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Intro (opener, MPT, MPS)
This is the last of the warning in Hebrews. Let’s remember that these warnings are out of a deep well of love in the heart of the author which is ultimately from the heart of God
Written to people who have been shaken up by life and persecution
We can persevere (remain unshakable) because of who God is and what he’s graciously given us in Jesus. (revering God, responding to His word/voiceand relishing in what he’s graciously given us) (????)
Point 1: To persevere, we must relish in the gifts of God (vs. 22-24)
Before we leave this section of scripture on persevering, the author says come walk with me and lets see what’s on the other side of your perseverance.
What does it mean to relish?
To relish something, we must look intently at it (in all it’s glory, it’s nuances) and deeply enjoy it
The author opens up this part of scripture contrasting two realities. And one, he describes in such a way that you would be left overwhelmed (drowning in the overwhelming beauty and goodness) by what God has provided for you
You have not come vs. You have come
What is this gift?
What is this gift?
The descriptions of 22-24 culminate in what he describes in vs. 28 as an unshakable kingdom
Contrasted with vs. 18-21
Mount Sinai vs. Mount Zion
Mount Sinai
Description of Mount Sinai (what portion of scripture is it from? Exodus 19)
God provided more than a mere lecture on His holiness and power. He provided a 4-D Experience.
There’s something about experiencing something that drives the point home.
My 4D experience
Blazing fire, darkness, storm, sound of trumpet, a thunderous voice
Even Moses, whom you have nothing but the upmost respect trembled with fear
City of Law & judgement
Mount Zion (, )
Represents city of blessing and grace
The ESV Study Bible (Chapter 12): This draws on extensive OT imagery of a new heavenly Zion/Jerusalem (e.g., ; ; ; see “city” in , ; ; also, e.g., ) to say that Christian believers have access, in the invisible, spiritual realm, into the heavenly Jerusalem, and therefore participate in worship with innumerable angels (cf. ; also ; ) and the great “assembly” () of those who have died in faith and are already in God’s presence. living God. See note on 9:14
This draws on extensive OT imagery of a new heavenly Zion/Jerusalem (e.g., ; ; ; see “city” in , ; ; also, e.g., ) to say that Christian believers have access, in the invisible, spiritual realm, into the heavenly Jerusalem, and therefore participate in worship with innumerable angels (cf. ; also ; ) and the great “assembly” () of those who have died in faith and are already in God’s presence. living God. See note on 9:14
Spiritual holds more weight and has more value than physical?
Warning from heaven (vs. 25)
Spiritual is more foundational and forming than what may be more familiar
Spiritual Kingdom CANNOT be shaken
The spiritual and eternal realities of Mt Zion far outweigh the physical realities of Mt Sinai
Having come to Mount Zion is as real as coming to Mount Sinai
They have come spiritually. Thru Christ, you have been placed “in Christ Jesus” and seated in heavenly places with him. () This city is real NOW.
The Gift is the unshakable reality you receive when Jesus is your king
We forsake eternal bliss for momentary comfort/short-term pleasure (Esau sold his birthright for single meal)
Underneath so much of why we do what we do
Snap at kids because we want the short-term pleasure of control, comfort and a peaceful house
Cheat on Taxes
Manipulate employees
Abuse spouse
Lie to mom
Cheat on Final
There’s coming a time when all that you’ve given yourself to for short-term pleasure will be removed.
Relish in it until it becomes the realest thing to you
Relish in it until it becomes the realest thing to you
Relish it until your very soul becomes unshakable
In our fast moving society, thinking deeply is novel and uncommon. But, we must! We must sit and ponder on what’s been promised and provided for us
Do not exalt or over identify with what’s most familiar and most felt over that which is eternal yet foundational
We are promised an unshakable kingdom in the gospel
We are promised that all that isn’t eternal will be removed
something for the seasoned saints…don’t grow weary or stale of the gift
Don’t let your failing body and wrinkled convince you that you are
Everything sacrificed for and invested in God is unshakable
Called to order our lives to that which is unshakable
Why live on mission?
Because what you’re doing is eternal and unshakable. Is no small thing.
Illustration: Hacksaw Ridge (not sure if applicable??)
We are called to be unshakable…raising kids, going to work, in our marriage, etc
What will life look like if we believe that we already have this unshakable kingdom? If we were convinced that we’re not living a life that will be unshakable, it is unshakable? If we didn’t live for the daily grind of just trying to make it? If we didn’t raise kids as something merely to get thru, but knew that they are gifts from God and we our time and investment with them is eternal? If we went to college not simply to get a degree to get a job, but knew every moment spent in Pre-med praying for other students, studying in a way that exalted jesus is unshakable?
