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Let's be still and know he's gone. So let's not be still and see what he would say. Trust him. Can I spend some time with you?


Learning the quietness we come to you either day and week. Love you. We on you we want to worship you. What app raised garden? This isn't about us. It's all about you. Father God we ask the Jesus be magnified and exalted in our midst today. We have come to Adore You glorify your name father? Lord we think past Keith down there and it seemed to tell him to go he asked for freshman that perfect healing for Keith Lord and Lord bring the team down there safely in the back game on May the room is down to be very very effective father. like for a blessing over this church to and people come you're maybe somewhat Heavy Hearts over some reason say that we don't know about but you know, although week of the multi line. She's the same way.

Anybody have a word that just want the kitchen to share a mice explain. If you do like probably won't work. If you try to explain the way I see things and the way it's kind of like that you feel like you want to pass on the Lord's giving you so I'm starting to get a check before we keep going forward.

If you want to testify about something.

And if not that we're going to go have some. Going we going.

and that it's going to be first one and it's my Bible that sticker sections called the money and that's where God's telling the people he's going to be texting them and It's kind of really at each moment by God, that would be in Exodus 30. We're going to begin looking at 11, okay? then the Lord sets most when you take a sense of this relates to Counting. Each one must pay the Lord's ransom for his life at the time. He is counted then no plague will come on. They win. You number them each one who crossed over to those already counted to give his to give a half a shekel according to the sanctuary shekel, which weighs 20 Jarrett's the half-shekel is an offering To the Lord all he cross over those 20 years of age more are to give an offering to the Lord. The rich are not to give more than a half shekel and the poor are not once when you make this offering to the Lord to atone for it you sent. Received the atonement money from the Israelites. And use looks for the service of the tent of meeting. It will be a memorial for the Israelites before the board making atonement for your lawn. In the reason. We're reading this it's the background for the next passage. We going to the new testament, which it's for Jesus member Peter Thompson saying how we going to pay the temple tax needs to be paid, right? And that's was talking about and this was a bit of an eye-opener for me cuz I asked by God himself. So I'm going to Matthew 18. Okay. I'm just a little thing that's beating beginning 24K Matthew 18. After Jesus and his disciples write pretty awesome. Deep V collectors of the two drachma tax came from and asked. Doesn't your teacher pay the temple tax? Yes, he does. He replied with Peter came into the house Jesus what the first speak? What do you think Simon he asked from whom did the kings of the earth collect Duty and texts from their own Sons or from others? Peter answers Lil B sontard accept Jesus But so that we may not offend them go to the lake and throat your lawn. Take first fish you catch open the mouth and you will find a Ford Rock the current. Take it and give it to them.

pay my text and yours

I always like to start some a little light and that this the sky and specially at night time he kept being scared. There was somebody else and he keep getting up in the night and check in and nobody there course going back to sleep and he wake up scared the game. So finally decided he was going to go to a psychiatrist and see if he could get over this full of yet with the spear that he was struggling with. Well the Sakai just listen to me some I got to tell you to help you get over it and I charge $100 an hour. I'll have to agree to come see me for the year and I'll help you get over it. Well.

But then months go by and he never comes to the psychiatrist. Well one beer to get the key out of that. Well, the the guy says oh, I hear a shock that and how did you ever get scared of that? Well, the guy said I went to the bar and I was telling the bartender all about the fear. I had to like kept waking up in the night. I think somebody son of the bed nobody's there and I wasn't getting any sleep. The bartender said if you can't kill me for 10 bucks. Well the Skype said that to me or you that song.

the thing is here's the point the point is that that's what faith is going to be there at Sears. It would cut the legs don't write them to fear. And it's pretty good chance somebody seared. I didn't scared about something and it could be about maybe the direction to health is going maybe to be about financial issues. Wondering how it's all going to work out how you ever going to talk all kinds of computers may be wondering or fearful about the future of your children. Whatever's going on all kinds of fears. but we got a memory that Jesus said in in the certain amount your father knows what you need even before you ask. So that's how great our God is and that's what we got her number and you know what? I want Ariel and we have like about 10 minutes away from where we live was called trouble. And actually I didn't find it till I moved away from Sudbury actually that that City in that area it has more lakes around there 300 more than any other city in the country that's going on there and in the river as well. Do you know a lot of fish fish our son of abundance the scripture and we see them being mentioned over and over again the blank Example of integration we see God filling up the oceans the Seas the rivers to Lakes the streams with fish and not just one kind of fish. Right many many kinds of fish. And then you have that whale of a tale in the Book of Jonah Jonah doesn't do it. He's one do what he's supposed to be doing it. He's going to spend time in Quail Billy school until he's ready to get it right and get us Waste Management. So he he was on spiritual Retreat there. well

