19 November 2017 - Rest in Christ

Rest In Christ  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  46:18
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Healthy Souls Series: Sermon RECAP- Rest A Lack of Rest: We live in a fast-paced culture which is always telling us that we have to be doing something. This creates in us a “hurry sickness” as Dr. Archibald D. Hart puts it, where “we do everything in haste”. The Enemies of Rest: Are busyness, stress, works-based righteousness and sometimes an inability to say ‘no’. All of these things can keep us in a state of constant anxiety and stress, which inhibit us from experiencing rest. The Rest Jesus Offers: Is unlike the rest the world offers. Jesus is the source of our rest, and his rest is not dependant on our circumstances. Real Rest for Our Souls: When we enter into Jesus’ rest we won’t be trying to please God in what we do, or doing penance for our sins. We won’t be living lives so busy that we lose sight of God in our lives, nor must we suffer with constant stress because Jesus gives us real rest. Benefits of Resting: Resting in Jesus will also make us desire God more in our lives so that we may enjoy his rest. We will also become better listeners to his voice in our lives.
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