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A sense of longing for or wanting something. It may be a positive or negative force in the human character, but sinful desire is characteristic of human nature and must be overcome by the believer. God also expresses desires in Scripture.

Righteous desire Desire for God Ps 73:25 See also Ps 42:1–2; Ps 63:1–8; Ps 143:6; Is 26:8–9 Desire for right living Ps 40:8 See also Ps 119:174; Pr 22:1; Heb 13:18 Desire for wisdom 2 Ch 1:7–12 See also Jas 1:5 Desire for spiritual gifts 1 Co 14:1–5 See also 1 Co 12:27–31 Desire for church office 1 Ti…
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