Let the Work I've done speak for me!

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I done my best

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To the family of Deacon Taylor , the Conocanary Church family ,and all of the saints gathered here this afternoon. We are here to celebrate the life of Wardrie Taylor.
A father, grandfather, mentor friend and a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.
Truth be told a preacher can really eulogize anybody, because every day of your life you write your own eulogy. There are some people who have written their own Eulogies by the ways they have carried themselves.
hese words written bt Paul are found in the 4th chapter of second Timothy beginning at the sixth verse, New King James version:

For lI am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of mmy departure is at hand. 7 nI have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8 Finally, there is laid up for me othe crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous pJudge, will give to me qon that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.

Father I come humbly before you asking you for preaching power, asking that you allow me to speak your words with boldness and conviction. May something I say strengthen a saint or bring somebody to the altar asking what i must do to be saved.
May the work I have done, speak for me”
This is letter written by Paul to his son in the ministry timothy. For it is Paul’s farewell, his valedictory. These verses are his goodbye and his statement of the faith. For he realized that he was getting ready to die and he wanted to get his last thoughts and encouragements to the ones he loved the most. When I last saw Deacon Taylor ron Saturday, he was not communicating in a way that i could understand. He responded to prayer and scripture but not in a way in which I could interpret. But Flo if i take poetic license and use my spiritual imagination I can hear Deacon saying these words’ “ My departure is at hand!
You see i am ready! my bags are packed!
I am leaving this place ,I am free. I love you , I love all of you but there is nothing more than I can do in this place. And it is my time.
It is time for the ship to sail, the train to leave the station, the ox is unyoked , the tent has been taken down , and this prisoner has been set free!
For i have been released from these chains that have been holding me down, I about to be free.
Free of medication, free of a walker, free of doctor’s , free of pain, free of concern, free of restriction I am free. Don’t worry about me because I am free.
I can hear Deacon Taylor saying, Look

Fought the good fight

I fought the good fight. For ____- years ,i toiled but in the world and in the church. I struggled, i have suffered, but i persevered through it all . You see Mike Tyson, Muhammed Ali have nothing on me because I been through alot, took some hard blows.
Lost my wife, had cancer, but I fought through it all. I have fought the good fight.
Look at what i have been through, but you know what , May the work I have done speak for me!

Ran my race

You see I ran my race ! You got to realize that this struggle is not a spint but a maamrathon. Some folks get into this Christian experience on fire, but theu soon become cold as ice. Some folks run 100 yard dash and then they are through. But I realized this Christian life is forever, this experience has ups and down, twist and turns, and sometimes you might get lost along the way. But I never stopped running.I never stopped going, And I ain’t no ways tired now, and I will never stopped running to i cross that finish line. Some may have been faster, and some may have gotten there before me but i know I an going to finish the race. i want you to finish the race too. I see the flag telling me that this is the last lap. There is an official waving a flag just ahead, wait it is not a flag , but a blood stained banner.
May the work I’ve done speak for me !

I have kept the faith

I have kept the faith! Through my life i have served the Lord.
I have been faithful to the one is faithful.
I have trusted the one who is trust worthy

i have believed in the one who is believable.

I have loved the one who first loved me.
And through it all , i have kept jesus by my side. And through it all Jesus has kept me.
He promised to be with me , and when I look back over my life. I know it was nobody but God that kept me.
Through it all I know it won’t nobody but Jesus!
i have been faithful over a few things, and I know he will make master of much.
May the work I done speak for me!

I have a crown!

Yes i struggled but I have endured. It took discipline, and sacrifice, but I now have the victory. For i shall see God whom I shall see for myself. Anybody here planning on seeing Jesus! I made choice to live for jesus,, i kept my eyes on the prize., I kept my eye on jesus and i know that I have been redeemed. And my eyes and not another shall see Jesus, and i am going to walk with him, and iwill talk with him, and he let me know that I am his on. And I shall wear a crown.
The past with it many duties and problems is completed , My present is secure in my faith. I know what I know , and I know who I know, and I believe in him and the good news.
May the work I do speak for me !
And because of his righteousness, because of his faithfulnessI, and even though I have worked, I know it is because of his grace and mercy that I have a reward. I have a crown:
An imperishable crow, never loses its value and it can’t be destroyed.
May the work I ve done speak for me.
A crown of righteousness, but Not my righteousness, Jesus’ righteousness
May the work I ve done speak for me.
A crown of life
Living a life that matters so that you matter in the afterlife
May the work i ve done speak for me
Crown of Glory
God’s Glory , i want to share in God’s Glory!
May the work i ve done speak for me!
crown of righteousness
GOdd’d righteousness, I want to see the righteous Judge , who i want to see for myself.
my eyes to see the savior
My ears to hear “well Done””
May be nice to walk on street of Gold , but i want to walk with my savior
Might be nice to drink from the crystal river or eat from the tree of life, but i want the to to be with my Jesus
Might be nice to go through the pearly gate but i want to be with Jesus
May the work i ve done speak for me.
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