Set Up To Be Set Apart

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Set Up to be Set Apart

(I Peter 1:1-8)





I want us to appreciate something about what it means to be in Christ.

And to have a sense of real joy about our salvation.

And to know that In Christ:

We were chosen in Him before the foundation of the world

We are predestinated unto the adoption of children

We have been redeemed, not with corruptible things such as silver and gold…

We are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise

We have been given an inheritance that is imperishable and undefiled…

(Visitors) – Decide that today/tonight, I want to be in Christ (where all spiritual blessings are)

That if all those blessing belong to the redeemed of the Lord

Then I want to be a part of the redeemed.

(Today/Tonight) I want to talk to you about Sanctification (Set Up to be Set Apart)

The risk that a preacher takes when he talks about things that I enjoy talking about:

(Salvation by Grace, Justification by Faith, God’s Elect)

Many times people get the notion that you don’t believe that a people should live right.

If God’s grace saves us, then it will just keep on forgiving us.

And we can do things that we know are not right to do, but God’s grace is going to cover it.

And many preachers don’t talk about God’s grace (we are afraid – cheap grace)

Point: You can’t keep fear over people and make them live right.

Illustration: Kids jumping on the couch

There are people who will take my preaching about grace, kindness, and about love and say (if that’s true, I should be able to live any kind of way I want to live.)

Today/Tonight, I want to talk about sanctification.

You were never supposed to act like other people act.

You are set apart for good works. (Not trying to be saved)

Read: I Peter 1:1-8 (Set up to be set apart)


Background: Persecution

When your life has gone through some things, it’s good to know that somebody cares about me. 

When you don’t have time for me and family doesn’t understand

When the night is dark.  When I have cried all night long.

When I don’t have anywhere else to turn.

I am still somebody, because I am in Christ Jesus.

(Peter): Remember that you are God’s elect. (hearts tender towards God)

The ones God has called, Jesus has redeemed them with His blood.

Because I am redeemed with the blood of Christ,

The sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit has set me apart for something.

I am not like everybody else.  Child of God (You can’t act like everybody else)

You shouldn’t want to act like everybody else

You shouldn’t want to go where everybody else is going

You shouldn’t want to talk like everybody else is talking.

You are set apart.

Read: I Peter 1:2

Reference: Chapter 3 (The time has already past)

You are going to live a troubled existence if you trying to get to heaven based on human achievement. (Jesus Dying)

Define: Sanctified (Hagiazo / Holy) - Psalms 22 – Psalms 111:9

Grecian culture (Applied to the Grecian divinities)

Did not have anything to do with moral living.  (Something that was consecrated)

Something that was positionally set apart.

They would be a temple to their gods.

Example: (Ephesus – Diana (goddess of wine)  / (Corinth – 3000 prostitutes)

Hagiazo referred to anything that was (set apart, consecrated, or dedicated to something)

System: Christianity (took on a more elevated meaning)

Very nature and Holiness of God.  It applied to God.


Indications: Opposition to sin

God hates sin.

Hagiazo (Holy, Sanct, Sanctified) meant that you were totally opposed to sin.

When a person knows that:

His sins have been washed away by the atoning blood of Jesus

Jesus died to purchase him out of the marketplace

God came down from heaven and took a punishment that was meant for me

He was sinless, but sin was put upon Him.

Out of that appreciation what I need to do is live a life that is in opposition to sin.

Reference: Romans 6 (What shall we say then?)

Hagiazo (Holy) – The highest moral perfection.  Perfect purity (attributes of God)

Excludes fellowship with the world.

Cannot establish a relationship with the world

Because it cannot abide sin.

Define: Sanctification (Set apart)

By God

For God

God is in your life

You belong to Him

You are the possessor of the Holy Spirit

It indwells you

You want to live like Christ

Read: I Peter 4:1-4 (Explain)

When you mature and you stop that foolishness

And you run into some of those same people they want to know (what’s wrong with you)

(Peter) You found out that there’s nothing out there.

(Influence them)  Because you have been sanctified (set apart)

You don’t live that life that you use to live.

Point: Show you what sanctification does

(Old Adam – New Adam) – Read:  Romans 5:12-19

Sanctification is (Positional – Progressive)

Positional – point where you are set apart (when you are saved)

We are delivered from the power of darkness.

Translated into the kingdom of God’s dear son.

When you come into the kingdom (taken out of the old Adam)

(Born of the water and the spirit) You become a new creature (old things are past away)

Question: What does that mean to me?

I’m redeemed

The blood of Jesus has made the atonement

He has appeased that which I could not appease

I’m purchased with His blood

I’m sealed with the Holy Spirit

I’m given an inheritance among those who have been sanctified

I’m saved by His grace

What difference should it make in my life now?

Once you are sanctified you have to grow to more sanctification.

It is a progressive process.

Define: Maturity (Involuntary responses are Godly.)

(Grow in Christ – Deal with a mature church / much easier to deal with)

Read:  I Peter 2:20-21

Example: Some one hit you


We have been sanctified (set apart) by the blood of Christ.

Our sanctification should not only be positional but it should also be progressive.

Have you been progressive in your sanctification?

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