How Do We Respond As People Attend Church Less Often?

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There was a time in Canada when businesses were closed on Sundays, clubs and sports were sensitive when scheduling Sunday activities and church was the only place to be on a Sunday morning. Those days are gone. We have entered into a time of post-Christian culture. Church attendance throughout every denominations has given evidence to this trend. How do we respond? Is it an obstacle or an opportunity?

 Whitehorse Baptist Church "7 POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS" "HOW DO WE RESPOND AS PEOPLE ATTEND CHURCH LESS OFTEN" (ACTS 11:19-26) OUTLINE STYLE: INDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (VIDEO) LASTING IMPACT - CONVO 2 CLIP (C. NIEUWHOF) 3. "HOW DO WE RESPOND AS PEOPLE ATTEND CHURCH LESS OFTEN?" a) (SLIDE 1-3) Read quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #2, Pg. 32. b) (SLIDE 4-5) Series Recap. & Message Intro. 4. (SLIDE 6) THE CANADIAN CHURCH SHAKEDOWN a) Canada used to be referred to as a "Christian Nation". i) Businesses closed on Sundays, clubs and sports scheduled around church events, the Lord's Prayer in school; were all once known to Canadian culture. ii) Currently the discussions are around removing the prayerful reference to God in our national anthem. iii) Everything "Christian" in Canadian culture has been turned on its head over the past couple of decades. 5. (SLIDE 7) THE EARLY CHURCH SHAKEDOWN a) Acts 10-11 Context: Peter's Gentile (Non-Jew) Ministry (Study Card Plug) b) The Early Church is at a crossroads of cultural divide. i) The values and traditions of their Hebrew culture are in jeopardy. TEACHING & APPLICATION: 6. (SLIDE 8-10) ACTS 11:19-26 7. 3 DIFFICULT QUESTIONS a) (SLIDE 11) Acts 11:19-26 & Lasting Impact, Convo #2, Pg. 42-51. i) "Developing A Better Approach To Infrequent Attenders And Unchurched People" (11 Principles) 8. (SLIDE 12) 1. DO WE SHOW EMPATHY? (11:19-21) a) Men from Cyprus and Cyrene bridged the cultural divide for Christ. i) At some point, these guys said, "What about these Hellenists?" ii) Empathy is "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another." (Oxford English Dictionary) b) (SLIDE 13) Read quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #2, Pg. 42. i) Not growing up with Jesus doesn't mean someone doesn't need Jesus. Ø Try to empathize with their life and their background first. 9. (SLIDE 14) 2. DO WE CELEBRATE WINS? (11:22-24A) a) Coach-Barnabas was glad, and exhorted them; building them up, encourage them to remain faithful. i) This is what good, faithful, Spirit-filled leaders should do! b) (SLIDE 15) Read quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #2, Pg. 45. c) (SLIDE 16) Commitment Sunday 10. (SLIDE 17) 3. DO WE SEPERATE THE MISSION FROM THE METHOD? (11:24B-26) a) Coach-Barnabas went and got his new all-star captain, and set up a training camp in Antioch! b) (SLIDE 18) Read quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #2, Pg. 44. c) We may have to leave what we know (our buildings, programs, ministries, preferences) all for the mission of the Gospel! i) (SLIDE 19) Name Change (New signage on our building and the property.) Ø Baptist confusion is found in the unchurched, and now the churched! ii) Second Service (Harrison to Lead), Church Planting (Fellowship Mandate - 30% More) & Community Outposts (Working with SEND North.) CONCLUSION: BIG IDEA 11. (SLIDE 20-22) OUR RELEVANCE IS AT STAKE a) Read quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #2, Pg. 52. b) (SLIDE 23) INVITATION (Worship In Response) i) POST-MESSAGE PRAYER (Pray for OFFERING & Close Message)
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