Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is of central importance to the NT. It affirms the divinity of Jesus Christ, marks the words and deeds of his ministry with God’s seal of approval and opens the way to the future resurrection of believers.

Jesus Christ’s resurrection was foreshadowed in the OT In Abraham and Isaac: Ge 22:5; Heb 11:19 In Jonah: Jon 1:17; Jon 2:10; Mt 12:40 Jesus Christ’s resurrection was predicted In the OT 1 Co 15:3–4 See also Is 53:11; Ho 6:2; Lk 24:45–46; Ac 2:25–31; Ac 13:35; Ps 16:8–11; Ac 13:34; Ac 26:22–23 By Jesus…
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