I Am Redeemed

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Good morning, UCF. How is everybody feeling we are blessed are here. We arrive safely today. But as we all know tomorrow is not ever promise. So we we may all be well in and healthy and happy and energetic and our normal bubbly cells and then you never know anything can happen in tomorrow could be completely different. So that's what we're going to open up with this morning.



You never know when it's going to be your last opportunity to give your life to the Lord.

Let me know that he always hears us. He hears our cries our please he hears our prayers so we can go to him at any time.

There Ain't No Stopping Us Now

Is it?

Well, I kids at all right? All right, we going to bless y'all before you go out to wait. Hold on. We're going to bless you before we go out to Children's Church Father. We ask that you watch over our young people as they go study your word. I pray to God that you would be with their instructors and that they would have a blessed time and learning about you and sharing who Jesus Christ in your name. We pray. Amen. Alrighty are dismissed two kids were late man. One other announcement. That didn't make the bulletin is starting in May where neighbor right in May. We're on Thursdays. We're going to have a small group Bible study. So if you're not able to make bible study on Tuesday, we're having the opportunity to come out in Study the word on Thursday. And so we're going to get some at the church office at 7 from 7 to 8:30. So we're going to get some information now and we I'm not going to put them on blast but we have an amazing young couple who's going to be leaving that for that Bible study self again be in prayer for our small group Ministries and bible study. That is happening. God is God is blessing us a man, and we're just going to move forward. Amen. amen So last week we had an amazing time in the Lord. Amen in the end. So last week's message kind of got in between of our series and our series entire was is entitle your position in Christ. So that's the series were in and we're wearing the Third. Episode if you would you like watching TV programs, you know you getting that episode. So we're in the third episode of your position in Christ. Did you see that episode really got off on that episode?

So today we want to talk about being redeemed. Being redeemed been redeemed that that is in the it's an important concept that we have to understand as Believers because if we forget that we've been redeemed we will forget the blessings and all that. Jesus is already done for us. They meant if you want to talk about that for a minute are foundational scripture today. I will come from Ephesians chapter 1 and we're going to reverse a 7/8 if you would stand turn your Bibles to Ephesians chapter number one, and if not, I'll be on the screen versus 7 and they were going to read it from the new King James translation. When you dare say man. Alright, I need to hear y'all know more when you there say man. Oh, okay. Alright, let's read that together in him. We have Redemption through his blood the Forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his grace, which he made to abound towards us in all wisdom and Prudence in our confession of faith. If you would repeat this after me, I am not moved. By what I see. or by what I feel I am moved by what I believe. I believe the word of God. The victory is mine. I have it now. I can see it. Through The Eyes of my faith in Jesus name. Let's give God a big hand the praise open up your mouth and just thank God for all that. He's done for you. God bless you this morning God. You're worthy to be praised. We just lift you up Lord. We magnify your name. We lift you up for You Are Holy you are holy and righteous guy. I pray that you would touch our hearts that we may see like you see we may do the things you would have us to do Lord. And so I pray Holy Ghost In The Name of Jesus that you would cover everyone in this congregation and everyone. That's touch that's in contact with those in this congregation and that you would bless us all as you see fit right now father God. I pray our hearts are focused on your word as we hear. I pray God as you use this Earthen vessel to speak to your children. I pray God that the words that we here. We would hide them in my heart. That we can live by him. We can go back to them and we won't send against you. We thank you for all that. You do in Jesus name let everybody say man. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Amen. So your position in Christ? Has identified that number one you've been accepted a man number to you've been adopted a man. And now today we going to talk about how you been redeemed. So God has redeemed us has forgiven us for our sins.

God has redeemed us and he has forgiven us for our sins so that we look at the the definition of the word redeem Redemption. It means the action of saving. Or the action of being saved from sin. The action of being saved from Eve or the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment. Word also means the clearing of a debt. The biblical definition for Redemption means atonement being at one with God Ransom or to purchase our freedom. So when you think about Redemption are being redeemed God has to do something to pull us from a place where we couldn't do for ourselves a man. Tell you later. You been set free.

