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You Can Keep The Change
-Welcome- Thanks- Acts 3
-Story of atheist professor
-Today we are going to be looking at an amazing story of how the gospel changes lives, both spiritually and physically
-Acts 3:1-10 Prayer
-The title of my sermon this morning is “You Can Keep the Change”
-What I want to do is go back through the verses and really break down whats going on
-VS 1
-begins with Peter and John going to the temple
-this is significant because even though they weren't bound by the law to go to the temple and pray and present sacrifices they still went out of a love for worshiping God.
-the ninth hour the hour of prayer
-Jewish day started at 6 AM and at 6 PM
-devout Jews would set aside a special prayer time three times a day 9 AM, noon, and 3 PM
-prayer was very special for the Jewish people.
What does our prayer life look like?
-do we set aside special time to pray?
-Peter and John recognized the importance of prayer in their daily walk with God
-the 3 PM prayer time was also the time of day when the sacrifices were given and offered up
-which is why we see what we see in VS 2
-this was a great and well plan strategy of the lame man
-knee surgery
-the busiest time a day at the place where you expect the most people to give
-the area that he was laid was also very important, the beautiful gate SLIDE
-this was this man's daily routine
-every day it was the same thing but today God was going to shake this man's daily routine
-does God want to shake up your daily routine?
-is our lives so structured that we can't have God mess it up?
-softball analogy.
Fastball versus curveball.
-when God throws a curve ball in life do we let it go and watch it go by or we willing to take a swing at it?
-in versus three and four we see Peter and John's reaction to a curveball because their daily routine was interrupted also
VS 3-4
-so this man is laying at the gate sees Peter and John going into the temple and ask them for money
-now I'm assuming this is an on the to do list for Peter and John, but yet look at the response READ VS 4
-it says Peter and John directed their gaze at him
-this word gaze in the Greek means to look intently at
-Peter and John didn't just throw a glance his way they focus their attention on him
-they are swinging at the curve ball here!
-they stop what they're doing and tell this man look at us!
-this is huge!
For two reasons
during this time you didn't want to make eye contact with the begger because it meant you were going to give him something
When you tell someone to look at you it usually means you really want them to focus on what you're saying
-kids analogy
-Peter makes a point here to get this man's attention and he does
-VS 5
-you can almost see this man get excited and hold his hand out for money
-but the change she was looking for was of the change she was going to get! Repeat
-VS 6
-his first words to this lame man is I'm broke!
-but what I have to give to you is so much more valuable than money
-he shares the gospel with this man
-not only does he do that but he takes action on his faith that he is healed
VS 7
-Peter was so confident that this man was instantly healed that he took him by the hand and lifted him up
-Peter knew that faith without works is dead
-we weren't created to except Christ and just move on with this life
-we were created for good works and to walk in them
JAMES 2:14-22,26
-why were we created to do good works?
-because faith without works is dead and useless
-Peter had faith and acted on it
VS 8-10
-what was his first action when he got lifted onto his feet?
-it says he entered the temple with them walking leaping and praising God.
-he didn't run and tell his parents or friends he went to the temple first.
What was the significance of that?
He knew that God healed him and he was going in to give him praise
-notice how Peter and John never took credit for the healing.
They said in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.
-they knew where the power came from and weren't going to take credit for it
This would've been the first time in his whole life that he was able to go into the temple
-being a cripple man he would have never been allowed past the first courtyard.
-now he could go in!
I can only imagine this man's excitement!
-it tells us the people were amazed at what happened
-the gospel change this man!
-has it changed you?
-you see this man began his day just like any other!
-but then to believers, may have been the only two believers there, allowed God to interrupt their daily routine
-and the change that they offered this lame man was not the change he was looking for, but it was the ONLY change he could keep!
-Peter and John could've gave this man a few coins and it would've lasted him maybe the day.
-he probably would've spent it on food so that he could go and beg another day
-but the change they gave him was a change that affected him both spiritually and physically and he would have it forever!
-this morning you may be sitting here and you may be a believer, but your life is stuck in a routine and you want God to interrupt but you don't know how to do it
-I want to encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the people that God wants to interrupt your life with
-or you may be sitting here in your like the lame man, who is an a believer and you're sick and tired of your daily routine
-well this morning I want to offer you change, not a change that parishes but a change you can keep
-therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.
The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.
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