Examples of discernment

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Perfect discernment is displayed by God and Jesus Christ. Evil spirits also have discernment, about the person and work of Christ. Discernment has been evident in the rulers and spiritual leaders of God’s people, but Israel, like children and the foolish who lack judgment, failed to discern God’s purpose and truth.

God’s discernment Ps 139:1–4 See also Job 31:4; Job 34:21; Heb 4:13; 1 Jn 3:20; Ps 19:12 Jesus Christ’s discernment Jn 2:25 See also Mt 9:4; Mt 16:23; Mt 22:18; Jn 1:47; Jn 8:16 Evil spirits’ discernment Mk 1:23–24 See also Mk 1:34; Ac 16:17 Discernment in those who govern Joseph: Ge 41:39; Ac 7:10 Solomon:…
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