Fishing pretty important in the time of Jesus, right? We read about every Sea of Galilee playing a big part in this ministry. And remember when you mean City Cycles for the first time what happens baby go fishing and they say no we haven't and he says put your not down the game when they bring that up. It's the net breaking boat sinking.

How many tells me call me? I'll make you Fishers of Men who sing this kind of fish. You need to be more worried about right now. And be in the same you're going to happen. By the way, we need to remember that that they've committed they gone back to fishing. There's some strange they giving up and the coming in from this long night. They got nothing. He says watch out into the deep. And once again, they had the snip breaking boat sinking load full of fish and involving fish the little boy write the story there. He's been teaching all the disciples say them the people need something to eat before I could send him home. He says you give him something to eat and all I can find is what this little boy has these little tiny fish and a few small rolls bread. And you multiply sit and the little becomes much in the hands of the Lord. And that's it. That's so important for us to remember that too and other late kind of had to do things on Chris get it's merely they had to have a way to identify to each other that I'm a Christian and you remember the sign that use the sign of the fish and made a Greek word for fish. It was ichthys and it was like an acrostic every every letter of that word excess meant something that men Jesus Christ Son of God lord and savior. That's what it meant. So it's kind of interesting story books on the whole thing that they're always sing make these politicians release the taxes. Let us see and people are very very interested in knowing that well, some people are anyway, but anyway, the thing is this exactly what's going on here the computer so I approached.

The legalistic Pharisees and they saying just your teacher not pay the temple tax. Is there always something

The Peter course says that of course he does corsi paste. but What was the name of that Temple tax anyway sweet that's right about that Nexus. Well for one thing it was ordained by God himself never the Lord told Moses get people to get over going to number them. You going to take a census? And can you sell your volume. Then you're going to be Peter most his regular number you date before the Lord one. Awesome feeling. Well my going to be the one of them and then the Lord says Each of you must pay a ransom money. Well, what does it mean if you are parent and you got kids, you know about teach moments and this is at each month for the people got. It's also reminded them that sinned always has price member that him Jesus Paid It All Calvary covered it up and throw the Old Testament. You always have those Concepts and Rance the blood that's what it is. And there aren't going to be any exceptions to paying the temple tax. The Lord said he said the rich are going to pay the same. The poor are going to pay the same meaning everybody is Rico Valley. On the ground is level at Calvary Paul said in Galatians. There is neither slave and free Rich North Corridor in Christ Jesus. The whole thing is they're paying this in other words the repeat and here's a little story about What redeem means we go back to the days of slavery in the old the old South and it was Marx and slave auction going on and this is little girl. Looking very very call Great Wall.

Any sites, I'm going to buy that girl and he begins to bid and that when other people see is it is so they begin building on her, but he keeps spinning and delete the first thing he does 20 has the girl in his possession. He has her manumission Papers written up here Freedom papers for free you can go What she said I don't want to be where you are. So she went to be a fat man and she work for him work for his family in the theaters when by people sometimes dinner. Why don't you just leave you free you can go wherever you want. but I want to stay here because he reading Tori Dean meet well, that was the purpose of the tax board says going to be for the upkeep of the temple or at that time.

