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Story about Jeanine at Makapuu.
Today… do we sometimes disregard or underestimate the Lord.
This is a clear warning that we get many times in the scriptures and the problem we face is that the wave of the Lord will not just knock us down.
One of the problems we face today is a real loss of what it means to fear the Lord.
On Wednesday’s we watched how many of us in modern evangelicalism display a real fear of man.
Lets get one thing straight today… the reason why we fear man is because we do not fear God enough.
Much of the sins we struggle with is a result of a lack of fear of God.
Do we see how we struggle with this today.
Thinking that the Lord is gonna do nothing about it.
Are we struggling with this today?
Well we will find some insight from our passage today.
The end of 1 Samuel… we witnessed a tragedy.
Saul and his sons are dead.
Now that Saul is dead is it time for David to take the kingdom?
It has to be right?
Were gonna find out, give you a hint, in the weeks to come.
But the sad thing… after all the horrible and immoral things in 1 Samuel, maybe 2 Samuel will be different…well unfortunately, it begins with a lie.
An Amalekite man with torn clothes came to David poured dirt on his head to show that he was in mourning and bowed before David.
David wanted to know how the battle went.
Israel lost and Saul and his sons are dead.
David demanded… How do you know?
I saw Saul wounded and when I asked him what I could do for him he asked me to kill him because he was in pain and wanted to die.
I killed him and took his crown and brought it to you.
Strange to the Amalekite, David and his men tore their clothes and wept and fasted the day for Saul and his sons.
Where are you from David said to the Amalekite…He told David that he was from David’s land and that he was a foreigner.
David asked Him why he was not afraid to kill Saul… (remember Saul’s own Armor bearer was too afraid to kill Saul).
I wonder what went through the mind of the Amalekite at that moment.
David ordered one of his men to kill the Amalekite for he confessed with his own mouth to killing the Lord’s anointed one.
David then composed a funeral song for Saul and Jonathan and commanded that it be taught to all in Judah.
2 Samuel 1
The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever.
Liar, Liar, the Future’s Dire
Disregard for God
Killed the Anointed of God
The first thing we will look at this morning is the insanity of lying and how eventually we will get burned.
Second, we will see how many of our sins become full grown bringing judgement into full bloom, because of our lack of the fear of God and Disregard our Lord.
Finally we will see how the killing of another anointed of God did not bring us judgement, but blessing beyond measure and a life of Thanksgiving.
Thesis: Though sin and its corruption cause us to seek the acceptance and rewards from the world, leading us into all kinds of deceptions and the putting aside of the Holiness of the Lord, we can rejoice today for there is forgiveness for us in the actual killing of our anointed one by evil men bringing salvation to us all and a King who, thankfully, reigns forever.
Liar, Liar, Future’s Dire
- If we Deceive to receive and we should believe that we will receive a reward, but maybe not the one we were looking for.
A. So we see here… the whole plan of the Amalekite was to deceive to receive.
He played the part of true grief… tore his clothes, covered himself with dirt, acting before David and his men that he was truly grieving.
And he lied about killing Saul.
Last chapter we saw that Saul fell on his own sword because his Armor bearer would not kill him.
That’s how he died.
B. Why would the Amalekite do this?
He was looking for the messenger/hero reward.
Rewarded for ending the reign of Saul, by killing him and presenting Saul’s crown to bring the kingdom to David.
He wanted to deceive to receive.
He was ready for them to start singing celebrate good times come on.
But oh what a surprise.
Instead of seeing David and his men jump for joy in celebration, they begin to mourn.
C. Oh the irony… He is punished for what he said he did even though we know because we read it, he didn’t do it!
He received what he should have received because he deceived.
The judgment of God found him still.
Because God knows.
His lie was his downfall.
The irony … he actually did receive because he deceived.
But it was not the reward he was expecting.
D. I remember wanting that rubber pencil grip.
Is it not funny how we do the same things that they did all those years ago.
E. Just incase we don’t know.
The Lord knows and sees everything.
No matter what we do in deception, it cannot nor will not escape the Lord when we deceive to receive.
1 John 3:20
Hebrews 4:13
F. We have the same instance in the early church… we had and man and his wife lie to gain rewards in the eyes of the Apostles and the church.
They would deceive to receive to boost their standing and admiration of the church, but in the end, Ananias and Sapphira will not acquire high standing in the church, they would be 6 feet under the church.
They ended up in the grave.
They lied to the church.
After they sold a piece of property they brought the money from it to the apostles to give but they held back some of it.
They acted like it was everything, but they lied needlessly, according to Peter.
It was your money to do what you want, but you wanted to lie to make yourself look good… to boost your self-worth… you wanted to deceive to receive, but Peter said that they lied to the Holy Spirit.
And they died because they lied.
G. What kind of lies do we tell in order to look good to other people, or to make us feel better about ourselves and our self-esteem?
Do we lie to ourselves to make ourselves feel better about ourselves?
What do we tell ourselves when we look in the mirror?
Are we prone to deception for our own self-worth and gain?
Are we prone to deception for greater acceptance from friends and family?
Do we deceive to receive?
This is a struggle for many of us.
But what of deception when it comes to rewards?
A promotion at work, lying on a job application, the acceptance of a certain person, lying about self to get a date with a girl.
Lying to you spouse about where you were.
Lying about money that was spent.
Lying so that you won’t disappoint your parents.
Lying so that you wont get in trouble.
Why do we do this?
God know that we’re doing it.
But we do it anyway?
Common let’s be honest.
Do we still lie knowing that God knows?
J. Do you know that when we lie to others knowing that God knows, then it shows that we care more about what the world thinks than we do God?
We would deceive, knowing that God knows, so that we can find the rewards and acceptance from others.
We would do this in God’s face.
We would rather offend God than lose out on a reward or what we gain from people in the world.
Do we desire love from the world before love from God?
K. Do we not realize that to do this… is adultery and unfaithfulness to God?
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