Jesus Meets With His Disciples

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Jesus' earthly ministry is coming to a close. Judas has plotted to betray Him. Out of His love for His disciples, He chooses one last lesson in their discipleship; He washes their feet. A powerful metaphor for those of us who call ourselves Followers of Jesus.

 Whitehorse Baptist Church "HOW I MET JESUS" "JESUS MEETS WITH HIS DISCIPLES" (JOHN 13:1-20) STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Preparation a. What are your thoughts on foot washing within the context of church? Do you think it has value in our current context? b. Have you ever had your feet washed as part of a church? What was it like? Was it reciprocated? 2. Examination a. Read John 13:1-20 together. b. In chapter 13, we read that Jesus earthly ministry is coming to end. In your opinion, how was Jesus feeling? What is He thinking? c. Consider this entire passage in light of leadership. What lessons or principles do you see highlighted. d. According to verses 1-4 Jesus was initially motivated by his love for the disciples. Discuss the place of love within discipleship. e. Contrast Judas and Peter in light of having their feet washed by Jesus. What are their thoughts and feelings? Why does John highlight them? 3. Reflection a. Discuss how or why verses 19 and 20 bring this encounter deeper meaning or purpose. How does it speak to the disciples’ legacy? b. In your opinion, should legacy be a consideration within discipleship? Why or why not? 4. Implementation a. If the some or the entire group is comfortable doing so, separate the men and women, and wash each other’s feet as Jeremy demonstrated. b. Pray for servant leadership in your group and our church that is motivated by love and focused on legacy.
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