But just like this church, they were built in the making of the Tabernacle in the upkeep. I've been later of the temple. Where's the Barden but where ships never totally free is it? There's always cost just like David said when you know what you want to offer the sacrifice to the Lord the guy tried to give it to me free and David said I will not offer to God that which cost me nothing. And their bills with this church me and look at the week. I might turn we got heat on and we got all this electronic equipment in and someone has to pay and where at and it is in intensive. It's it's just like it in the Bible. That's what God was saying. I want you to pay my bill. We hear a lot about the people of God tithing in the Old Testament, but they are off to text cuz I member a half-shekel which is what the temple tax was that was equivalent to 2 days weight. Batman 2 days a year your wages were going to the bar. But guess what folks it never hit the one that said if you put the Lord first you'll be blessed blessed blessed by him. Okay, so that's talking about Peter comes into the house and he's probably you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that he's probably really smarting over that inference that attacks. Guess what is so interesting because the Bible says before. Instead of work. Jesus asking a question about this and see the work to do that because I was in the heart of people. And raises this question is hypothetical question is what do you think Peter? Does the King's son pay tax does the king raise his taxes and his family or some of it? You see the whole point behind the question is Jesus is the son of God. He's the King's son. And therefore he doesn't really have to pay it because the father is the father of the Temple of Leah that he's the one that Temple saw bolt Jesus when he drove the money changes though. He said this is my father's house. You turned it into a damn feet. And my house will be called a House of Prayer. That's the one thing. I don't really have to pee. I'm the king son. It should be others that will pay the tax pay the duties that that's the whole point behind the quest. But we can go.

But then I really like the next part. It's so lovely to look at the grace of Jesus. The next thing he says right. First of all, he said I'd only have to pay actually if you want them. But you know, the next thing is he says but let's not give offense.

it was my sweet because I realized we live in an age where we don't want to be worried about being politically correct all the time. And I know that Jesus did say he was going to be the rock that would make people stop. Stored between the parents of the children to divide. I know if we are going to proclaim the gospel, fiercely and bowling we can help give a fence I get all that. What does like a coin does not other side of the coin isn't there? Not a side of the coin. I'll put it this way. It's in 2nd Corinthians 6 verse 5. We put no stumbling block in anyone's past that our ministry will not be just friends get that. We don't put any stomach block or anything that will send in anyone's path that our ministry will not be to Sprint and you'll sing 1st Corinthians 13 love gives no offense or 6. No offense.

You see that really flies in the face of popular thinking today, and there's some thinking that seem trapped in the churches. What people say people are just going to have to live with me just the way I am. You know, I don't really care what they think if they like it. If they don't they can like it. They can want all the same place. They got to put up with it. Well, guess what folks people don't? We're supposed to be not giving or pants unless it comes to the gospel. We're supposed to radiate the love of Jesus and that doesn't give us license to dump on people whenever we feel like it and say whatever we Jolly. Well, please without being led by the spirit. So And remember how Jesus gave him his rights member. They're having Amanda Jennings thorns on his back. And what does he do is say so he could have wings of angels down to deliver him and he could have called fire from heaven and he didn't he didn't worry about rights. As soon as this so here's how we're going to paint. You're going to go fishing Peter and the first fish you catch. It's going to have the fish in its mouth. And there's Peter catch you let's go to the next flight. And the kind of fish in the Sea of Galilee the most common one that they fish were there. They called tilapia tilapia. St. Peter's fish on my way over like was this really we went to see the alley there. They we stopped at play Sneakin have a St. Peters fish for lunch. If you want some of this is the fish kind of fish. They came I think we've got an extra. See the coin in the fish mouth if we don't think the next the other way of think, 11 x 1

anyway, we know that God miraculously died in that one fish of them all the fish teeming sea Galley Peter suck. It's not amazing the mind of a train that can take one fish. That's you know in steamed Ali and guy that fish all the way to one man hook just credible. well There's something fishy about this whole story though.

Phineas What's kind of fishy? They didn't need to raise money that way. They didn't need to do that. Bankhead funds Jesus didn't lock the money. The Bible said they had followers there were people of means that contributed to the man. They even have a Treasure named Judas and he looked at the money he could have said to Peter go ask Judas take the money to the temple will pay the bill. Let's have done with it. He didn't say that. So what's the point then what's going on? Well, I think the one thing don't you think this is kind of a bit of a sense of humor by the Lord don't think it's something kind of amusing you're going to go fishing first thing you be and sometimes we don't really think about sense of humor. Jesus hat. You think of the man of sorrells or we say he's coming back and he's going to be the first stirring judgement. You know, Lord's going to deal. We we sometimes forget. He had a sense of humor didn't do anything children would really hang around him if he didn't have sense of humor the Snow White by the way, the other kind of humorous thing about this the only guy that mentions this particular story is to find that Sky Map. Obviously the best Memphis, right? map Matthew being a tax collector before

but he's the only guy that made sure when I right now by you know them other guys Mark and John and Linda not going to tell the story. I'm going to make sure it gets it and so it so that's your