Say it like you mean you been set free. You been set free because God paid the ransom for your life. Example if you were prisoner of war or you've been kidnapped and and your family wants to get you back they have to pay a ransom. Hey, man, they have to pay something. They have to do something in order to get you back from being in that type of confinement or that kind of kind of bondage a man. And so so when you're caught up in something and in order for somebody to pay the ransom for you, that means you can't do it for yourself. When someone is is is is in prison or their prisoners were someone has caught them and they can't get out on their own so someone has got to pay for them to get out. Does that make sense? It's so there is a force that is has been captivating all of us before we went before we knew Christ and it captured us to the point where we were prisoners and we couldn't get out. See before I got saved. I didn't realize I was in the prison, but I was in the prison. I was in prison in my mind. I was a prison in my spirit. I was a prison physically, but I thought I was free. Before I knew Christ, I thought I had everything going on and I was moving the way I wanted to move until I realize how much bondage I was in. See I was caught up. And I don't know about you and you going to be transparent with yourself. You have to say you were caught up. And it took Jesus to pay the price so that you can be set free. That's what Redemption is all about. Somebody had to see you. Love you enough. Can you imagine the family if you've been caught or or kidnapped and family don't care about you.

They're not going to pay any money to get you back. But when they love you when they care about you when they worried about you and then someone says we need x amount of dollars to release your loved one. If they care about you they going to do everything they can to make sure you get released the money doesn't mean anything at that point because you're more important than money a man and when God looks down on us and he see that we are more important than anything he would do anything to make sure that we're set free. Does that make sense? Say I've been redeemed I've been redeemed. Now. Now I'm talking to the save but I want you to go back to the second one. You didn't know Christ. Just for a second and then don't stay there too long a man cuz I don't want you stuck in there a ban. He done already delivered you from there that there is something some forces some some some cities that have been Catherine in our car. Kidnapping folks today. The first one is the force of sin write that down the force of sin capture Sports. the Forester send kidnap people sin will take you and Brittany. I love a positive person. I'm doing the stuff. I don't want to do and the stuff I want to do I don't do. CN has a way of capturing you and holding you prisoner. The Bible says in Romans chapter 3 verse 23 all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. So we have been in a situation where we going to be real about this thing a man even today. Some of us may be struggling with stuff that we are doing that we don't want to do. We forgot we have been redeemed there were set free and we're still battling with things that we used to do because our Flash doesn't want to give them up. Amen.

In the new king new King James translation for Romans chapter 7 verse 14. It says for we know that the law is spiritual, but I'm come. sold under sin The message translation says this I can anticipate the response that is coming. Listen to this. I know that all God's Commandments Are Spiritual. But I'm not.

Isn't this also your experience? And I love what I have. A roadie said yes, I'm full of myself after all. I spent a long time and sends prison. Some of us still full of ourselves and we still caught up in sins prison. But we been redeemed. And that's what we have to remind each other that you don't have to stay prison Captain to that. God is already set you free. You been redeemed? So we know that there is a force to see that captures are kidnapped individuals II 4th that captures and kidnaps is corruption and death. The Bible says in Romans chapter 8 verse 21 because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the Glorious Liberty of the children of God. The Bible even says this Earth this world that we live in in the corruption.

The words not corrupt, but he says one day God is going to deliver this Earth and give it to the children of God. It's over in a place that's already corrupt. That's trying to grab us and told us captive from the freedom that God is already paid the price for but one day even this Earth even the stuff that we think it's so important. It's corrupt in God's eyes. But it will be delivered. Tell your neighbor this thing this whole thing is corrupt. You think you think stuff is happening now? When the Bible declares that this Earth is corrupt don't be shocked by what's going on. But know who you are in Christ Jesus and know how you already been delivered in Christ. Jesus. Still trying to fit into a corrupt, Maryland. It's all ready for this picture of it.

Are you trying to put you as a puzzle pieces? Seymour

Oh, no, but I don't want to see that because I like all of the stuff that it provides for me. The Bible says it's all corrupt. So some of us need to stop going after stuff that God is never intended for us to have a man.

everything waste away everything on this Earth deteriorates everything because everything ages and it'll will eventually die corruption and death have captivated the people that live here unless you know who you are in Christ Jesus. Unless you know who you are if you look around and if you look at the ice that do God's eyes, you will see folks are hurting their there. They're deteriorating their aging and it's all because this world that were in is corrupt. Does that make sense? 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verse 42 So also is the resurrection of the Dead. The body is sown in corruption, but it's raised in incorruption the body of stone and correction. We're born into corruption, but we're going to be raised in incorruption. The New Living Translation says this and I want you to hear this. It's the same way with the resurrection of the Dead. Earthly bodies are planted in the ground when we die, but they will be raised to live forever.

