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Date:  2-23-97 AM

Speaker: Pastor Schreck

Title:                            A Journey Into God’s Anointing

Text:                            Exodus 25:1 -

Theme/ Series:           Anointing of God


            We’re talking about a journey into the anointing of The Holy Ghost….    You’ll receive an anointing when you get to where God is… If you go where God is,  If you will go to where God dwells, and if your heart is right

This morning let me give you a Seven Step Process that will assure you of The Anointing of God.  Join me  in this … “JOURNEY INTO GOD’S ANOINTING.”

This Seven Step Process is the picture and Pattern that God gave to Moses in order to reveal to the children of Israel how they could know:   1)    How God Thinks,  2)  What  God sees,  3)  What God does, 4)   What God will do, & 5)  What God will not do.

T.S.  God gave Moses Material to be placed in God’s Dwelling place… The Tabernacle.


A.    The Alloys-The metals

1.     Gold = Type of the Divine Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

2.     Silver = Redemption, The preciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Ransom for the sinner.

3.     Brass = Suffering, The power of the Lord Jesus to endure the Cross, because He is God.

B.    The Adornment of Colors

1.     Blue = represent the manifestation of God’s holy character of love in the ways and death of Christ.  It would serve to remind the people of their divine origins.

2.     Purple = the color of a King/Royalty. Derived from mixing Blue & Scarlet = God coming down from heaven and becoming a man, a mixing of the heavenly into the earthly to form a totally new color, Purple, representing NEW LIFE.

3.     Scarlet = helps remind the children of Israel of the way of escape(cf. Rahab helping the the spys  escape… she left them down the wall by a scarlet rope… The scarlet rope represented their escape… It also is symbolic to us of the scarlet rope which is our escape from Sin.)

4.     White - Fine linen = Upon this ground-work of “fine linen,”  the other colors were displayed so that the observer would first be arrested by the beauty of the blue, the depth of the purple, and the brilliancy of the scarlet, before noticing the material over which the colors were spread… This is a breath taking scenario of  the “righteous one”… of Christ who “took our sin, that we might be the righteousness of God in Him.”

NOTE:  The Reference of the four colors points to the Four


1.     In Mark’s gospel,  White point to Jesus perfection, The pure man.

2.     In Matthew’s gospel,  Scarlet point to the suffering Savior, the Lord is represented as the Son Of David.

3.     In Luke’s gospel,  Purple point to the King, royalty the wrote about.

4.     In John, Blue points to the one sent from Heaven, Jesus the Son of God…

C.   Animal coats:

1.     Goats Hair, used in the making of eleven curtains, represent

a.     The Prophets of God

b.     The goats used for offerings

1)    one slain-blood poured out

2)    One scape goat-sins carried as far as the east from the west.

c.     The memorial of the death of the Lord

Jesus as the offering for sin.

2.     Rams Hides dyed red was a covering above the tent = it pointed the children of Israel to Abraham’s substitutionary sacrifice… It points to the fact that their must be a sacrifice for sin and that God would supply the sacrifice.

3.     Badger Skins were the covering around the Tabernacle.  They were very plain, nothing extraordinary  = The separation from evil.  These skins that entirely hid God’s glory, may also represent the humiliation of the Lord in His earthly  life and ministry.

If we looked at the Tabernacle from the outside you’d see a big tent, it was badger skins all the way out and part was open air… This was called the court yard, then as you move past the “court yard” into the Holy Place it was overlaid with those skins.  The different colors being represented, then you come to see the “Most Holy Place” where the “Ark of the covenant was,” and where the high Priest enters once a year to presented the sacrifice for Israel’s sin.


NOTICE there was only One gate, that  tabernacle had the badger skins all the way around it, they were very plain, not at all attractive… looking at the things of God are about like looking at those badger skins… from outside they’re not attractive at all.  Looking at the things of God From the outside there’s nothing attractive about them.


T.S.  The things of God are Hidden from those outside of them.. They just don’t see the purpose for the Badger Skins


A.    Are like Badger Skins: People may say

1.     “I don’t know why we have to have such long services…”

2.     Why do we do so much singing???

3.     The Kids and people that go by our church… and see a drug store….(people have told us: “When you get a building, when you have a hundred people, when you have Sunday school, when you have Missions Trips… We’ll be back to join the church…)

1)    Those that make their judgements about this church based upon what it looks like, or what they’ve heard about the church, or what other churches have done to them… etc. etc…..etc….

2)    They just can’t see beyond the “badger skins.”  The things of God here do not appeal to those in the world.

4.     The Bible says:  “The god of this world blinds the minds of the unbelievers.” 

a.     They can’t see the things we see unless they are in Christ

b.     You can’t see the things of God unless you’re IN Christ.

c.     You must be IN CHRIST, to see the things of GOD.

B.    Are Like Buried Treasure: Matthew 13:44

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

1.     The man found the Treasure in a field

2.     He sold everything he had to purchase the field.

a.     He sold out to serve God…

b.     He gained the kingdom by selling out to the world.

NOTE:  There are many things in church that can grieve a person, you can get hurt in church, you can get ate up in church…. At times the things of God look so drab, and so unappealing…

3.     Lesson:

a.     Just  because it doesn’t look like God is doing something on the outside, it doesn’t mean that He’s not working on the inside.

1)    Who hid the treasure?

2)    Was it a coincidence that the treasure was found?

