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The Word of Wisdom

Pastor Keith Hassell

KENNETH HAG1N :  "The word of wisdom is a supernatural revelation by the Spirit of God concerning the divine purpose in the mind and will of God." Concerning Spiritual Gifts, p. 17

LESTER SUMRALL:  "The gift of the word of wisdom is a supernatural revelation of the divine purposes of God." The Gifts and the Ministries of the Holy Spirit, p. 59.

DENNIS BENNET:  "The 'Word of Wisdom1 is the supernatural application of knowledge.  It is knowing what to do with the natural or supernatural knowledge God has given you —— proper judgment for action." The Holy Spirit and You, p. 155.

I.          DEFINITION: The gift of the Word of Wisdom is an instantaneous and divine revelation of the sovereign mind, will, purpose, plan, or counsel of God concerning things of the past, present, or future.

II.      It is not the "gift of wisdom" but the "word of wisdom"

A.      A word is a fragment of a sentence. A word of wisdom therefore is a fragment of the total arena of God's plan and wisdom. B. A word of wisdom comes to minister to the NEED. It is much the same as a lawyer. He doesn't give you all of his knowledge, just that which is necessary for the case at hand.

III.     A Brief Look at Wisdom

A.      Natural Wisdom: Application of facts and knowledge in life and science

B.        Fallen Supernatural Wisdom: A corrupted moral and spiritual wisdom contrary to the wisdom of God. It is the result of sin. James 3:15 "This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, and devilish."

C.      Biblical Wisdom: Application of God's Word in our lives.

D.        Spirit of Wisdom:  (Ex. Solomon who was given a wise and understanding heart) The impartation of God's Spirit upon a person's heart whereby he may walk in a living discernment of the true nature of a situation and know what action to take.

1.       Exodus 31 Workers on the Tabernacle were filled with wisdom and knowledge by God to complete the work properly and with skill

2.       Proverbs 1:23 The spirit of wisdom comes through faithfulness in responding to the reproof of God and his Word.

E.         Hidden Wisdom of God: The mystery wisdom of God (l Corinthians 2:6-10)

1.       Ordained before the world

2.       Unknown to the princes of this world

3.       Revealed to us by the Holy Spirit

F.         Special Anointings of Wisdom

1.       Mouth and Wisdom: Given in times of witness and testimony

a.         Matthew 10:17-19

b.         Acts 4:13

c.         Acts 6:10

2.       Word of Wisdom

IV.     The Purpose of the Word of Wisdom:

A.        to profit the lives of others

B.        for ministry to specific need

C.        to overcome our limitations in wisdom in times of need

V.        Why is the Word of Wisdom important in ministry?

A.      It can reveal the purpose of God

B.      It can reveal the plan of God

C.      It can reveal the will of God

D.      It can reveal the counsel of God

E.      It can reveal how to pursue God's will

VI.     What is the difference between the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge?

A.      Word of Wisdom - revelation of a fragment of the sovereign mind, will, purpose, plan, or counsel of God concerning the past, present, or future.

B.      Word of Knowledge - revelation of a fragment of the natural or spiritual facts in the sovereign mind of God concerning things past, present, or future.

VII.      The Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom often operate together

A.      Genesis 41:1-36 Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream concerning the coming years of plenty and drought(WK) and gives direction on how to prepare for them (WW)

B.        Exodus 3 God tells Moses he knows of the suffering of Israel in Egypt and what Pharaoh’s response would be(WK). God reveals his plan on how to go to Pharaoh (WW)

C.        2 Kings 5:20-27 Elijah exposes Gehazi's sin (WK) and pronounces the judgment of God upon it(WW)

D.        Daniel 2:1-47 Daniel reveals Nebuchadnezzar's dream (WK) and gives the interpretation concerning the future of the four kingdoms in light of God's kingdom coming (WW)

E.         Mark 14:12-15 Jesus tells his disciples how they would find the servant (WK) and what to do concerning preparations for the Passover (WW)

F.         Luke 19:29-34 Jesus tells the disciples where to find a colt(WK) and what to say to those who question them(WW)

G.      Acts 9:10-16 God tells Ananias of Paul's conversion (WK) and what to do (WW) and God's plan for Paul (WW)

H.        2 Chronicles 20:12-23 God reveals the location of the enemy troops (WK) and instructions concerning how to conduct themselves for victory (WW)

I.       Revelation 2-3 Jesus reveals things about the conduct of each of the seven churches (WK) and instructs them on what they should do to correct the problems (WW)

VIII.    What is the difference between Prophecy and the Word of Wisdom?

A.      The simple gift of prophecy has no prediction in it

B.      Prophecy can be a vehicle through which a word of wisdom is carried

C.      The simple gift of prophecy is for the purpose of edification, exhortation, and consolation (1 Corinthians 14:3)

D.      So called "Personal Prophecies" are usually a manifestation of the Word of Wisdom and/or Word of Knowledge rather than the simple gift of prophecy.