Can get it. So look at what the message says. This image of planning a dead seed and raising a live plant is a mirror sketch at best, but perhaps it will help in approaching the mystery of the Resurrection body. But only if you keep in mind that when we were raised were raised for good alive forever. When they put you in the in the ground they put in corruption in the ground that body but when that body gets up, it's full of incorruption and it will live forever. That's what the resurrection is about. That's why we're excited because we don't have to worry about this thing to Tyrion rain anymore. You have to worry about anybody trying to hurt us and misuse and abuse. I think it over cuz when we raise up again this thing I don't have to worry about death or Decay anymore. We get for being part of the kingdom of God and Children of the most high. I have something to look forward to I ain't got to worry about when I roll over on the side of the bed waiting a few minutes before I can get up. You keep living. You understand what I'm talking about. I get up and I have to sit on the side of the bed didn't use to happen like that a man. You know what I'm talking about. You know, it's it's a it's a process of getting up in the morning. Amen. You got to take your time. You can't do what you used to do when you were in for those in their twenties and stuff like that. Amen.

You know what? It said. No, I said the first time it happened. I just kind of ignored it, right? but I realize it gets a little more of a process every time I get up in the morning. I think God I'm still getting up. Amen. I thank God that I'm still a little but it is a process once you go from Lynn prostate to sitting up a man if y'all know what I'm talking about give God some praise. For those you don't keep on living.

So we talked about the forces send that captures people in the forces of Corruption and death and then the final thing I want to talk about. Is this Force? Satan

this applies to all unbelievers. All unbelievers are under the power and influence of Satan. He has blinded their minds to the gospel. look at what it says in 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 first number for in the message translation that says all they have eyes for all they have eyes for is the fashionable God of Darkness. That's all people who are unbelievers is what the devil puts in front of them. That's all they want. The text says they think he can give them what they want and that they won't have to bother believing a truth. They can't see.

My focus is only on God. Damn. I ain't got to believe what you believe Christian. You can't tell me anything because I know this world is going to give me whatever I want. So I don't have time nor do I desire nor do I want to believe what you believe? First of all, I can't see it. It's going to take Faith to believe in something you can't see. It's going to take God doing something in the Holy Ghost for you to believe something that you can't see all the devil wants you to have to get it ain't really you can't touch it. You can't smell it. You can see it then it's not really that stupid. The God we serve is real. And it's going to take Faith in the Holy Ghost for you to believe that he's real. The text says that they that they want back. the thing thing he can give them what they want and that they won't have to bother believing a truth that they can't see their Stone blind to the Dayspring brightness of the message that shines with Christ who gives us the best picture of God will ever get So he didn't leave us without us seeing who he was he got he gave us a picture. He sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

the devil works in the children of disobedience

They are captivated by him. In Ephesians chapter 2 verse 2. It says in which now listen to this. This is why we got to have some some patients with folks who are unbelievers. This is why we got to have some some some some patients with folks who are unbelievers. This is why we got to have some patience because that's what the text said in which you once walked according to the course of this world. Do you know what it was like before you got safe? You know how challenging and hard and difficult it was we know it's difficult on this side of Salvation. Amen. Was like the Bible says in in Ephesians 2 verse 2. It says in which you want to walk according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the speak now works in the sons of disobedience.

The message translation says you let the world was doesn't know the first thing about living tell you how to live.

Because you feel your lungs with polluted unbelief and then exhale disobedience.

This is how the unbelievers will they still there long?

First John chapter 5 verse 19 says we know that we are of God. And the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one. So we we know and we have to stand on the fact that no matter because we're still here doesn't mean that we're not set free. We have been set free. I forgot about you all over there, but I'm Oh.

They let me come over here. This is amazing. I thought I was stuck over there. You know what you guys are all right with this.

Now I forgot where I was at. I got excited that I can move around. We know that we are of God and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one under the belief of the wicked one under the acknowledgement of the wicked one. It's so tell your neighbor. You have been redeemed.

Knock knock. No, I remember get the picture. I was caught. I was a prisoner and God love me enough. I said I was going to come over here.

Cuz I'm pretty upset about nobody sitting over here anyway. But no think about this. I was caught up. In what I thought was right. Amen you ever been in a place where you know that you know that you know that you know, what you're doing is right and then you realize it's not happening when you bought it should happen. It's not going the way you thought it should have I should be doing ABCDE and I can't even right

And I'm telling you, you know, some of us are doing some some stuff that you can't see when we can come to church, but it's pretty crushed. But God still loves us. And so when I think about Redemption, I think about God loving me enough to go pass. What I think is right and Go pass what I'm doing Save Me From Myself.

Think about it. Please save me from myself cuz I thought I was right. So he sent before I'm even got on this Earth. He sent his son to die for me.

He loves me that much. He said, you know what that food come here and he going to do a b and c.

