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The period of engagement preceding marriage; betrothal was a binding contract established between two families and sealed by the exchange of gifts. During this period the couple did not live together; sexual relations with each other at this stage was regarded as equivalent to adultery. Betrothal describes the relationship between God and his people and between Jesus Christ and the church.

Betrothal and the choice of a spouse Wives were often chosen by parents for their sons Ge 21:21 See also Ge 24:4; Ge 38:6 Suitable husbands were sought by parents for their daughters Ru 3:1–4 See also Jdg 1:12–13; 1 Sa 18:17; 1 Sa 18:21 Betrothal following the couple’s wishes Jdg 14:1–4 See also Ge 34:1–4;…
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