Counting Everything As Loss

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In this world we’re bombarded with temptation to focus on ourselves. Our status, popularity, career, authority, position, wealth, security, time, race, nationality, sexuality, feelings, thoughts, identity. All of these used by Satan to bring our focus off of Jesus and onto ourselves. Religious Leaders were bringing a works-based teaching into the Philippian church. Match this with a Philippian culture striving for status and position, it was a recipe for disaster. Paul addresses the problem.

 Whitehorse Baptist Church "Ordinary People: Radical Joy" "COUNTING EVERYTHING AS LOSS" (PHILIPPIANS 3:1-11) OUTLINE STYLE: INDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (VIDEO) "CHRIST TEMPTED" BY DAVID HELLING 3. HOW DID SATAN TEMPT JESUS? a) (SLIDE 1-3) Read Matthew 4:1-11. b) (SLIDE 4) Initially Satan tempts Jesus with the basic need of hunger, but Satan's final test was one of pride, all the kingdoms and their glory! Ø If Satan tempted Jesus that way, he'll tempt us as well! 4. (SLIDE 5) SERIES RECAP & MESSAGE HIGHLIGHT Ø "Counting Everything As Loss" (Phil. 3:1-11) TEACHING: 5. (SLIDES 6-8) PHILIPPIANS 3:1-11 6. (SLIDE 9) CONTEXT: CIRCUMCISION? a) What does circumcision have to do with the Philippian church? b) Verses 2-3: The Religious Leaders & The Gentiles i) They looked down at Gentiles as "dogs" (second-class citizens), teaching that they're not going to make the cut, using the Law (including circumcision) as a way to salvation! (Paul uses irony by calling them dogs!) ii) (SLIDE 10) Old Covenant With Abraham Ø Background (He & Sarah had no children.) Ø Read Genesis 17:7-10 & 13 iii) (SLIDE 11), "Why Did God Choose Circumcision?" Ø “The covenant of circumcision came in the context of the promise of an abundant seed (Gen. 17:16) that would inherit and inhabit and therefore be fertile on the land that Yahweh promises. Circumcision sealed the deed of inheritance for the land...Yahweh promised fertility, but indicated that Abraham would father the seed only when he gave up fleshly hope. Circumcision was the “fruitful cut” in Abram’s flesh. It is no accident that Abram could father the child of the promise, Isaac, only after he was circumcised." c) (SLIDE 12) Law Under Moses (Read Leviticus 12:1-3) d) (SLIDE 13) New Covenant For All People (Read Acts 15:1, 6-9 & 11) i) The Messiah you've been waiting for arrives and blows up your entire identity? ii) Today, many still practice circumcision for a number of reasons. But the Laws associated with religion (one being circumcision) do not save us! 7. (SLIDE 14) BACK TO PHILIPPIANS 3 a) (SLIDE 15) Verse 4-6: Paul's Resume (Remember Philippian Culture!) i) Chris Young's Message ii) Status, wealth, prestige and authority are important! (Paul had it all!) APPLICATION: IDEA 8. (SLIDE 16) COUNT EVERYTHING AS LOSS a) Paul had it all but lost it all when he chose to follow Jesus. i) His status, prestige, wealth, security...his entire identity for Christ! b) (SLIDE 17) Loss: “Old word for damage, loss. i) In N.T. only in Phil. and Acts 27:10 (…great loss to ship and cargo…), Acts 27:21 (…spared yourselves this damage and loss…). Debit side of the ledger, not credit.” (Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament) CONCLUSION: 9. (SLIDE 18) WHAT DO WE VALUE MOST? a) What loss are we willing to incur for Jesus Christ? b) Satan will tempt us to focus on ourselves (not him)! c) The status of our career? The prestige of possessions? The security of our home? Our race, our nationality, our sexuality? How we feel? How we think? How we identify? 10. (SLIDE 19) INVITATION (Worship In Response) 11. POST-MESSAGE PRAYER (Pray for OFFERING & Close Message)
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