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During a time when the children of Israel were at a bleak moment in their lives. They are in captivity in the text, they've lost everything they thought they would have forever, and they were home sick for the land that God had promised them.
However in the midst of all of them being disgruntled, disobedient,  and displaced,  God still has a word.

1.  The first thing that the text suggest is that at some point we must press the reset button. . .

Isaiah says in the text in verse 18 "forget the former things, do not dwell on the past"
Beloved it is so important that we stop allowing the things of our past to cripple us.

 II. Secondly the text is tailored to illustrate that once we press the reset button we must realize that there is more ahead of us than behind us. . .

Isaiah  concludes verse 18 saying do not dwell on the past, then he begins verse 19 by saying "see, I am doing a new thing" (NIV)
It is here where the text suggest that our focus must move from mediocrity to aboundace.( TO A Better Place)
Brothers and sisters in order to encounter a fresh start we mist understand that what's ahead of us is more than behind us. The word of God says our ladder days shall be greater than the former.
I know some of us may say well my past got me here and you're right but where you are is not the end just yet. In fact God says in his word I came that you might life and life more abundantly!
Not only that but the prophet writing denotes the example of the rearview mirror vs. the windshield. A son asked his father why was the Windshield larger than the Rearview and the father replied because the rearview focuses on what's behind you and windshield focuses on what's ahead.
So the windshield is larger because where you're going is bigger than where you been.
And I wonder is there anybody in this house today who wants to start looking through the windshield simply because God is doing something new and I don't want to miss it.

 III. Lastly the text is tailored to teach us once we press reset, and once we realize that what's ahead is more than what's behind, we can encounter a fresh start by realizing that God has invested in us...

Here in the text God tells the prophet "now it springs up" in other words the text suggest that there is now a time of reaping.
Beloved can I be honest with you the reason you're about to encounter a fresh start is because God has invested in you.
That's the reason you didn't give up, that's the reason your family still in tact, that's the reason you still smiling, it has nothing to do with your past but all to do with the fact that God has  invested in you.
Any time you invest in something it begins to draw interest and its value begins to go up.
 And the good news keeps getting good as the prophet closes verse 19 the NIV says I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. . .
**** In other words as I take my seat God says even during the fresh start there is going to be a wilderness experience and a desert depot that will try to limit us but God say ill make a way and sustain you even in your darkest hour.
***** There ought to be somebody here that gets excited when think about the fact that God is about to do something new in your life.
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