Jesus like your pops. I know he's don't do that, but I'm always going to be here to have a kid. and even right now In heaven, we have an advocate. Who when I miss them are he says but we still love them. When I don't do right I died so that he could be free when I'm still caught in it and those times when I think the world can give me what I want. He says Lord God father. Be patient. Be understanding and that's what we have to do for each other. Cuz sometimes we forget and we go back to this thing in the world can give us what we want or what we need and it never will come from the world, but it will always come from God. Does that make sense?

It's all I want to talk about three concepts. around Redemption the first Is we have to be liberated delivered and set free? You have to be liberated, which means you you no longer are bound by that thing. In order for you to operate in the concept of being redeemed. Do you want know you free if you don't understand that there's something I need to be liberated from there's something I need to be set free from it could be in your mind that you need to have God's touch you because everything you think is right. I ain't right. Does that make sense? So there's some stuff even up here in my mind. I have to be liberated from there's something in my spirit, you know, there's some stuff that happened to me that if I don't Continue to operate in that bondage.

So Jesus came and he redeemed me from those things. He paid the price. I don't have to stress about that stuff anymore. I can't change what happened in the past, but I can live in Freedom. Does that make sense? The second concept is we are not able to liberate ourselves. We have no energy no power or no ability to free ourselves from the bondage of Sin from the bondage of Satan from this corrupt and dying world. We need someone from the outside to do. This thing is too hard. Have you ever tried everything you could possibly do to fix somebody else? amen Yeah, I don't put your head down cuz you know folks always trying to fix somebody else. amen We working hard trying to fix other people when the problem may not be there. I'm leave it at that. Hey, man, we need to be liberated from trying to fix other folks. Liberated from pointing out Point problems and other people amen. We got to let the the Holy Spirit show us our Redemption short shorts how much we've been free. And the third thing is the only way we can be free to redeem is by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Now some folks who following after the world and inside of church saying it don't take all of that. But let me tell you what the Bible says.

In Leviticus chapter 17 verse 11. It says for the life of the flesh is in the blood. And I've given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your soul for it is the blood say it's the blood it's the blood that makes a Toman for the soul. The New Living Translation says for the life of the body is in the blood. I have given you the blood on the altar to purify you to make you right with the Lord It's the blood given the exchange for life that makes purification process. It's the blood that's why he had to die for us. That's why I had to share this but the only way we can be in a 2 minute or right standing with God is in the blood. He has to give his life. No, you can't just bark of a tree, you know, you can't do a crystal. It ain't happening like that. It took the blood of Jesus and that's why when people try to put him down you put your life on some for somebody I care about you and take so long to do that. The only way we could have been saved as in the blood. The blood of Jesus heals at the blood of Jesus make those rights the blood of Jesus cleanses us, it's the blood tell your neighbors Supply.

It's the blood.

We walking around China you serve Jesus, you know he died and it was his shed blood that makes us free.

I can't be redeemed without the blood.

Matthew chapter 20 verse 28 says just as the son of man didn't come to be served. But to serve and to give his life a ransom for many. That's how we got here. You didn't do anything on your own it wasn't you who came to church and decided you were going to accept Christ. He look way before you got here and chose you.

Cuz he loves you.

In 1st Corinthians chapter 6 in verse 20 says for you were bought at a price. Look around and say you were bought at a price.

now say it like you mean

the text is because you were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are gods. So you don't know long you no longer belong to yourself. You belong to God. He paid a price in the blood of his son Jesus Christ so that you can be free. You don't get to do whatever you want to do anymore when you don't understand Pastor It's All About Me.

You know what? I'm learning patience. I really am. My wife always say don't forget the children.

Somebody on the tech team tells me if you come to UCF and you ain't a Christian you going to leave a Christian. You better not walk out that door in your Chris. Here's what I used to I used to be angry at people who call themselves Christians. And did everything but spend time with God. But I mean it was a it was a arrogance really so I called it a holy burden, you know, but it really was my arrogance because I wanted to try to change folks and in and mold people. Amen and God at the Checkmate, you know, he cheated, you know pride is something that can sneak up on you a man cuz it can sneak up on you think you serving God and you doing all of this stuff but really sometimes you operate in Pride and got to show me that this is all about you doing this and doing that you're not you're not doing for me to get the glory you're doing it so that you can get corefire. Amen. And so I realize that my anger towards folks who were just trying to figure out how to live this life was all about me a man and sometimes you get in the church and these rules and regulations people can't the folks even make up the rules and regulations can buy stick to him. So you got all these people who got all these rules and regulations and everybody can't nobody that's what happened with the Pharisees and Sadducees. They all these rules and regulations trying to keep people in line and they can't even stay in line until I realized that God was showing me this is not about you. So I'm going to show you how to be patient. Hey man, I'ma put you in a position where you really have to pray for both. And you have to love them through situations. Do you have to be patient? Because your flesh would want to raise up and and knock them down and that's not what I called you to do. And sometimes in the church where you were too busy trying to prove people wrong instead of loving on them. Amen, and so I would say to us today.

love quotes

Be patient.