3)    Why was the treasure worth so much?

b.     In order to get the treasure you’ve got to get the field

1)    by finding the treasure- being a seeker

2)    by selling all you have - dying to self

3)    by paying for the field - sacrificing for the purchase of the treasure.

c.     When you buy the field, you get everything that’s in it.  ( The Kingdom of God)

1)    Some things that are in fields:

a)  The rocks and the riches…

b)    The weeds & the wealth it brings.

c)     The broken jars and the broken hearts.

d)    The squirrels and the squirrlies.

e)    Thorns & Thistles, and all sorts of trash.

f)       But if you’re going to get the treasure, you’ve got to take the field along with the trash.

d.     When you find something worth great value, do whatever it takes to obtain it.

1)    Do not wait ‘til tomorrow….

2)    Do think about what you are giving up.

3)    Think about what there is to be gained.

e.     If you’re going to get what God has for ya, you’re gonna have to take all the:

1)    Imperfect Saints

2)    you gotta take all the hurt and all the let down, all the pain that comes with going to church.

NOTE:  You’re going to get hurt in church. 

There may be hypocrites, but The Lord is In the Church…

There may be backsliders, There may be a bunch of vipers, There may be a bunch of people there that will crucify you, BUT… God has chosen to manifest Himself through His church on the earth.

NO the church is not perfect, but I have seen the treasure in the field an believe me it’s worth it.

T.S.  To Have The Anointing of God on your life it’s worth getting rid of everything you have in order to get everything God wants you to have… He wants you to have His Anointing.


1.     Through The Gate/Door-on the eastern side.

a.     You must be a seeker Matt. 7:7

b.     You must enter through the Door.

1)    There is only one door

2)    Jesus is the only door (Jn.10:7)

2.     As you go through the outer courtyard after coming in through the door / gate you see an Brazen altar for the sacrificed animals.

a.     Covered with blood of the sacrifices

b.     Caked blood from all the sacrifices made in the past….

c.     You must place your ambitions, your rights, your life on the brazen altar of Sacrifice.

3.     You go past a laver with the water in it which typified washing….  Ex. 30:17

a.     The water in it is symbolic of the Holy Spirit’s application of the Word to a person’s life. (Jn.7:39)

b.     The water was for those who are already God’s Children. (It doesn’t typify regeneration.)

c.     Used to wash the hands

1)    When going to and after going to the Altar

2)    And before going into worship in the Holy Place

d.     in order to remove the defilement’s of the world.

e.     It’s the only piece of furniture that wasn’t measured…. ”You can have as much as you can get”…Deut 32:13 / Job 29:6

NOTE:  Next comes the area that is covered with the badger skins: You leave the sunlight, enter a room lit with candlesticks,  Showbread, and another Altar-Golden Altar Of Incense.  These are all located in the Holy Place -which is a type of the ministries of the church

T.S.  The next step To God’s Anointing is in The Holy Place.

            4.  Step up to the Table of Showbread

a.     Twelve (12) loaves of Bread Sprinkled with Frankincense-(Persecution).

1)    They smell good…

2)    But when you eat them it’s bitter.

                        b.   Mark 4:16:  How does persecution Come?

1)    By Serving God.

2)    By claiming God’s Word.

c.     You must be willing to take bitterness an Persecution before you enter through the vail.

5.     The Lampstand and Oil.

a.     The oil would come up through the lampstand and give light, divine Revelation.

1)    It was the place of Divine Revelation

2)    It allows you to see:

a)    Physically

b)    Mentally

c)     Spiritually

b.  Represents the Lord Jesus as the Light

c.  Represents being filled with the Spirit

d.     Represents a type of ministry on earth in the power of the Holy Spirit, having Christ for it’s source and subject.

6.  The Golden Altar.

a.     A place where perpetual incense were offered up.

1)    The rocks used were possibly from the Red Sea river bed-when they crossed

2)    The incense represented the worship

3)    This place represents the Perpetual Praise & Worship of the people.

b.     The Lesson:  “God will give you perpetual worship when you go through the the problems of life.”

T.S.  Next we step through the veil… We must:  “Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving in our hearts and into His courts with Praise….”  Into  … 

7.     The Holy Of Holies  - Boldness (Acts 4:13, 29. 31)

a.     Enter through the Veil (a Type)

1)    Through “His Flesh”

2)    The Word Became Flesh-JN.1:14

b.     The Dwelling place of God -

1)  The Ark of the Covenant.

2)    A type of Christ.

3)    The lid of the Ark is called The Mercy Seat, Also described as the Throne of God.

c.     We are told to enter into the throne room Boldly!

SUMMARY:  Step #1  The Gate - Seeing Jesus

                        Step #2  The Altar - Understanding the Blood.

                        Step #3  The Laver - Washing with the

    Water & the Word.

T.S.  The next step in into The Holy Place: 

Step #4  The Table of Showbread-The

place of Bitterness(persecution).

                        Step # 5 The Golden Lampstand-

Divine Revelation.

Step #6  The Golden Altar-the

place of perpetual Worship.

T.S.  The final step to God’s Anointing is

                        Step #7  The Holy of Holies

                                        It is here where the anointing turns to boldness…. The boldness of the Holy Ghost.


Boldness comes when the Anointing comes…


As you walk towards the Anointing you will learn who God is, how to understand God’s ways, The importance of The Word & Living in The Spirit, How to walk through persecution, How to receive divine revelation, How to demonstrate Trust and Faith in God,  How to keep in a perpetual state of worship,  and How to walk in God’s Anointing.

Application:    Come to the Anointing….

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