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/“The Delilah dilemma”/ – Judges 16:4-22
The greatest accomplishment we can experience in life may be in helping somebody else achieve greatness.
But, likewise, the greatest failure we can experience in life may be in hindering someone from achieving the greatness that God had ordained for their lives.
Our ultimate destiny in life has a lot to do with who or what we choose to be connected to.
And just like being connected to the right person can inspire us to greatness, being intimately connected to the wrong person can lead us to personal destruction.
The people we choose to be connected to can either propel us towards our blessed destiny, or they can hold us captive by reminding us of our messed-up history, they can either encourage us to fulfill our God-given greatness, or they can discourage us, pushing us down into a pool of self-pity.
They can inspire us to move forward into our future, or they can pull us down into the depths of failure and frustration.
They can help to bring out the best in us, or they can hurt by bringing out the worst in us.
One of the greatest lessons you can learn in life is to learn how to choose the right people to be connected to.
Charles Swindoll was right when he said that it’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by so many turkeys!
We need to understand today, that as we make the commitment to putting Christ first in our lives and as we make the commitment to following his plans and His purposes, not everybody around us is going to share the same passion for Jesus that we have.
How many of you know that when Jesus walked this earth, He was constantly surrounded by folks who had their own agendas and their own ideas about what Jesus should and should not do?
Jesus was constantly surrounded by folks who were not interested in advancing the Kingdom of God, but they were only interested in advancing their own interests and their own desires.
And, likewise, you and I are surrounded by folks who have their own agendas and their own ideas about who and what we should be and how we should live our lives, and we need to understand that once we make that commitment to following Jesus, once we make our minds that’s it’s all about Him and not about us, once we make that decision to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, that at that moment we’ve got to make up our minds who we’re going to be connected to.
If you’re trying to walk in the spirit, you can’t be intimately connected to somebody who walking in the flesh.
If God has given you a vision for your life, you can’t hook with somebody who has no vision for their lives and tries to kill the vision in your life.
If you’re trying to live by the Word of God, you can’t be in an intimate relationship with somebody who lives by their own wisdom and philosophy.
God desires that not only our vertical relationship with Him is right, but also that our horizontal relationships with other people are right, and if a person hasn’t made a commitment to getting their vertical stuff right, then their horizontal stuff is going to be all messed up.
And my brothers and sisters, if you find yourself in the midst of a relationship in which you’re being manipulated and used, if you find yourself in a situation in which you’re being played and abused, then I’ve stopped by to tell you this morning that you’re smack dab in the midst of a DELILAH DILEMMA.
Somebody looking at me right now can say amen today, because you’re in the midst of a Delilah Dilemma.
Somebody else in her this morning, you’re not personally in a Delilah Dilemma, but somebody you know and care about is in a Delilah Dilemma.
And the question for all of us this morning is how can we stop ourselves from getting into these kinds of relationships?
We know that God wants our relationships with each other to be pleasing in His sight, God created us and God wants us to have Biblical, meaningful, and satisfying relationships with each other, but how can we stop ourselves from falling into a Delilah Dilemma?
What are the signs that one is caught up in a Delilah Dilemma?
Well, in our text today, Samson hooks up with a woman who caused him to get caught up in a Delilah Dilemma, and guess what, her name was Delilah.
Most of us are familiar with the context of this text.
We know in Judges 16:1-3, Samson, this holy man, hooks up with a hoochie in Gaza and God has mercy on Samson and allows him to escape from those who waiting to take his very life.
And by time we catch up with Samson in verse 4, we see him hooking up with this woman from the valley of Sorek who name was Delilah.
And by the time we come to the end of chapter 16, we see Samson, this strong, Nazerite man of God who defeat armies and kill lions with his bare hands, caught up in the midst of a Delilah Dilemma.
And the question I want to ask brother Samson this morning is…why in the world would you mess with a woman like Delilah?
And more importantly for all of us this morning is…HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M CAUGHT UP IN A DELILAH DILEMMA?
Well, I want to look at sister Delilah this morning and identify two or three characteristics of a person who might pull us down into a Delilah Dilemma
How to Know If you’re caught up in a Delilah Dilemma:
1) If the person you’re connected with is GUIDED BY GREED, then you’re caught up in a Delilah dilemma.
Write that down… In this text we discover that greed caused Delilah to betray her lover, Samson.*
* – we clearly see this in verse 4 through 6: /After this it came about that he loved a woman in the valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah.
The lords of the Philistines came up to her and said to her, "Entice him, and see where his great strength lies and how we may overpower him that we may bind him to afflict him.
Then we will each give you *eleven hundred pieces of silver."*/*
*/So Delilahsaid to Samson, "Please tell me where your great strength is and how you may be bound to afflict you."/
Samson was hooked up with a woman who was guided by
And I know that Delilah was guided by greed because she was offered and
she accepted a whole lot of money to betray Samson.
In order to understand how much money was being offered to Delilah, you have to
understand that this text says that the LORDS OF THE PHILISTINES came to
Delilah and each offered her 1100 pieces of silver.
Now, the text doesn’t explicitly
tell us how many lords, or how many men came to do this dirty deal with Delilah,
but we do know from Biblical research that the Philistine nation was made up of 5
major cities and each of these cities had its own king, its own ruler or its own Lord.
And so, although the text doesn’t explicitly tell us the exact number of men that
came to Delilah, most Bible scholars believe that at least 5 Philistine lords
approached Delilah about betraying Samson.
And so, based on Biblical research
and using our sanctified imagination, if at least five philistine lords offered Delilah
1100 pieces of silver each, then Delilah was being offered at least 5500 pieces of
silver to betray Samson.
And 5500 pieces of silver back in those days was enough
money to set you up for the rest of your life.
And so when she discovered how
much money she was being offered, she decided these revenues meant more than
her relationship, this cash meant more than her commitment, this silver meant
more to her than Samson, and she decided to sell out her man for 5500 pieces of
Samson found himself in the midst of a Delilah Dilemma because he was in
an intimate relationship with a woman who was guided by greed.
People who are
guided by greed are people who are more concerned with what they can get than
what they can give, their goal is to do whatever it takes to acquire money and
possessions, money is their god, materialism is their philosophy, getting more
things is their goal and selfishness is their guiding motivation.
What exactly is greed?
Webster’s dictionary defines *greed* as excessive or
Reprehensible acquisitiveness or the sinful desire to acquire more than one really
Needs:* Greed *is the* *excessive or insatiable desire for Wealth or for gain.
Greed is
The unquenchable desire in our hearts to get more things, to grab for more things,
and to gain more things.
Greed is the passionate pursuit of perishable
Products and possessions.
Greed is the attitude that’s not satisfied with the
blessings and provisions of God, but instead of trusting in the Lord to supply, greed
drives a person to work in the power of their own flesh to get what they think they
A word that is closely associated with greed in The Bible is the word
COVETEOUSNESS, and covetousness is defined as /“an intense desire to /
/possess something (or someone) that rightfully belongs to another person.”
Greed caused Cain to kill his brother Abel
Greed caused the people in Genesis 11 to build the tower of Babel
Greed caused Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, to betray Elisha
Greed caused the Rich Young Ruler to miss out on his chance at eternal life
Greed caused Judas to betray Jesus
Greed caused Annanias and Saphira in the book of Acts to lie to the Holy Spirit
My brothers and sisters, if you’re intimately connected to somebody who is guided
by greed, then you’re probably already in the midst of a Delilah Dilemma.
What does God think about greed?
* Eccl 5:10 He who loves silver will never be satisfied with silver; Nor he who loves abundance, with increase.
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