Because neither one of us here died. And share our blood so that they may be free. It was only Jesus. It so I don't have a right cuz I didn't shed my blah. But he's taught me that you have fun.

and walk with as best as we possibly can. So that they may come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. I can't force anybody. I can't make grown folks do anyting. Amen. They have to want to be in a relationship. Like I tell folks you can't make anybody. Love you. Quit trying to manipulate people into loving you. They will love you because they choose to love you. Amen. And so as we look at this thing, you can't force nobody to accept God. You can show him what God has done for you. And you can encourage them to have relationship if they want to move away from some of the stuff that they're going through. But you must have patience because you did not die. You ain't shitt one ounce of blood for their Redemption. Does that make sense? Amen? So the Bible says why Blood someone asked me but why Blood why did I resent redemption and forgiveness have to come through Jesus blood. God made it clear. We know without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness Hebrews chapter 9 verse 22 and according to the law almost all things are purified with blood and without shedding of blood. There is no remission. That means no forgiveness of sin. That's why we can't get past Jesus. That's why you can't jump past the one who died the one who shed his blood the one who paid the price so that we can be set free. There's no way around him a man. You can't Holy Ghost Hammond, you can't Thank you, Holy Spirit. But what everybody else is trying to do to get around Jesus? Amen not want to go to verse 8 we've been dealing with verse 7 want to go to birthday. Does that make sense? I understand you're not right. You understand what Jesus did so that we can be free, right? Now what y'all be able to tell somebody that's when we leave out of here. But here's what I want to I want to share with you and Bruce 8 bring up her seat Ephesians chapter 1 verse 8 Do I have it up there? Go to next one. Okay, it says in the future chapter 1 verse 8 says he made to abound towards us in all wisdom and Prudence who was the connection in verse 7. He says in him. We have Redemption through his blood the forgiveness of sin. According. Here's here's what I want you to get according to the riches of his grace. You see that according to the riches of his grace which he made to abound towards us in all wisdom and Prudence not now, here's what's first of all we've been through by his blood.

Then he gave us Grace. Which is unmerited favor? We didn't deserve it. When did nothing for it but he poured out this love this favor. This thing called Grace upon as not only did he die for us then he gave us this grace. Are you with me? Cuz you got to understand cuz sometimes this life will you won't forget how much you have in Christ Jesus because we're too busy trying to run after the world. First of all, I'm free. Secondly. I have an abundance of this thing called Grace. I didn't do it and I'm not nothing special about me. But God continues to love he continues to forgive me. He continues to take care of me. He continue to provide he continues to protect he continues to do all these things and I don't deserve them. Does that make sense? Amy says he made it about now about me. There's so much of it. It's overflowing. It means that it's an overflow towards me. Not that I deserve it. But towards me or towards us all in wisdom and prudence. Let's talk about wisdom. 4 seconds. Can we talk about wisdom for a second? Cuz some of us forget we got some gifts. We got some some Grace and some areas that that we're not using. Ephesians verse 1 chapter 8 in the message translation. He says he thought of everything provided for everything that we could possibly need. Here's what I want you to see. The word wisdom Sophia means seeing and knowing the truth. You with me. Spiritual wisdom is seeing and knowing what to do or cording to the word of God.

Spiritual wisdom is seeing and knowing what to do according to the word of God.

See that's spiritual wisdom. Now we can have worldly wisdom and there's a lot of worldly wisdom wise individuals, but they may not be operating in spiritual wisdom because what they're seeing and doing don't line up with the word of God.

That makes sense. So you got a lot of very bright individual. But it does not mean they're operating in spirit. Does that make sense? Spiritual wisdom means sing and doing according to the word of God. Seek spiritual wisdom answers the spiritual wisdom sees the answers to the problems of life and death cuz it's in the word of God. Spiritual wisdom see who God is and what man is about he understood spiritualism helps us to understand Time and Eternity good and evil and the Deep things of God in this universe. That's what spiritual wisdom. You can't get that with worldly wisdom. It will confuse you if you try to apply the world to what spiritual. You being just as lonely as they come? Hey, babe. She becomes of our position in God he has given us in abundance. He is a Bounder to us wisdom and understanding of redemption wisdom and understanding that only comes through Jesus Christ.

