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We all have someone in our life who deserves praise for their impact.
Sometimes it is our football or baseball coach.
Sometimes it is a teacher.
Sometimes it is a boss who helped us get started in our trade.
One newspaper made this statement about teachers:
“Teachers, as a general rule, are salt of the earth individuals.
Teaching is the one profession purposely influential in shaping all other professions.
You know that doctor who saved your life?
She had a first grade teacher, who encouraged her and shaped her to glean her gifts and use them with appropriate and balanced judgment.
Years later, she had a teacher who observed her making incisions and providing emergency care to save lives-yep, yours.”
Everyone of us had somebody who truly had an impact on who we are today.
They taught us not simply to do something, but how to live.
As a great of an impact that person may have had, does it compare to the impact God has on our lives?
Who has done more for you than God has!
First of all, God created us!
God sustains us!
Whether by his Power, or by the Wisdom of His Word, God sustains our world and our very souls.
Further, despite our wickedness and rebellion, God loved us.
No person deserves nearly as much praise as God for who we are today.
Let’s read our text this morning and see why God deserves our praise.
Our text begins with the declaration:
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”
What is the meaning of Blessed? (1:3)
What is the indirect command of Peter when he says God the Father is “blessed”?
Blessed and praise are closely related.
To say something is blessed, is also to say that something is worthy of Praise.
God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of Praise.
Certainly, everyone of us who are believers in Jesus Christ believe we ought to give praise to God the Father.
But according to Peter, what makes God the Father worthy of praise?
For what does God the Father deserve praise?
First, and foremost, it is because of His Mercy.
The text in v. 3 says our praise should be “According to his great mercy”.
We ought to Praise God because of His work in Salvation.
This text gives us 4 reasons why we should praise God.
We should Praise God because of:
1) The New Birth.
The first reason that God deserves praise for His divine work is that he has caused us to be born again.
This is a phrase that is often floated around, but what does it mean.
Peter is referencing a teaching he learned from Jesus, as His disciple.
This teaching is recorded in John 3:3-7.
The emphasis in this text is, “who enters the Kingdom of God”.
Entering the Kingdom of God is the same thing as asking the question, Who get’s saved?
To be in the Kingdom is to receive salvation.
Jesus taught that to receive salvation, one had to be born again.
What does it mean to be born again?
What does it mean to be born again?
Every saved person must have two births.
The first birth human being receives from their mother.
It is how we receive life.
This is what Jesus meant by being “born of water”.
To be born by a human mother.
However, being born into this world means we carry the sin nature of this world.
We are born not as innocent, good people; but as wicked sinners.
Thus, every person has a sin problem.
What do you do with the sin problem we inherit at birth?
This is why you need a second birth.
2. The second birth every human needs is to be “born of the Spirit”.
Our hearts are desperately wicked, therefore we need something that will change our heart.
The prophets spoke of this in a number of places including Ezekiel 36:25-27.
Scripture related to the New Birth: John 3:3-7 and Ezekiel 36:25-27.
Essentially, the new birth is related to God changing our heart in what is called regeneration.
Everyone of us must have this birth in order to be saved.
New birth is God changing our hearts in what is called regeneration.
Not only understand the essential nature of this birth, but understand it’s significance.
Before we were born again, we had no ability to obey God or even treat those around us in a loving way.
There are many relationships in which the average person would say it should be characterized by love.
But is the generality true.
How does the new birth effect our choices?
How does the new birth effect our relationships?
How about our marriages?
Marriage apart from God is often ruled by selfishness and mutual benefit rather than united by a common goal of obeying and loving God.
It certainly is not characterized by selfless Christ like love.
How about our parenting?
Again, often the parent-child relationship is pictured as precious.
Yet, apart from God parenting is ruled by dictatorship.
Either the dictatorship of the parent or the dictatorship of the child.
It is amazing how much selfishness is displayed by parents and children in the family.
It is certainly not united around the love of God or the display of Christ like love.
I remember being in the military commissary picking up some groceries.
As I went about I watched a senior Air Force officer arguing with his kid.
It’s the classic 10-year old wants Ice Cream, but the Dad says no.
The kid looked at the Father, said in a forceful voice, “we are getting this ice cream”.
He put it in the cart and walked off leaving the very angry father behind to follow.
A Colonel just got overruled by a 10 year old kid.
This is what a family without Christ looks like.
It is self-centered fist fight.
This would be everyone of our realities, except as believers we are born again, having hearts transformed by the Gospel.
EXHORTATION: Peter makes this point, God deserves praise because he has given us new hearts through the new birth.
Each one of us should praise God because by his mercy he has transformed us from wicked rebellious sinners to God-honoring believers.
We ought to praise God for the divine work of the Cross.
Peter makes this point, God deserves praise because he has given us new hearts through the new birth.
Why does Peter describe God as deserving praise for our new birth?
We should Praise God because of:
2) The New Hope.
This new birth has created for us a living hope.
What does it mean, “a living hope”?
What are we hoping in?
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