IX.       The Word of Wisdom can be conditional

A.      Jonah 3:4 God predicts 40 days until Nineveh's destruction — Nineveh repented and was spared.

B.        2 Kings 20:1 Isaiah predicts Hezekiah's imminent death – Hezekiah repented and was spared 15 years

X.      How does the Word of Wisdom usually come?

A.      Inner Impressions

B.      Inner Witness of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:16)

C.      Inner Pictures

D.      Scripture revelation/application (ex. Acts 2:14-21)

E.      Dreams (Matthew 2:13 Joseph warned to flee to Egypt)

F.      Visions (Acts 10:11-16 Peter sees the great sheet led down from heaven)

G.      Angelic Visitations (Joshua 5:13-15 Angel reveals how to conquer Jericho

H.      Prophecy (vehicle)

I.       Tongues and Interpretation (vehicle)

J.       Audible Voice (Matthew 3:16-17  Voice at Jesus’ baptism)

K.      Supernatural Occurrences (Writing on the wall, etc.)

Note: Many times pictures come as riddles. A picture is given and we must ask God for the interpretation. This happened many times with the prophets (ex. Jeremiah 1:13)

IX.     Examples of the Word of Wisdom in the Old Testament

A.      Genesis 6:12-13 God forewarns Noah of a coming flood and to build an ark.

B.      Genesis 41:34-36 Joseph gives Pharaoh’s plan to survive seven years of drought

C.      Exodus 3 God reveals to Moses His plan and commission to deliver Israel

D.      Exodus 12 God reveals to Moses how to be spared during the Passover

E.      Exodus 15:23-25 Moses receives revelation on how to make bitter water sweet

F.         Exodus 17:3-7 Moses receives revelation on how to bring water from the rock

G.        Numbers 11 Moses receives revelation on how to share the load of judging the people through appointing seventy elders

H.      Numbers 16 God gives Moses instruction concerning the rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abihu

I.       Numbers 21 Moses receives revelation on how to save the people from poisonous snakebites through raising a brazen serpent

J.       Joshua 3 Joshua receives revelation on how to cross the Jordan

K.      Joshua 5:13-15; 6 Angel reveals to Joshua how to conquer Jericho

L.      1 Samuel 30:7-8 David receives revelation on whether to pursue enemy or not

M.       Psalm 2:7-9 Messiah

N.      Psalm 22:16-18 Crucifixion

O.      Isaiah 53:Iff Messiah's nature

P.      Jeremiah 1:13 Seething pot and interpretation

Q.      Ezekiel 38, 39, 40 Prophecies of things to come

R.      Daniel 2 Daniel reveals Nebuchadnezzar's dream and interpretation concerning the future and the Kingdom of God

S.      Daniel 7 Daniel receives dream concerning the future of the Kingdom

T.      Amos 7:1-6 Grasshoppers

U.      Amos 7:7-9 Plumbline

V.      Amos 8:1-3 Basket of summer fruit

W.     2 Chronicles 20:12-23 Jehoshaphat receives instruction for victory


XII.    Examples of the Word of Wisdom in the New Testament

A.      Matthew 2:12 God warns the wise men not to return to Herod

B.      Matthew 1:20 God gives Joseph assurance to take Mary as his wife

C.      Matthew 2:13 Joseph receives instruction in a dream to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt D.      Matthew 2:19-20 Joseph receives instruction in a dream to return home

E.      Matthew 22:15-46 Jesus has wisdom to answer his critics

F.      Matthew 24 Jesus gives instruction concerning the last days

G.      Acts 2:14-21 Peter receives revelation concerning Pentecost being a fulfillment of Joel 2

H.      Acts 9:15 God reveals to Ananias His purpose for Paul's life

I.       Acts 10:11-16 Peter sees vision of a great sheet let down from heaven revealing God's acceptance of the Gentiles

J.       Acts 13:2 God reveals His timing in setting apart Paul and Barnabas

K.      Acts 16:6,7 Paul receives instruction not to go into Asia and Bithynia

L.      Acts 16:9-10 Paul receives instruction to go into Macedonia

M.     Acts 15:1-29 James receives wisdom for church council

N.      Acts 27:21-32 Paul receives instruction on how to survive the storm at sea

O.      Revelation 2-3 Jesus instructs the seven churches on what they are to do

P.      Book of Revelation: Revealed instruction for coming days before Christ returns

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