That's why it's important to read the Bible. Cuz every answer to every question is in the word of God.

and God through the Holy Ghost has given us the wisdom to go in and search and find the answers to whatever issue we maybe have C1 mama don't know the answer to go to the word of God when Daddy don't know the answer go to the word of God when your best friend Pookie who will die for you don't know the answer is always go to the word of God. Fantastic. a man a man That's what we have to start doing the work if we want to operate in wisdom, and that's why sometimes I just have to shut my mouth. I really do have some of the stuff that came up in my mind came out. Yeah, I'll be saying no you can't be my pastor. But wisdom has said shut your mouth. Go to the word. Give them the word amen, but give it to him in love. amen 1st Corinthians chapter 1 I'm almost done first 30 says but of him. You are in Christ. Jesus who became for us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and we ever seen Jesus Christ. That's why we can't kick him to the curb and try to do Church Without Jesus. There ain't no such thing. We can't live without Jesus as Christian ain't no such thing. You were supposed to be following after Christ as a Christian. Amen, the message translation everything that we have right thinking right living a clean slate a fresh star comes from God by way of Jesus Christ. That's why I praise him. That's why I thank him. That's why I know I can't even live or breathe without him. Because of what he's already done and because of everything that I get as a result of him being my elder brother. a man y'all stay with me. I'm almost done. Our redemption in our forgiveness our wisdom and understanding comes from God's riches and Grace. That's God's grace. There's nothing I can do to get to God. God had to reach down and grab me. And he did that through Jesus Christ. So here's why I know I'm free. Here's why I know I'm reading. Because the work Jesus did over 2000 years ago. He died for me. And it was the shedding of his blood. That redeemed. It was the shedding of his blood. So that God could forgive me. It was the shedding of his blood. That allows me to even call on his name. Or I could not call on the name of Jesus. If he hadn't set me free.

amen So when you think about it? You can't call on the name of Jesus?

Unless you set you free.

And we know we're free. That's what Redemption is all about a man its freedom. Amen. Tell your neighbor. I'm free. Alright, so we got some next steps now that you know you free.

You got to read it by. a man you got to pray. And I'm not talking every now and again, I'm talking on a daily basis. If you know you've been free. There should be a heart's desire. To learn more about the one who gave his life for you. It's amazing how we can give our time to so many other things. And not to the one who gave his life for us.

So I say pray daily. Read your Bible. That's all I'm asking me. There may be some other things up here. I'm not even asking you to volunteer at the church now.

but if you're available volunteer at the church

I'm not going to ask you to come to Tuesday night bible study cuz you can come on Thursday in a couple of weeks. There's no reason why you can't come and study the Bible. And as God allows opportunity we going to open up more chances for people to study the Bible. Amen. But I am going to invite ask you to invite someone to Sunday worship service.

Cuz here's what I know, you know the work we did to bring people to on Easter. You know, how many folks we all got out an individually invited and they came amen. We can still do that. Hey, man, we can still do that. Do you know we had about 80 people a little think a little lady people last week?

That's what we talked about 83. What would they be? 84 84 people see I know the number but yeah, give God some praise for that. Amen.

And there are people out there who are in bondage. They're hurt. And we need to let him know they've been redeemed. Amen. You need to let him know that God loves us. If you believe you been redeemed give God a big hand of praise.

So here's what I want to do there. Maybe someone here you've heard the the message about being free and you're struggling with something. You're going through something and you can't you can't you keep trying to Fix it or change it in that may only last for a little bit and then you find yourself back in it.

I'm telling you God is the answer.

Accepting Jesus Christ in having him be the advocate on your behalf at the answer. When you try to do it on your own and you're still struggling. cry cry That's my recommendation. Try Christ.

So two things if you're here and you can never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior. I want you to do. A couple things number one on your connection card. I want you to fill out where it says becoming a follower of Jesus. Just check that and then also check first time this season of follow Jesus. If you're here, and you've never accepted Jesus Christ. Just check one or two or both of those boxes and then put that in your connection and put that connection card in the basket when it comes around. If you're here and you have accepted Jesus Christ in you remember what the relationship was like? You remember the intimacy? You remember study you remember praying and life has happened and now you don't pray as much. Now you don't spend time.

If that's you I want you to write I'm ready to rededicate my life to Christ. Just write that on there. Just right in the in the prayer request. I'm ready to rededicate my life to Christ. If that's you, you know what it's like, you know that you've had an intimate relationship with him, but because the world and me and life is just happened. Now, it's harder to pray that affect you're not playing you not reading you busy with life and there's an emptiness on the inside. Right. I'm ready to rededicate. This is what I know. Sometimes. We just need somebody to come along side of us to walk with us.

