Will You Be Guided By God's Word?

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Lonely Planet has become the leader in travel guides, with 40 years experience, 500 titles, and 120 million books in print; not counting their digital platform. Lonely Planet guides are known to improve the destination-experience. The Bible can be considered the guidebook for life's journey. It holds the knowledge and the map to keep us on the right path, and it will certainly improve the experience of our journey.

 Whitehorse Baptist Church "#THEGREATESTBOOK" "WILL YOU BE GUIDED BY GOD'S WORD?" (PSALM 119:97-104) OUTLINE STYLE: DEDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (VIDEO) "I BELIEVE IN SCRIPTURE" BY DAVID BOWDEN 3. (SLIDE 1) LONELY PLANET GUIDEBOOKS a) LifeHacker.com i) "In just over 40 years, Lonely Planet has printed over 120 million books and become the world’s most successful travel publisher. They’ve published around 500 titles that cover 195 countries, and they hire a combination of travel writers and local writers when creating or updating each one. Lonely Planet travel guides cost around $22 for city/small area guides, and $25 to $30 for country guides. ii) Lonely Planet guides are updated with new editions every two years or so...Generally, the more popular the location, the more often the guide will be updated. iii) If you don’t want to travel with a physical book, Lonely Planet guides come in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats for your favorite ebook readers and tablets. All of their guides are available on Nook, Amazon Kindle, and most of them are free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers." b) (SLIDE 2) Personal Experience Ø The journey is not as good without it! 4. (SLIDE 3) SERIES RECAP & MESSAGE INTRO a) #TheGreatestBOOK b) (SLIDE 4) "Will You Be Guided By God's Word?" i) I'm convinced through Biblical evidence, historic record and personal experience that the Bible is a guidebook. For every day of our lives, no matter the destination, our journey needs a guidebook and God has provided it. ii) Sermon aids by Dr. Rick Reed, President of Heritage College and Seminary TEACHING: 5. (SLIDE 5) PSALM 119:97-104 a) "97 Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day." i) As we walk through the twists and turns of life's journey, concentrating on and following this Book will guide us. (Unpack how!) 6. THIS GUIDEBOOK... a) (SLIDE 6) ...PROVIDES THE KNOWLEDGE (Vs. 119:98-100) i) Enemies ii) (SLIDE 7) Teachers iii) (SLIDE 8) The Aged (Elderly) b) (SLIDE 9) ...PROVIDES THE MAP (Vs. 119:101-102) i) Path Metaphor (Summed up in Verse 105.) Ø (SLIDE 10) Helps Us Avoid Danger Ø (SLIDE 11) Helps Us Focus On the Destination c) (SLIDE 12) ...IMPROVES THE EXPERIENCE (Vs. 119:103-104) i) Righteous living gets sweeter through deeper understanding. ii) (SLIDE 13) Sinful living becomes bitter and less appealing. APPLICATION: 7. (SLIDE 14) OUR GUIDEBOOK (Psalm 119:105) a) "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." b) (SLIDE 15) If we believe that, act on it. (Use the Guidebook!) i) Leave Bibles everywhere. (Reference Guide & Commentaries.) ii) Download an app. (YouVersion, Bible Study, Daily Bible, etc.) Ø When we're lost (struggling, in pain, experience a trial, etc.), reach for the guidebook to get back on the right path. CONCLUSION: 8. (SLIDE 16) INVITATION (Worship In Response) Ø POST-MESSAGE PRAYER (Pray for OFFERING & Close Message)
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