Brianna wants to hear some look at how it all went down it it wasn't bite a coincidence before going to go down. We're moving toward East. Remember how Palm Sunday when Palm Sunday was approaching the Lord had it all worked out all the details already member what he said to the disciples before the Triumph link you guys to go ahead and is going to be a donkey tide. You going to ask the owner for it? And if they say where you going to eat you say the Lord has need of it was all no worries. Same thing with the upper room. He said you're going to go it'll be all prepared the upper room. That's where we going King and we need to know that about

The Lord already has worked to get off the pot. So that's think it's a reminder that God can.

You better have the people of Israel have to eat. There was the economy was ruined. The firstborn of every in Every Family the line would dead except the Hebrews. And God said you will be wonderful and you will do a claim with treasure. The Egyptians were playing it with gold and silver in Jewelry Saint taking leave after care. We don't want you anymore. By the way, all that stuff. That's what they always look in the head right? I was looking to him. Same thing if you got to finance think they are Whatever It Is God to me that in ways, you can't even see it expected check in the mail. You might get a check from the government say we made a mistake. We owed you more than we were supposed to give you. Or it could be anything, you know.

Mystery Story by the way, he bought a metal detector. And this kid Barbie fun to take outside start. I know the kid is the kid on comedy on Timber the panda that went back to Middle Ages and it was worth millions. I guess that guy.

Phineas and the other one sitting here is the god can do a great deal with very little you only needed one little fish of all this fish in the Sea of Galilee to meet them. I love the stories Kinks you nobody like them and you lunch and the story there where you want to heat comes stays with this family. And finally, it's the point where there's nothing left to eat in the house.

Elijah said what do you have left? She said to him that I have a little flower in a jar a little oil in a jug. That's all she's holding. You going to bring every junk that you have every container and snip and then one of the one little oil that she had you like to proceed to fill up every one of them and then she said she had money to buy food to get to the family and lasted until the fan stopped and that's all. Same thing with Dave brought them. He didn't need much. Did he won?

Same thing. We already talked about the loads of dishes that I remember when Jesus divided that fishes is quite a bit left over. What's that? 12 full basket? Frank's God doesn't apply barely enough. Or just enough but more than enough.

Have you ever seen the other lesson here is? But Jesus has compassion on on Sprint and he looked past no one ever need you to go and pay it my text and your text. In other words, she's not only thinking Celtics do your lips. He's really really worried about Jesus. They weren't wearing them peanut. But the Lord knows Peter probably hasn't paid yet. And by the way.

So anyway, he says you going to pay your text my tax. He has compassion on his friends and he will pay our bills. If we put them first if we bring the tithes Malachi all open the windows of Heaven God says so much treasury that you won't be able to talk about it. How to keep probably Taco money very much about people getting mad with seat. I want to preach next Sunday, so I'm safe.

And it's anymore. Yeah. Yeah, and there's a good word for us there right when you need God knows he already knows before we even ask when you ask God listens when you believe God works. When you pray miracles happen, that's really how it all goes or boy it and he was so sad Northwest Brazil during a time of famine And the day came there was something like to eat in the townhouse. I didn't know you had to go and try and travel to Village summer far away to get some food for the family. As we travel the long long way he was going to buy one bag of rice and one bag of Beats any tied them the size of the Garth. And then he rides home, but when he's running to the Village. You see this Villages staring at him. He feels put ice on them. And he knows what they're really think. You got food. We have no food. Well, it gets to his house and he comes in and says honey. I've got food now, but then the Lord says to I want to go and put the bags in the window. Well artist that was tough time getting food for the family and if he puts them in the window, but he has to obey the Lord and he did but guess what the king the Widow and Elijah it kept giving giving giving out until the family was over the reins began to come. So all the needs met.

There's two sides to every coin right? The first sight is sometimes we're going to be the recipient of what we could call fish smell what maybe it's money. Maybe it's maybe it's whatever it is.

