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I want to start off today with this thought.... Life isn’t easy.
I think we all can agree with this thought, these last few days, we knew they would come, but we never imagined they would come so quickly.
Days do go by quickly and everyday something changes, we know this to be certain.
We never imagine that tragedy, sorrow and death can come on one certain day.
But we have experienced it this week.
And through this week I have thought about the Savior.
Just how wonderful Jesus is.......
Honestly there are not enough words to describe Him.
But ole how we love Him!
as we walked through this week, I was blessed to receive a word from a friend.
It was a little note He was sharing with a few of his friends and the passage just spoke to my heart in the midst of our storm.
What manner of man is this....
They had not fully perceived yet just who this God man was..
Such a beautiful name… a name that is worthy of our worship, of our praise and adoration.
He is all together lovely..... His name is Jesus!
So this morning take your Bibles and lets find
A wonderful account of the Savior with his disciples.
but lets consider a little background.
but lets consider a little background.
Jesus has been in Capernaum with his disciples, and some awesome things have taken place on this portion of the journey, this is still fairly early in his public ministry.
His reputation is spreading, people know Jesus is a great man, but they do not understand he is the God man, God in flesh.
The second person of the trinity come to us .....
One of my favorite passages is from , it is the healing of the leper.
Such a beautiful story or love and compassion .
And much more happens in this chapter, we can talk about the rest of it later.
But it comes time for Jesus to leave Capernaum, he is heading southeast across the sea of Galilee toward the Gadarenes (Gadara), a gentile territory that is a Greek speaking area.
And the journey is filled with excitement, more than the disciples really wanted; honestly they feared for their life.
But Jesus was there.
Friends if you have Jesus with you, do not fear.
He is always in control.
So now lets get started here… what do we see right off the bat.
The Journey Begins...
The very first thing we notice is they are getting in a boat, they are starting a journey.
Jesus is leading then from Capernaum and will come to the land of Gadara.
Why even mention that piece of information, some might ask.
It seems to simple.
Frankly it is important to stop and examine the little things.
What I see in this passage is that Jesus and his disciples are up and embarking on the day that is set before them.
Listen to verse 23
Now this is found in all four of the gospels, and says this event happens later in the day.
but regardless of the time.
Jesus had purposed in His mind it was time to leave and make this journey.
Now why am I sharing this simple fact with you.
Everyday we are blessed to wake up and put our feet on the floor we begin a journey through out that day.
And we do not know it the day holds for us.... last Monday seemed just like a regular day, but the unexpected can and does happen.
But here is the question, are you following Jesus through out the day.
The passage here says that Jesus got into the boat and they followed.
They didn’t know what would happen … just this.. the journey was beginning.
You see my friends each day we arise and Jesus is there ready to lead us… to guide us along the way each day.
We cannot see what will happen before the end of the day, and we don’t have too...
If we allow Jesus to lead the way…as the journey begins each day.
It sounds really simple, but it is difficult at times to follow...
Now I want you to consider a second thought...
2. A Great Storm Arose
Wow, doesn’t that sound like some of the events people go through this each day?
But certain my friends, everyday there is a storm rising and raging in someone’s life.
It is part of the journey in this life,
And it can be scary and difficult.
lets look back to our text today...
Verses 23-24
Do you see what the Bible tells us...
They put out in the boat, what they hoped would be a simple journey across the vast lake, in a short time they would reach the destination the Master intended for them to arrive at.
But as time passed they noticed, Peter look the clouds are coming in .... the sky has changed quickly… I can almost hear Peter say, hopefully we will make it across before it gets to bad..
As the clouds came in and as evening passed it is starting to get darker.
the wing picks up rather quickly, and the waves are starting to get a little round..
And these fishermen, Like Peter, James, John, Andrew .. well they are starting to get worried and when the rest of the group sees them worried.. well fear, it spreads like wildfire in their midst.
Verse 25 says through all of this, Jesus was asleep.
He is not bothered by the storm.
Now there is a great thought my friends, … we might be fearful in the storm, but Jesus is not bothered by it one bit.
But lets go back to them… i can see Peter and the others looking about as they are in the boat, the storm is getting rough.
Verse 25 says the boat was being swamped by the storm.
Now the word, “swamped” is the Greek word Kalypto which means to cover or conceal.
So literally the boat they are in is filling with water, they are being overcome by the storm
The journey is quickly becoming difficult for them… the storm is raging and they have no hope.... they think...
Why have I said this to you?
Because when we witness the violent storms in or around us, we get fearful, afraid and we wonder… Lord what are you doing?
why have I said this to you?
We feel alone....
But we are not.
These men were not alone either, Jesus was there and he would take care of them.
They needed to be reminded of that truth.
We my friends need to be reminded of that truth.
Storms will always come up, but Jesus is with us if He is your Savior.
Now just one more thought today,
Are you ready?
3. What Manner of Man is This?
I get happy when I think about this question..... who is Jesus?
Don’t you?
Now lets finish this up.
The storm is raging, the disciples are at their wits end and Jesus is asleep in the bow of the boat.
Peacefully asleep…
Man, dont you wish you could sleep like that all the time?
And I sense they are hesitant to wake the master, but finally they do.... they have a great sense of urgency tied to their message...
Lets go back to our text.
Verses 23-27 we can get a look at the whole picture...
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