's I think it's called cymatics. It's it's incredibly interesting and you'll you'll understand the application a few moments. So just kind of track with me now and we talked about this science scientist have discovered that certain frequencies of sound actually rearranged. matter I think about that for a moment. So there's this awesome video you can watch online where they'll put sand on a Surface that's getting sound fed to it and based on the sound. That's and we'll move around but it doesn't just vibrate like oh that's that way. You're making it vibrate it forms patterns intricate designs and patterns. And so depending on the frequency and the way you change that frequency causes whatever whatever man or you're exposing to that frequency of that sound causes it to reform and reshaped into different designs and patterns. amazing

That's stunning. If you go watch some videos be careful because right after the science part, then there's lots of speculation from everybody Under the Sun who jumps on board and says, oh this is new age or this is that or this is a sign from my aunt in Montana. Yo, there's lots of people who who who I'm Amazed by it and then just run off in it, but the science and the experiments and is solid in that they discover. They're still trying to figure out you know, this is not what we assume this is this is kind of mind-boggling even for the scientist who ever discovering this because it's amazing. You can see these intricate patterns form because they're changing different Source not just movement its design And so on the sign that says this means on a on a subatomic level feel kind of at the heart of the DNA of the universe itself. There's this pattern design CS Lewis said this years and years and years ago that of course at the heart of the universe there is design because the creator of the universe is a designer. He's a Creator. He's a Waymaker it is not random. It is not arbitrary. It is not chance, even though in our limited Minds sometimes we look and we say throw that must be random that must be arbitrary that must be a chance and even those great scientist or nothing to say starting to say now remember what we said was chance and random and arbitrary when we do certain past patterns emerged as a result of these frequencies who would have thought that

well I think for hundreds and thousands of years that thought has been out there.

Already out there from poets and Prophets preachers. They've always said certain things look at some of these truths when you look in Scripture. Foundationally, we believe that Jesus is the creator of all biological life and look at how scripture has described this in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made without him. Nothing was made that has been made. At the time do you think folks would have said why would you describe it as a word? Why would you say that a word or sound was what was in the beginning? Why would you mimic the language of Genesis where there's nothing but this formlessness in this void and God comes and he speaks in this Divine frequency the word of God himself coming out of God's mouth this Divine words and suddenly gets what matter begins to rearrange itself into this amazing pattern. The Earth is created animals are created trees and streams are created. Everything is trance because God spoke. This Divine frequency.

And Mater rearranged itself so that when God said let there be light there was light. Now what we may have said it 1.0. That's just poetic expression. Find silver now then catches up with scripture show me Pretenders and things that they don't fit our current assumptions about the universe that somehow this frequency would have in it some sort of intelligence some sort of knowledge that design itself would come about as a result of that frequency. Of course, that's what scripture said hundreds of years ago in Colossians. It says speaking of Christ for in him all things were created things in heaven and on Earth visible and invisible whether Thrones or powers or rulers or authority all things have been created through him and for him He is before all things and in him all things hold together. And then amazing that Paul would write those words. The John Wood riding John that in the beginning was the word.

And everything was created through that word and Paula. Claus Is Not only was everything created through Christ that word. Everything is held together or sustained through Christ that word of God In the Flesh.

So he is the author of all biological life everything living He is the author of our life and he is the sustainer of our life. We stay together. We stay composed. We stay human. We stay what we are because Christ as the word is holding. This universe together is holding us together. He is the very sustainer of our life's

