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The Word of Knowledge
!! Pastor Keith Hassell
KENNETH HAG1N:  The Word of Knowledge is the supernatural revelation by the Holy Ghost of certain facts in the mind of God.
Concerning Spiritual Gifts, p. 52
LESTER SUMRALL:  "In the Gift of the Word of Knowledge God reveals to one of His servants something which now exists or did exist on the earth.
This must be something which that servant could not know naturally."
The Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit, pp.
DENNIS BENNETT:  "It is the supernatural revelation of facts past, present, or future which were not learned through the efforts of the natural mind.
It may be described as the Mind of Christ being manifested to the mind of the believer, and is given when needed in a flash of timed Cor.
This gift is used to protect the Christian, to show how to pray more effectively, or to show him how to help more effectively, or to show him how to help others."
The Holy Spirit and You, Dennis and Rita Bennett, p. 155
DEFINITION: The gift of the Word of Knowledge is an instantaneous and divine revelation of facts past, present, or future in the mind of God concerning either heavenly or earthly matters.
It is not he "Gift" of Knowledge but, rather, the "Word" of Knowledge
A.      A word is a fragment of a sentence.
A word of knowledge, therefore, is a fragment of the total arena of God's knowledge.
B.      A Word of Knowledge comes to minister to the NEED.
It is much the same as a lawyer.
He does not give you all of his knowledge, just that which is necessary for the case at hand.
Purpose of the Word of Knowledge
A.      It gives the facts necessary to minister effectively to the NEED.
B.      It reveals the hidden things
C.      It demonstrates the present day reality and work of Jesus through the person of the Holy Spirit
Why is the Word of Knowledge important?
A.      It reveals how to pray for specific situations
B.      It reveals diseases, situation, or persons God is presently ministering to
C.      It reveals the work of sin, darkness, and hypocrisy (Acts 5:1-10; Luke 6:8)
D.      It gives confirmation
E.      It gives preparation for ministry (Acts 9:16; 21:10-11)
What is the difference between the Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom?
(See teaching on the Word of Wisdom)
The Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom often operate together
(See teaching on the Word of Wisdom)
How does the Word of Knowledge usually come?
A.      Inner Impressions
B.      Inner Witness
C.      Inner Pictures
D.      Sympathetic Symptoms
E.      Supernatural Occurrences (Writing on the wall, etc.)
F.      Dreams
G.      Visions
H.      Angelic Visitations
1.         Prophecy
J.       Tongues and Interpretations
K.      Audible Voice
NOTE:  The Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom usually come as faint and soft impressions —— like butterflies which land for a moment and then are gone.
By faith we must take hold of them when they come.
Examples of the Word of Knowledge in the Old Testament
A.      Genesis 6:12-13 God forewarns Noah of a flood
B.      Genesis 15:13-14 God reveals to Abraham of Israel's future captivity and deliverance from Egypt
C.      Genesis 37:5-9 Joseph has two dreams revealing his future as a ruler over his brothers
D.      Genesis 40:5-13 Joseph interprets the dreams of the butler and the baker
E.      Genesis 41:1-36 God foretells of a coming drought through Pharaoh’s
dream and Joseph's interpretation
F.      Exodus 3 God reveals to Moses of Pharaoh’s coming response to God's demand for Israel's release
G.      Exodus 12 God foretells of the coming Passover plague
H.      Joshua 7:10-15 God reveals sin in Israel's camp
I.       1 Samuel 9:20  Samuel reveals Saul's lost donkeys
J.       1 Samuel 10:22 Samuel reveals Saul's hiding place
K.      2 Samuel 12:1-7 Nathan reveals David's sin
L.      1 Kings 19:14-18 Elijah receives knowledge of 7,000 faithful
M.     2 Kings 5:20-27 Elisha exposes Gehazi's sin
O.      2 Kings 6:8-12 Elisha exposes the plans of the Syrian king
P.      2 Chronicles 18 Micaiah foretells Ahab's death in battle
Q.      2 Chronicles 20:16 God reveals the location of enemy troops
R.      Daniel 2:1-47 Daniel reveals Nebuchadnezzar's dream
Examples of the Word of Knowledge in the New Testament
A.      Matthew 1:20 God reveals to Joseph that Mary's pregnancy is of the Holy Ghost    
Matthew 2:13 God warns Joseph of Herod's plan to seek the death of the `                        child Jesus
C.      Matthew 2:20 God reveals to Joseph that Herod is dead and to return to Israel
D.      Matthew 9:2-6 Jesus knows the thoughts of the scribes
E.      Mark 14:12-15 Jesus reveals the location of a servant with a water pot
F.      Luke 1:11-17 Angel foretells birth of Zacharias1 son John
G.      Luke 1:26 Angel reveals that Mary will bear a son
H.      Luke 1:36 Angel reveals to Mary of Elizabeth's pregnancy
I.       Luke 2:26 God reveals that Messiah would come before Simeon's death
J.       Luke 2:38 God reveals to Anna that Jesus is the Messiah
K.      Luke 19:29-34 Jesus reveals the location of colt
L.      John 1:45-51 Jesus sees Nathanael under the fig tree
M.     John 4:16-19, 29 Jesus reveals secrets in the life of a Samaritan woman
N.      Acts 5:1-9 God exposes the sin of Ananias and Sapphira
O.      Acts 9:10-12 God reveals Saul's conversion and location to Ananias
P.      Acts 10:3-6 An angel reveals Peter's location to Cornelius
Q.      Acts 10:19 God informs Peter of three men seeking him
R.      Acts 11:28  Agabus foretells of a coming drought
S.      Acts 21:10-11 Agabus foretells Paul's bonds in Jerusalem
T.      Acts 27:10 Paul foretells of danger in voyage
U.      Revelation 2-3 Jesus reveals to John the state of each Asian church
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