Attitudes to old age

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Old age is generally held in honour and the aged in society are to be respected. Because of the wisdom associated with their advancing years elders had an important role of authority and guidance in Israelite society and the NT speaks of the leadership of elders within the church.

Old age is to be held in honour Respect for the aged Le 19:32; 1 Pe 5:5 See also Job 29:8; Pr 16:31; Pr 20:29; 1 Ti 5:1 Respect for parents Le 19:3; Pr 23:22 See also Ex 20:12; Ex 21:17; Le 20:9; Dt 27:16; Pr 30:17; Mt 15:4; Eph 6:1–3; Col 3:20 Old age is associated with wisdom Deferring to the wisdom…
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