Causes of spiritual warfare

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Spiritual warfare has its origin in a rebellion of many angels against God. Satan is seen as the prince of this world, leading an array of forces opposed to God. Although disarmed by Jesus Christ on the cross, they remain a powerful threat to the church and to individual believers.

Satan and his angels fall 2 Pe 2:4 See also Is 14:12–15; Eze 28:12–19; 1 Ti 3:6; Jud 6 Satan and his angels comprise a well-organised army Eph 6:12 See also Col 1:13 Satan and his angels will ultimately be fully disarmed by Jesus Christ Col 2:15; Re 12:7–9 See also Mk 3:27; Lk 10:18; Jn 12:31; Heb 2:14;…
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