Covered Either Way

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LeRoy  Lawson

     Dr. Joe Harding’s wonderful story of the man who finally decided to ask his boss for a raise deserves repeating. That fateful morning he told his wife what he had determined to do. She agreed that he should make the request. All day he was apprehensive. Finally, late in the afternoon he screwed up his courage and went in to see the boss. To his delight, the boss agreed to the request. The raise was granted.
     The man arrived home to a beautiful table set with their best china. The candles were lit, flowers adorned the table, and a festive meal awaited him. He guessed that someone from the office had tipped her off.
     Going into the kitchen, he told his wife the good news. They embraced and kissed, then sat down to the meal. Next to his plate the man found a beautifully lettered note which read, “Congratulations, darling! I knew you would get the raise. These things will tell you how much I love you.”
     But a little later, as he walked into the kitchen to get dessert, he noticed that another card had fallen from her pocket. Picking it off the floor he read,
     “Don’t worry about not getting the raise! You deserve it anyway! These things will tell you how much I love you.”

Quoted by Gus Andrews in “The Right Hand of Fellowship", Christian Standard, October 15, 1989, pp. 7, 8.

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