that's pretty significant to me. And then you can start to speculate and I'm not going to start talking about Aunt Ruth, you know in Wyoming or anyting but hopefully safe theological speculation. I say myself in this amazing because Genesis talks about God speaking and things coming into being and then in James chapter 1 scripture talks about how God wants to recreate or re-raise us through his word. Could it be that the word of God when allowed to come into our hearts and our souls and Minds again, when we open that door that Jesus says he knocks on in Revelations 3:20 when we invite his word into her heart and then I could it be that that word when it's occurred actually reshapes matter. Changes are very hearts reshapes are very Minds. Could it be if Hebrew says that the word of God is active and Powerful both cutting and shaping and convicting and liberating all at the same time. No, it's a shame that sometimes we get more excited when science kind of tips his hat at what we've known by faith for centuries, but it's interesting that window opens. And you say hey and what scripture said? So could it be that it's not just a practice and discipline on our part? That our faith our walk with God isn't just a matter of us being disciplined people but a matter of us actually connecting with the power of God in the universe and his power working inside of us. Could it be that we can actually become different people because of Jesus Christ that our hearts themself can be reshaped and reform that are very mine can be read shaped and reform. All because we take the time to dwell and reflect and think about simple truth like this that Christ is the creator of all life and not only the creator of all life. He is the sustainer of all life. And every moment and so is he says it? It's not just true in some sort of theological. I'm going to be stubborn and believe it since it's true and actual reality because God speaks in that Divine frequency that matter obeys. And so when God says there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. That's true.

Everything that refutes that is a lie. When God says that he and the son got together and form this plan that he's so loved the world that Christ would come that whoever believes whoever places their faith in him will not perish

Will not perish so if God the creator of life if the one who could look into dust and say form it into life and it forms in the life. If one who can look in the darkness can say the light and suddenly the darkness run size 10 wide is everywhere. If he can say to you and I if you believe you will not perish then guess what? We will not perish. When we place our faith in Christ, we begin in that moment eternal life life that will not end in death is one poet says is just a Sunset and there's no need to fear sunset. It's just that single night before we rise. In the morning as the sun. As Christ did with God for eternity yet. So much of our life. Sometimes is tied up in anxiety and fear and dread that's based on stuff. That's not true. We fear death yet. If we are in Christ death no longer has a victory that no longer has a stain all these things that we get ourselves tied up in and fretting over God has come to free us from and Christ has the authority to do that for a million reasons. One of which he is the creator of all biological and the sustainer of all life created life and holds life together. He's also the giver of eternal life. Not just a creator of our biological life with The Giver of eternal life itself. John 20:31. But these things are written John says at the end of his gospel that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah the Son of God and by believing you may have life in his name the original Greek in that passage. It's a different word than life. He's talking about spiritual life this born again like this eternal life. It's not that we get biological life. We already have that as a gift from Christ as our creator and sustainer, but on top of that when we place our faith in him, we get this additional life this new life this Born Again life in our hearts. This is eternal life that is a gift from Christ because he is the one that provided that eternal life for us. Only righteous blood can cover the sin of those will be cut off from God without it. Then Christ came and gave his pure and spotless righteous blood and he gives it to us any crew will call upon the name of the Lord access shall be saved until he gives us this gift of eternal life verse John says Whoever has the son has life. Whoever does not have the sign does not have life crisis. Not only our biological life sustaining us and this very universe, but he is our eternal life.

He is our life.

In every sense of that word.

We are not our own makers. We are not self-made men and women even though that's a a cherished phrase in our culture in some ways. It just doesn't connect to real. We are not self-made men and women. We have a Creator Christ has made us and sustains us and gives us the gift of eternal life. He is our life in every sense of that word.

