John the Baptist

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The forerunner of Jesus Christ, born to elderly parents of the Aaronic line. His public ministry began in the Judean wilderness with a call to repentance and baptism. His ministry is seen as a fulfilment of OT prophecy, in preparation for the ministry of Jesus Christ. He was executed by Herod.

John’s birth and early years His birth and naming Lk 1:57–60 See also Lk 1:5–13; Lk 1:61–66 Prophetic words over his life Lk 1:14–17 See also Lk 1:76–79 He was related to Jesus Christ Lk 1:36 His early years Lk 1:80 John’s ministry His simple lifestyle Mt 3:4; Mt 11:18; Lk 7:24–25 His call for repentance…
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