Let there be Light

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The Beginning

In the beginning God created, beginning with the heavens and the Earth. Before he created things were void and empty. Darkness was everywhere and the spirit hovered across the expanse of the Earth.
What does this mean to us?
If you look closely and meditate on this passage I believe you can see the story of God’s plan for salvation. Close your eyes and listen to this message as I try to paint you a picture of God’s plan.
One day I stood in space and began to create and the first thing I did was to create the Earth and the expanse of the sky. (Images of the Earth from space) I saw that this object was formless and dark; a darkness deeper than black. At this time I could see that this was not good. My Spirit soared above the darkness in search of something good and when it found none I spoke goodness into the void. “Let there be light” and there was light. I saw that this was good and so at this time I separated the light (good) from the darkness (bad). I called the light day, and the darkness I called night. I did all this in one day so that darkness could not overtake the light. I did this so that my later creation could find me in the darkness of life.
What then should we understand?
From the very beginning God had a plan. Many say to me why did God allow darkness in His creation? I say to you all here today, without darkness would you understand the blessing of light? God spoke into existence the very place where we are but in the creation there was darkness. Darkness had to be present but it did not have to control creation. You see even before we were created God put into act his plan for salvation.
Let me ask you this, “If there were no darkness, would you need God?” You would need God like you need a jacket in July. How soon, in July, do we forget that come December we will need a jacket again.
God spoke the world and every expanse of the heavens into existence and before that day ended He created light. This was no ordinary light but something of greater importance. It was not until He had done this did He conclude that creation with “It is good” Notice also that there is a division amongst this first creation. Heaven and Earth, light and dark. In a complete day the two things merge together; the day reveals the Earth and darkness reveals the heavens. Could we conclude that if there were no darkness we could never see the heavens?
It is at best difficult to shut out darkness. In the darkness lies much of our lives, but it is the complete package that makes us who we are. In the darkness lies a spirit that wants to find the light. We can spend a lifetime in search of that which God created on the first day. It has been there all along. You will most likely spend more of your life in darkness than you will ever spend in the light. May you be illuminated today. Be glad that we have a creator that can navigate the darkness, but also one that can call you out of darkness into light.
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