April 23

THE PRINCIPAL OF PRIORITY  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  49:08
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1). IT'S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIP. a). God is all about Relationship. b). God still Redeems people out of the bondage of slavery. c). SP...Life Change happens in Relationships. d). God sets up the priinciples for Relationship - You determine teh DEPTH of the Relationship. II). WORSHIP GOD ONLY, GOD IS PRIORITY. a). Exodus 20:3 b). Egypt had Many god's. c). God had to establish THIS Principle is because we need it. III). PUT GOD FIRST - PRIORITY a). God has a principle of the First. b). It only works when God is First. c). The Deeper Relationship only happens when God is First. IV). CONCLUSION: What is The Holy Spirit Trying To Tell You This Morning?

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