10 Characteristics of a spiritual leader

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10 Characteristics of a Spiritual Leader

1. Committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ
Maintains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (, , )
Strives to put Christ first in all areas of life (, )
How is the Lordship of Jesus Christ in one's life most readily apparent?
2. Growing in his walk with Christ
A leader cannot take people to a place where he has not been (1 Corinthian's 11:1)
Consistently reads, studies, and applies scripture to his life (, , )
A deepening prayer life (, , , )
Read . Why is "abiding in Christ" important for spiritual leadership?
3. Of Proven Character
Christ likeness is a non-negotiable for leaders (, , )
Above reproach (, , , )
Manifests the fruit of the spirit ()
Has a good reputation with those outside the church ()
Has been faithfully walking with Christ for sometime ()
How much "spiritual maturity" should a person have in order to be a spiritual leader?
4. Humble
Humility is an essential quality for leadership (, )
Jesus's ministry and leadership was grounded in humility ()
Servant leadership is distinctly Christian (, )
A leader must be teachable (i.e. Always willing to learn and grow – )
Gladly submits to recognized leaders and authorities (, )
How does a spirit of humility make leaders effective?
5. Has a solid understanding of God's word
Ministry through God's word can take many forms ()
A spiritual leader’s confidence is not in himself, but in God's commitment to work through His word (, )
ossesses a biblical world view () Has a good understanding of the contents and the over all storyline of the Scriptures.
Possesses a biblical world view ()
Has a good understanding of the contents and the over all storyline of the Scriptures.
How much biblical understanding should a person have in order to be a spiritual leader?
6. Has a genuine love for people
Our love for God is demonstrated by our love for others (, )
Jesus' love for us sets the standard ()
Has an evident desire to serve God's people (, , , )
Lives as a witness for Jesus Christ (acts 1:8) •
Verbally shares the good news with unbelievers (, Acts 5:42)
Displays Christ love and practical ways by serving others (, , Acts 2:44-45)
Read . How did the apostle Paul give of himself in order to foster the spiritual growth of others? In what ways should we do the same?
7. Has a godly marriage and family
The strength of one's relationship with their spouse is often a key indicator of the strength of one's relationship with God (, )
A husband who sacrificially leads his wife can sacrificially lead others in the body of Christ.
A wife who affirms her husband’s godly leadership is an example of how to submit to Christ.
The home is the "proving ground" for spiritual leadership ()
8. Commitment to the local church
Is a member of their local church
Supports the local church through attendance, giving, and prayer (, , )
Why is church membership important?
9. Gifted for kingdom ministry
Understands their own giftedness and limitations in ministry Feels a personal call to shepherd others (, Acts 20:28)
Has the ability to develop and maintain strong, Christ-centered relationships ()
What spiritual gifts are essential for care group leaders?
10. Available for kingdom work
Has a personal vision for building Christ’s kingdom here on earth
Maintains a schedule that provides ample time to devote to ministry ()
Proves to be responsible and dependable when entrusted with ministry opportunities (1 Corinthians 4:2, 1 Timothy 3:10, )
Should every believer be serving in some form of ministry? What if one's life is already too full with other commitments?
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