One author talks about it this way. He says the New Testament never speaks of eternal life as something that only begins at death something new into which death suddenly ushers us. That is quite unscriptural. Now I drove with Aaron that I had a an appropriately short sermon this morning because I knew we had a full-service. This is the moment of Temptation for me to verify the rails of what I have plans and salt let's let's hold me to under a minute in this little rant here. But but when I look at that quote, it reminds me of the fact that the truth is in many ways. We have been unscriptural in the life of the church for many decades because we thought of eternal life as just what he says accurately the New Testament does not teach we thought of eternal life as something that begins at death and sold evangelism has always been about closing the deal if you died tonight, you know for sure you go to heaven and so we want to get people prepared to Lorde's coming and it's purely about this sort of consent to a certain set of statements. Do you believe in that person could dance until they get their vaccinations they get their insurance for eternal life there fire insurance and then we move on and discipleship the actual eternal life that abundant life to Christ talks about a job. Never enters into the life of the church. And so we just kind of get saved and put that in quotes and then we just try our best to be as good as we can and hope Jesus comes back in time before we screw up our Salvation because it becomes almost a man-made thing where we think of eternal life as simply in the next life. And so I got baptized I'm fine and then we go on and live our life how we want to live out of her own strength and wisdom and it's heartbreaking because as we said last week, we're being invited to this wonderful cruise at the sea and sea is Lewis said but instead we stay on the shore and make mud pies not realizing the great offer that awaits us to learn how to live our life now in light of the wisdom and Grace and goodness of God. So the author continues that I do go to that under a minute I had to had to resist that Temptation the New Testament never speaks of eternal life as something that only begins at death something new into it's definitely Usher's us that is quite unscriptural. He continues Iclicker to work here on the contrary the New Testament always speaks of eternal life as something that begins Here and Now on this side of the Grave something that exists as a present possession of those who are in fellowship with God when we come to know Christ in that very moment We Begin walking with him. We step into that eternal life and we step into the opportunity to walk with Christ to live with Christ Fellowship with price to have our anxieties dealt with in a way that Supernatural to not live in fear the way this world lives in fear not live in dread cannot live in anxiety than not be obsessed with their appearance or our bank account or the opinions of others. But instead to be set free Jesus was homeless. I am the truth the truth. I'm on the way down the wipe and if you follow me, you will be set free and yet a lot of us don't live life that represent that freedom because I think we get a misunderstanding. Remind that somehow I got baptized. I said the right words. I made that consent. You know, I did the doctor thing I'm saved and then we just kind of don't think about it beyond that. I'm going to church and keep my you know, you know the old joke. I may keep my name out of the section of the paper that list of rest and I'm good, right, you know, if I can just get these things done and we miss out on the invitation to know that eternal life that Christ is indeed our life. He said in John 10:10, the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full. And so he invites us to know life now and such a way that our hearts aren't weighed down with bitterness. But instead were invited to be people who learn how to forgive.

If we're not it up with with bitterness I get to friend or family. anime We're missing out on the freedom that Christ offers us to know his goodness in such a way that that that truth of his word was broken into her heart that we indeed are forgiven actually changes our hearts. We're suddenly some sort of lever is moved. Some sort of Bitterroot is uprooted and we can be gracious and forgiving to others. In a way that not only liberates them but Freeze Ice.

He's invited us to know it turn a life now. 2 no life that has no fear of death to no life that has no obsession with the measurements of this world. To have hearts that are freed up from the things that normally bind us up. I'm going to bite the worship team to come forward. This is your invitation to accept that life. That is Christ himself. That's what you're doing. When you accept Christ, you're accepting his gift of life to you. You're accepting him and therefore his righteous blood covering your sin. You're accepting him and therefore his gift of eternal life scripture. Repeat that again. Again. The way Christ went into the grave. We going to the Grave with him when he was resurrected we resurrected with him when we are in Christ, we receive those benefits that Christ gives to us that forgiveness and that provision for eternity, but we're also invited in the context of having those salvation issues secure and taking care of invited to walk with Christ to know him and follow him. It's not out of a sense of obedience or checking off all the boxes so we can say I'm a good Christian unlike those others univ aren't doing what I'm doing, but instead out of a sense of Freedom that we Unrighteous people as we are apart from Christ Our righteousness and can walk alongside him to know his Fellowship his companionship. We can hear his word. It can come into our hearts in such a way that actually begins to rearrange the matter of who we are changing our very DNA are very spiritual DNA of who we are we're giving that amazing invitation. So as we seen here in a moment you're invited to receive Christ