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Paint or stain.
Is Christiainity easy or hard.
178 in the joyful Christian
By C.S. Lewis…
Intro.. \\ \\
There is a difference between Paint and stain.. although it looks a lot alike.
I think that is the confusion with our culture as they look at “Christians that surround them” They see a lot of paint in the chiristain community so they form their options and conclusions.. when they meet painted their not very  impressed….. Then all of a sudden.. people meet Christians who have not gone the Paint routhe… approach to their faith.. but have gone the stain approach… and when a pre-christian meets a believer that has opptied out of the paint approach for the route of stain the pre-christain is blow away…with wow.
That’s impressive…
God wants you to do your Christian life with  Stain not  Paint.
Paint or stain We will get back to that in a minitue
Right now let..
I want show you from the word who you where started in life where  can be and where you are going..
In forum all over the world and all though history.. these three questions have been a the fore front of humankinds thoughts and conversations…
Where did I come from.. why am I here and where am I going.
(I remember Ross Pouutes V.P. stated his debate with those questions everyone laughted him off the stage)
These three Big questions are answered in 2 Cor.
5.. by the Aposlte Paul.
Getting them settled is vital to building your world
1.Where do you start?
*2 Cor 5:16 *From now on, therefore, we regard no one according to the flesh.
Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer.
/Col 1: 16 For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him.
17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
Your Master Plan.
\\ \\
Who you are and where you are going.
Parreellle passages..
Two passages of scripture that say much of the same thing.
But put together clearly tell us where we started why we are here and where we are going.
2 Cor.
We start in the flesh.
We start off in the flesh… of what non bible readers would understand with
The “ordinary self”  The ordinaty.. unsaved self.. have a vairity of desires and interests..
In the ordinary self realm although we can not tell you where good come from we know that  there is something called “Morality” or “decent”  or that that “good for socieity” (people without Christ have this) this decentness or mystical morality makes claims even on the not chirstian.. we feel like we own it to the world our family our soicity to be moral.. decent….. in other words when we give into these things we are “being good”
There calms to be good in the (Ordinary self) interferes with many other desiers in us..
We desire to  be bad.
In the ordinay self that are some things we have to give us that we know is wrong..
There are some things that we do not want to do … to be in the right catagoy….
So the pre christain…  lives with all this stuff pulling at him… good and bad.
Right and wrong.. moral and immoral.. pushing and shoaveing… all the time the ordinary person is hoping at the end of the day when all the demans have been met that whatever is left of the ordinay man is enouhgt to get on with life and do what he likes…
Like paying taxes.. you pay taxes all the time hoping there is some money left over for enjoying alife himself..
The ordinay man… there fore ends up … in one of two Places.
You finalily end up trying to be good.
You end up very unhappy.
Why if you make all the demands to be a “good person” you will have nothing left over to live on… the tax to be a good person on you own .. means there is nothing money left for you enjoy life on..
The more you obey your consice the more your consecee will demand of you..
The more you give to the poor the more you have to give..
You ordnay self will get more and more frustrated  and angrier and angrer… until you get to the point you  “give up trying to be good” or you become someone who keeps trying to do good in our own self and quote live for others but in realility you are always discontened, grumbling and make a martyr of yourself.. (I have nothing for myself because it takes everything I am to be Good).
When you become this martyr … you are more miseble to be around then if you remained selfish..
Thousands of couples in the community.
(couples that have lost their love… are they better off being selfish.. or misible self- sacrivince letting everyone know about it… neither choice is much of an option…)
This path is the only road… the ordinaly self can follow.. \\ that’s why the majoy reliions of the world.. preach and promote what they do..
#. isalmae work for goodness…  (this incluse all works basic religions) \\ 2. buddism.. move into to nothingess
Most fustrainte Judiasm.. be a good person..
Athesims be a good moral person
Movie stars in Hollowood…  disconned from christ trying to do good.. well they have a lot of money and can do a lot of good but who good are you movie star.. are you going to do any good that changes your life style…
So we have this (ordinay self) route.
Try to be good until you give up on it.
Or try to be a good person when in reality you know you are really lousy at being good.
* *
*2 Cor 5:16 *From now on, therefore, we regard no one according to the flesh.
Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer
So we have ordary self that is pulling with good and bad… what do we do with ordanrty self… we try to subue the bad guy in the ordeary self..
What you can be?*
2 Cor.
5: 17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.//
The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.
he the ordeany self faces Christ
C.S. lewis asks the question is the Christain life harder or easyer then the ordeanry self life..!!!!!!
Jesus does not say..
Lets work on the old you.. or the ordeary self.. let just do some adjusting to it.
He not does say… you have a rotten tooth lets fill it or crown it..
 lets tape you mouth.. and sequre you arms…  break of a branch.
Lets restrict the bad part of you until the good part of you can flourish.
God does not say.. give me some of your time.. some of your money some of your work.. until you scale is tipped toward you being a good person.
God says this is why I want to do to you ordonaly self..
I want to (boom boom boom kill the whole thing.. twisted thing.
I don’t want a part of your time, part of your money part of your work … I want you… \\ \\
Jesus did not come to make your to make you natural self misbley .. I come here to kill it.
Do not worry about this these factional attempt at being good.
Do not worry about breaking this bad branch off.. we are going to kill the whole tree a  give you a brand new self in it sted..
In his new creature self it will be my very life taking up resences in you..  and you will not have to battle good wining over bad… I am all good.
I am righities I am holy and you will be in me and I in you there for you are good to the core…
So being good as Christian is easyer then being good without Christ..
But make no mistade there is a hard side of being a christen also….
When Jesus is in you… he has a tency to take up a cross.
IF any man will come after me let him take up his cross and follow me..
About the time it looks hard.. take up your cross
It gets easy Jesus will speak and say..”My yoke is easy and my burdern is light…
Following Jesus is both harder and easyer then being good without him…
Being a follow of Jesus.. is much like the comment “Master teachers” tell their stuendes…I wish I would have had this statement in school  as a child…
Great teachers tell their sutuent…
“The Lazy boy works harder in the End” …
If you are lazy you work harder in the ened.
You can learn answers to a weekly test.. just to pass the test.. or you can work harder and learn the comseph.. and not just past the test that week but .. do the geomey in life  and you are working hard in thre present.
But the power of geiomeny will take load off you in the future….
You can go moutons climping and not do the work of drivingin the hooks and buculdse and cut the work.. because it is to hard… but in the end you head hitting the bolder below is really much harder then driing in the safy support…
Blucing your seat bealth is work but craswing out of a ditch 50 feet away from the wreak with a broken leg is harder….
Is beining a christian easyer or harder…then just a ordainy self life…
Yes its hard to die.
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