We want to do right we want to live for God, but it's hard when you trying to do it on your own. Just write it on there. If you're looking for a church home a place where the word of God is hot. It's it's hard on Sundays and it stalled on Tuesdays and then it'll be taught on Thursdays. Place where you can Fellowship be a part of a family with people actually care about you and it ain't fake and Men. And you looking you don't have a church home. You don't have a place that if something happens to you, you can call a pastor's a pastor pray for me or brothers or sisters doing so who's a member of the church. Can you guys come out? Did you looking for a church home? Write down on your connection, I'm looking to become a member of UCF in it again. I always tell folks if UCF is not the place for you put that on there and I will do everything I can to help you find a bible-based church that you can attend a church that that that's going to love on you not condemn you not make you feel bad because of whatever reason but that will love on you. Amen is that you just fill it out on your connection card. And then when you when you when the when the basket comes around put it in there.

And we'll get will get in contact with amen will get in contact with you, but I need the entire body praying. I need the entire body print because it could be the person sitting right next to you. I was going through something and you don't know it they did everything they could to just make it today, but there's going through some stuff and it just need prayer. They need somebody who not going to put their business in the street and just going to love on them, you know, no matter where they're at right where they're at. Amen, that's what it should be about. So if that's you fill out your connection card and turn that in a man we're going to ask that.

You don't get up here.

I want to stand up Friday.

I just wanted to get up and no I'm not now.

My sister have had surgery, and then she called a back hole. I don't want her to bring it and spread it. Thanks a cop pink eye from a little nephew, but I tell you one thing. I'm telling you. Don't let nobody tell you that you can bring the right. Thank you. Thank you. Amen, so so here's what I want to do. You know what you know what it's always good that do it the old fashion way a man. Is there anything that we can pray for you right now? Yes. Yes. I'm sure my daughter would like for me to my daughter is a very intelligent young lady. She has a phlebotomy last and she has license for doing hair but somewhere down the road with this gentleman. She's picked up a drink and have it and I've been praying and praying and asking God to leave it there, but I'm sure we all sometimes I feel like Lord Jesus. Do you hear me? Okay.

I need all the women to come up here all the women. Especially all the praying women cuz that means all the women. I need y'all coming up and y'all going to lay hands on that sister. sister gaylen leaders prayer. Amen

Father we love you so much and we're so grateful that you allowed us to come together father God we come in the name of Jesus father. We come on behalf of our sister father God we ask you got the move by your spirit Hallelujah by your spirit in her life and her daughter life all the god. You can do anything but fail if either we ask God that you buying the demon in the name of Jesus we buying his Spirit right now. Are we commanded to leave her daughter in the name of Jesus father draw? Stir It Out Of Our Father God cover her in the blood of Jesus let no harm danger even come up on the father got delivered her father got from everything does not like you father. God created her clean heart and renew a right Spirit and the good work that you had begun to her father got

Your father God. Oh God, we pray for a miracle for her daughter father God we pray for a miracle for momma father God we pray for a miracle for the guy that only you can give God move by your spirit of God heal her father. God deliver her father. God feel her father God. Oh God and encourage her heart father. Got to come back to you father God. Oh God bless her in the name of Jesus. We thank you Father. We thank you right now that she's delivery guy. We thank you right now that you feel father God. We thank you right now God that she's blessed father got that. She's the head and not the tail father. God father. God father. God user to glorify your father God and we thank you Father God for her mother coming guy standing in proxy for her father. God bless her mother father God. We Blessthefall the guy coming and going father God and we cover them in the blood of Jesus and we thank you Father for the blood of Jesus that cover all send Father God. We thank you for the blood of Jesus. The coming into your father We believe We believe you got that she'll start crying out to you father God we pray God that you would lose minastrin in Warren and Grand Angels Camp around about God to protect our Father God and we thank you Father. God In The Name of Jesus you ma'am.

Come on, y'all. Let's give God some praise. brand women friend women amen We going to take a moment real quick. We going to ask or greeters and ushers to send through the tithe in the offering baskets. Amen. And for those of you who have your connection cards filled out, we want you to put your connection card in the basket this prayer and just not going to stop here. It's going to continue on in the name of Jesus. I believe Prayer Changes Things, I believe prayer is powerful. I believe just being in the presence of prayer can change your situation in your circumstances change. The atmosphere prayer is powerful until we stand up on that. Amen. Amen. Hey, man, don't forget the brother Derek as we're doing their brother. Derek is going to he's requesting the men to meet right after service over in the conference are the banquet hall over there and I need everyone to be in for we going to have the young people are they? Okay? So the offering you guys come on now, we're going to have our young people present out. a man Come on, I got to spend a long are y'all y'all don't want to come up there y'all scared of the pastor if I scared of the past? But they just step on in and knock the the socket of all you did that. Okay, you got power back there. Is it take take take TMS power? Y'all need a microphone. You need a microphone. You ready for the microphone. You want the one the pastor been using? Oh, okay.