Point 2: To persevere, we must revere the character of God
God making himself known
Desire to reveal himself to you and be known by you
He has not left us without an understanding of who he is and how he works in our lives
To revere God, includes listening to and heeding God and his ways
Listening, Gratitude, Worship
How do we now hear the voice of God?
Thru his word
God is a God of judgement and he’s poured out his judgement on Christ. This allows us to call him “Our God”. This “Consuming Fire” God of judgement (“judge of all”) has now come near for us to know him and be known by him…for us to be brought into the most eternally delightful friendship. A friendship that will remain and not be shaken.
The way to this intimacy is found in vs. 24…the sprinkling of blood
Gratitude leads to service (??)
let us be grateful…thus let us offer…acceptable worship
Gratitude and worship are due in light of salvation. Acceptable worship takes into account (in reverence and awe) God’s holiness and his position as a judge to whom alone worship is due (see the context of , quoted here). Some say that this “acceptable worship” is depicted in the conduct described in (cf. ).
God may be shaking your world up so that you would see him and revere him
To revere is to respond to Him
Be grateful, Worship acceptably (with reverence and awe), Please God
Must think rightly about God (most important thing about you…Tozer)
Must remember that God judges
Offer Acceptable Worship
We long to offer ourselves to someone and/or something
NOT refuse or reject the one who speaks
We are building our lives on the eternal, unchanging spiritual realities that we have in Christ. Therefore, let us serve God with reverence. Let us heed His Word and not refuse to listen, for in His Word is the grace and life that we need. The admonition of v. 25 does not regard our eternal destiny. As with the other exhortations of Hebrews, it deals with God’s chastening in this life, and not judgment in the next.
Point 3: To persevere, we must rejoice in the grace of God
Point 3: To persevere, we must rejoice in the grace of God
God Speaking - Theme thru Hebrews
God reveals and communicates with us (i.e. humanity) (such a loving gesture…no secrets with God)
Thru Experience (vs. 18-21)
Thru Word (vs. 25-27)
Sermons from John Piper (1990–1999) You Have Come to Mount Zion

The most explicit contrast between these two experiences is that at Mount Sinai (verses 19–20) the speaking of God was such that they said, “No more. No more” (verse 19). But in the Christian experience the voice we hear (see verse 24) is the voice of the sprinkled blood of a Mediator. We come to Jesus, “the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks …” And what it says is: “I love. I forgive you. I purchase you. I cleanse you. I protect you. I keep you. I will always be there for you.”

God is speaking thru Jesus
Jesus is the mediator thru which we receive spiritual blessings
Because of Christ, we can say that we “have come”...
To Mount Zion, To the City of the Living God, etc
Jesus turns the God of wrath & judgement (consuming fire) into our Embracing Father and Faithful Friend
God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus. Jesus satisfied God’s wrath, he didn’t remove it.
Jesus makes us perfect before God (imputed righteousness)
Thru Jesus, we are transferred to this eternal, spiritual kingdom that will NEVER be shaken
It’s thru Jesus, that we become the “firstborn” ones who are enrolled in heaven (i.e. have names written in the book)
Jesus’ sacrifice and shed blood shouts a better outcome than the blood of Abel
Not a blood of vengeance but one of grace, mercy
Jesus warns and pleads with us to respond to Him in faith
Jesus makes our worship acceptable
Only gospel-centered, grace-motivated worship will be accepted. Nothing else.
Jesus turns the God who descended onto Mount Sinai with fire and spoke with thunder into “our” God who warmly embraces, joyfully sings over , and happily accepts us.
Grace that makes all of this real
He is speaking grace...
Grace that makes all of this real
Grace that makes all of this real
Jesus, mediator
Mediated with his shed blood…a better blood than Abel
NLT “to the sprinkled blood, which speaks of forgiveness instead of crying out for vengeance like the blood of Abel”
AMP: “and to the sprinkled blood which speaks [of mercy], a better and nobler and more gracious message than the blood of Abel [which cried out for vengeance].” [.]
Our God
Grateful for what hasn’t happened? (i.e. not being destroyed?
How do we now hear the voice of God?
Gratitude exists on the backdrop of what could happen (vs. 18-21)
Thru his word
Grateful for what has happened? (i.e. receiving an unshakable kingdom)
we want permanence and legacy. Want our lives to count and be remembered. It appears that only things associated with and found in this eternal kingdom will remain.
Grace that makes the judge your friend
DUI Story?
My mom being both judge and mom?
Conclusion (recap of the body)
Response (invitation to act)
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