Jesus Meets Nicodemus - 11AM

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The Pharisees were a group of religious leaders that held the people in bondage. Jesus came an disrupted their entire religious system. Late one night, a Pharisee named Nicodemus met with Jesus. He had questions and Jesus had the answers. Since then, Jesus has continued to disrupt every religious system we build.

 Whitehorse Baptist Church "HOW I MET JESUS" "JESUS MEETS NICODEMUS" (JN. 3:1-15) OUTLINE STYLE: INDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. (VIDEO) "HOW I MET JESUS" BY TARA LEENDERS 2. (SILDES 1-2) SERIES & MESSAGE INTROS TEACHING: 3. (SLIDES 3-7) JOHN 3:1-15 4. (SLIDE 8) EXPOSING THE SYSTEM (Pharisees) a) The Pharisees were Nicodemus' crew, but who are they? b) (SLIDES 9-10) What did Jesus think of Pharisees? (Matthew 23:1-7) i) Outside appearance was top priority in (1) what they did, (2) how they dressed, (3) where they gathered and (4) who they associated with. 5. (SLIDE 11) QUESTIONING THE SYSTEM (Nicodemus) a) Why did Nicodemus come to Jesus at night? (ALONE!) i) Religious leaders (pack mentality) typically asked questions to trip Jesus up. Nicodemus seems to really desire the truth. Ø Very different from other Pharisees! ii) Nicodemus has seen something different in Jesus...and is curious. b) (SLIDE 12) Nicodemus' questions are legitimate. i) How Jesus answers is significant! ii) Nicodemus must be born again...born of the Spirit! iii) Jesus challenges Nicodemus that he should know this from his deep theological training in the Old Testament! Ø Jesus tries to help Nicodemus move past his physical Pharisaical world and focus on his own personal spirituality. Ø Jesus speaks directly in verse 15. o "...whoever believes in him may have eternal life." 6. (SLIDE 13) CHANGING THE SYSTEM (Jesus) a) What happened to Nicodemus? i) (SLIDE 14) John 7:45-52 - Nicodemus peaks in favour of Jesus. ii) John 19:38-40 - Nicodemus helps bury Jesus. APPLICATION: 7. (SLIDE 15) PREVENTING THE SYSTEM (It can leak back in!) a) EXPOSE IT: How? i) Continually review what we're doing as a church? b) (SLIDE 16) QUESTION IT: How? i) Continually ask, why we're doing what we're doing? c) (SLIDE 17) CHANGE IT: How i) Continually ask, what are we willing to let go of to see people born again? (To see the Gospel spread?) CONCLUSION: 8. (SLIDE 18) AWANA GRAND-PRIX a) Are we willing to lay down one of our services, for the potential to see a young family saved and brought into the local church? 9. (SLIDE 19) POST-MESSAGE PRAYER
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