Genesis 1:26 then God said and now we will make cumin beans. They would be like us and resemble us that would have power over the fish the birds and the Animals domestic and wild large and small.

They wanting to in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. He called the light day and The Dark Knight. God said let there be space above the oceans and named it sky.

Day 3 and 4. God said let dry ground appear from the waters and he named it land. God said let light appear in the sky separate day from from night to Mark the days the seasons and the passing of the years.

On this day God created land and water animals. He created birds and fishes on the sixth day. God created all domesticated and wild animals. He created man on the 7th Day. God finished all his creations and you rested.

The day of rest called Sabbath many people do not work so that they can honor God.

Holy Spirit getting them kids

Thank you young people in the instructors. Y'all did an amazing job. We just thank God for you. Amen. Amen before we close out. There was one thing I forgot to mention. On April 29th. We're having a On April 29th, we're having a financial services workshop at the church office and it's going to be the beginning of a series of many workshops that we have and we're going to deal with budgets and we're going to deal with preparing yourself, you know for your financial future self. We're inviting everyone to come out matter fact State Farm the company that we work for his send us some bags and stuff like that because when I wrote to him the one you said I'm a sales person when I wrote to him. They were like, okay. Well you can do this workshop and we're going to actually help you promote about giving you some giveaways and stuff like that. So we want to make sure that you get the word out pieces to Kimball. She's been helping me with that a man and and and she has a little testimony about, you know, make it your finances right and what she's doing now in retirement. So the twin Market calendar put it on your calendar and come out. Here's the time.

We have a wealth of information impaction Sister Williams many many years ago when years ago. My finances were jacked.

And I was embarrassed because they were jacked up. I went to this Workshop there Pastor Williams put on in

Didn't know him from Jakks black I sat there and I said that's a man of God. I'm going to bring all my bag of stuff. dear Evan Williams I took away the embarrassment I took away.

The shame I took away all of that. I said Reverend William. I'm messed up. I want to retire in 2015. I don't know how to do this. I don't know where to start. I was living from paycheck to paycheck living above my means buying stuff. I had no business buying going places. I had no plate business going. My stuff was messed up. I'm telling you. I can't even begin to tell you. How messed up it was. I removed the shame. He laid it out and he said it ain't that bad. Nobody really you that it ain't that bad. I am able to live today. because Reverend Williams help me put my stuff in order. Help me to provide money for my kids to go to college help me provide for my goddaughter them just say how good God is a month ago. When she was 2 years old. He said you need to buy this this job. Coverdale policy so that you have money for her when she goes to college and I said, okay he wouldn't leave me wrong. So I put it all started the money coming out of my account. And I literally forgot about it until last month. She should be 17. And when I looked at just putting that money away will pay her college or start paying. For her to go to college. I was like ain't God good. And so if you are sitting there. And you know your stuff is jacked up and messed up and you know that you don't have any money to send your kids to college. We have a well. People who can help you get your stuff together, not that brag or anything, but because they helped me I am able to retire. I don't have to go substitute. I don't have to go to Walmart and say welcome to Walmart not there anything wrong with it and get my check each my travel.

Go to the Giants game every other week. Don't care who they playing. God is good. So come on April 29th.

on the 29th and see what the plans that God has for you and your finances cuz when you start doing it yourself you going to keep doing it and doing it, but when you put God in the midst of it When you put God in the midst of it put him first. You be able to live. I mean, I can't even tell you how good it is. Amen. amen Sis, you try to make me cry. All right, let's dance. You guys could make sure you come out on the 29th a man grab a hand. Are we going to start at they'll be breakfast served at 8 will start at 9 and the the workshop of goal for an hour hour-and-a-half and then we'll ask answer questions.

Y'all come on over here. Don't be afraid of me. amen

Pecan, Bass.

Let us pray. father we come now and

and all we can say is say, thank you.

Bother you been so good. Thank you for the word that have some relatives. Not for father. We know that we have been redeemed. And always Our Father you shed your blood for? master That we have been ripping. thank you, erase our father bless everyone that standing in this cycle or fall asleep Java hearts and give us a clean, huh? That we might be able to accept your work. Brown and deep in our hearts that we might not sin against you. Oh gracious father. We love you so much cause we know that you first loved us. Old father