Forgetting What Lies Behind

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Sometimes our sanctification feels like weight loss. There's a temptation to plateau and coast through the Christian life instead of being in step with the Holy Spirit's leading. In the last half of Philippians 3, Paul mirrors the Christian life to a runner in a race. We must forget what lies behind and strive toward what lies ahead.

 Whitehorse Baptist Church "Ordinary People: Radical Joy" "FORGETTING WHAT LIES BEHIND" (PHILIPPIANS 3:12-16) OUTLINE STYLE: DEDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (VIDEO) "WHAT IS SANCIFICATION?" BY 3-MINUTE THEOLOGY 3. (SLIDE 1) SANCIFICATION DEFINED a) Theologically, Sanctification Is... i) Sanctification is “…the carrying on to perfection the work begun in regeneration (re- birth through Jesus), and it extends to the whole man. It is the special office of the Holy Spirit in the plan of redemption to carry on this work.” (Easton's Bible Dictionary) b) (SLIDE 2) Tangibly, Sanctification Is... i) Like Weight-Loss: It starts off great, but along the journey we plateau. Ø On the plateau, we have a choice to change or settle, coast (risk decline). 4. (SLIDE 3) SERIES RECAP & SERMON INTRO Ø Paul lived and served like a sprinter headed for the finish line! To plateau or coast through the Christian life was never an option. TEACHING: 5. (SLIDE 4-5) PHILIPPIANS 3:12-16 6. (SLIDE 6) CONTEXT: GAMES CULTURE (OLYMIC & ISTHMIAN) a) "Games" culture was prevalent with the spread of the Roman Empire. 7. (SLIDE 7) WHAT LIES BEHIND? (VS. 13 - DON'T LOOK BACK!) a) There's a question found in Paul's statement. (What lies behind?) b) Last week, Paul spoke about his pre-Christian life. (Power & Status) c) What lies behind, in our pre-Christian lives? How do we forget it? Ø Matt. 5:29-30 & Matt. 18:8-9 (Cut out your eye. Cut off your hand.) 8. (SLIDE 8) WHAT LIES AHEAD? (VS. 13 - FOCUS ON THE FINISH!) a) There's a second question found in Paul's statement. (What lies ahead?) b) (SLIDE 9) Pressed toward the goal. (The last 10 feet of a race!) i) He didn't plateau! (Leadership, mentorship, apostleship, shepherding, church planting, serving, using his gifts!) c) (SLIDE 10) Why? (Why would Paul not plateau? Why didn't he coast?) Ø (SLIDE 11) For the prize! The upward call of God in Christ Jesus! APPLICATION: 9. (SLIDE 12) WHAT LIES AHEAD FOR US? a) Read verses 15 and 16 again. i) Paul talks about maturity. A mature Christian doesn't fall into a Sanctification plateau. A mature Christian doesn't coast. A mature Christians doesn't stop learning and serving, challenging themselves and growing. b) (SLIDE 13) Immaturity is assuming we’ve already matured. i) Paul said that God will reveal it to you. (How? Many ways...) ii) Pastor Chuck speaking to Elders. (Even a children's lesson should teach us!) CONCLUSION: 10. (SLIDE 14) MOVING FORWARD a) What do we need to forget? (What sin is still following us?) b) What do we need to press toward? (Learn, pray, serve, what else?) Ø (SLIDE 15) "7 Power Conversations: Studying The Early Church, Asking Difficult Questions" c) (SLIDE 16) How can we resist the plateau? Ø Change our thinking and mature! 11. (SLIDE 17) INVITATION (Worship In Response) Ø POST-MESSAGE PRAYER (Pray for OFFERING & Close Message)
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