Or maybe you were still in a place. We're waiting for our lesson to come in. We're waiting for that prayer to be answered. Well, no matter what state we're in. We should be praising the Lord anyway. We should rejoice.

Sometimes the other side of the coin is that there are times when God wants us to bring the fish that brings the blessing to others. That's the assignment. Siege in that case. She sees one fish to bring the point. but on the other hand you to be Apostle Peter said that's above all love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer Hospitality the other super grumbling. Each one should use whatever gifts he is received survivors use whatever gift he is received serve others Faithfully advancing God's grace in Ault various forms. That's peanut to someone else if you like fish, So I was like teen. And with you action steps or some homework we can take this and let's go. But yeah talk about that second, but the first action set It's why are we going to sit around and wait to God answer prayer before we start praising same thank you Lord. Why wait till we have the money in the bank. You know you matter what happens Jericho. People marched around the ground sitting to the wall fell down and on the seventh day. They had to shut the great shot of Triumph. But they had you that before the walls fell down. If I think a lot of times when we're waiting for pranks on dog like to thank you Lord before we even get it. And that's the first thing we can be doing this praise God in advance Lori. It just say Lord. I Thank you mind your goes on the way. It's coming through. I mean on feet yet and things look pretty damn pretty dark, but I know you're bored. It's on the way. You ever think this is more like the size idea. What is singing probably worries. Thanks. I used to keep coming coming times. You can't get right now. Like find this little exercise kind of help. I'd like to think of my worrying going in a box in the throne room having itself. And I'm still not worried all wrapped up in brown paper and going in the Box. A man whenever that where he comes back and I start thinking about it. I just got my mind thinking of that where I put it in the box and haven't it's all wrapped up its in there. The Lord is looking after that. He's working behind scene.

Just think of that box Before the Throne of Heaven. certainly We got to get our mouth going not to start going like we like to see a white spot in my heart. I believe my heart, but I would like to see

No, it's in the Book of Proverbs death and life are in the power of the time and you don't we have to declare declare this power the word the spoken word. You know, it's like that.

synced in the scripture the Christian armor You know, it's some people think and we are we doing Sunday school the sword drills. We we did that and that in the Bible start. Yeah, that's true. But there's two kinds of sorts. There's think ripping longsword the broadsword right kind of Sword the big long one. These short Point sort which was Rob close and personal fight really getting closer to the point. And the thing is The word being used there is because the Greek word being used there about sword or with which is the spoken word of God. It's the Ring of the word leave. Holy spirit being spoken directly into a situation in our Luxe the pimp in a way that we can say. Oh, I don't lie like that. You are seeing God or I don't like that preacher saying or if you know, I don't like this and that cuz you know what thing is we have to declare and finally if we're waiting for the answer to come in or waiting for things to do around waiting to see the dream realize Weekly springboard Direction my time waiting. What do you want me to do? In the meantime you somebody I could become the fish that brings the blessing to somebody need me Lord open my eyes. It's not in my time waiting. I'm not selfish lemurs to my own pity and my own paint. Good Lord. Help me sleep. Maybe there's someone else and I need to move out of my own personal self-centeredness and I need to step up my own Zone and Native somebody waiting for me to reach them and you'll find I found a lot of times when you start reaching others. Sometimes we need happens. Then it comes your way or when you're giving out right? That's the way God works. Well, let's pray that God's blessing Praise Him. Holy God, we praise your name, buddy. We love me worship you. more like pray for anyone here. He's got a few or where they can't quite look go. I know Lawrence Summers, probably more prone to anxieties and others but we all Deal phobius Time Spears. Play the let's and go Lawrence know you're bigger God then those fears you are so bored 1st. John 4:4. The greater is he was nothing he lives in the world. If father you are the greater one, you have the answer the greater answer to everything. Thank you for that to the Lord in Jesus name.

Thank you, Lord.

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John makes me say every time I see you.

John makes me sick.

nice news today

praise God


And state have some games. We're going to have some games for them and we're going to have some face.

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A sign-up sheet there and I do have a section where I say to other so anything you can think of. Absolutely. Welcome.

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You know, I'm just praying that as many children as Pawns.

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Praise God he's going to be the weather for tomorrow.

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