Jesus Meets Annas And Caiaphas

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Jesus has been arrested. Before he enters a public scorn before Caiaphas, Jesus has a meeting with his father-in-law, Annas. What will Jesus say to a man who's mind is already made up? What can this encounter teach us about sharing the Gospel when we're receiving hostility and persecution?

 Whitehorse Baptist Church "HOW I MET JESUS" "JESUS MEETS ANNAS AND CAIAPHAS" (JOHN 18:12-24) OUTLINE STYLE: INDUCTIVE-DEDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. (VIDEO) HOW I MET JESUS STORY BY BETH D. 2. (SLIDES 1-2) SERIES & MESSAGE INTROS TEACHING: 3. (SLIDES 3-7) JOHN 18:12-24 4. A FEW OPENING QUESTIONS: a) (SLIDE 8) WHO'S REALLY IN CHARGE? (VS. 13-14) i) Annas For The People, Caiaphas For Rome (Politics!?!?) ii) "Who Were the High Priest's Annas and Caiaphas?" ( Ø "Annas had been high priest from A.D. 6 to 15. The Romans had removed him from office yet he still wielded considerable power behind the scenes. Five of his sons succeeded him as high priest. He was the father-in-law of Caiaphas - the high priest who was in office at the time of Jesus ministry." Ø "Annas is still called 'high priest' even though he was not serving in that capacity at the time. His power was obvious. When Jesus was arrested, He was brought to Annas first rather than Caiaphas. The examination before Annas was unproductive. Annas then sent Jesus away to Caiaphas the current high priest. Caiaphas then conducted the next phase of Jesus' trial." ( b) (SLIDE 9) WHO'S THE OTHER DISCIPLE? (VS. 15-16) i) Ellicott's Commentary ( Ø "Another disciple.—The reading is not certain, but the majority of the better MSS. support the text of the Authorised version. Others have, “The other disciple,” which would mean, “The well-known disciple.” It has been usual to understand that John himself is intended by this designation, and this opinion agrees with the general reticence of the Gospel with regard to him." ( 5. QUESTIONED BY ANNAS: a) (SLIDE 10) WHAT ANNAS WANTS (VS. 19) i) What's Annas goal? Why ask about Jesus' disciples and teaching? ii) Annas wants to create separation between himself, the priests and the Jewish people, and Jesus (the rebel), His Message and His disciples. b) (SLIDE 11) WHAT JESUS PROVIDES (VS. 20-21) i) The World: "Jesus brings the Message back to primary focus. (There is no difference between His teaching to disciples and everyone else!) ii) (SLIDE 12) The Priests: Jesus brings the Message to an offensive focus. (Jesus suggests that Annas' priests give testimony for Him.) c) (SLIDE 13) WHAT ANNAS RECEIVES (VS. 22-24) i) Why did the officer strike Jesus? (Jesus was either clearly offensive or Annas' face indicated disgust to which the officer reacted.) ii) Annas is left speechless and dumps the problem on his son-in-law. APPLICATION: 6. (SLIDE 14) WHEN PEOPLE ARE HOSTILE TO THE GOSPEL a) What can we provide? (The Gospel Message is about them.) b) What will they receive? (The Gospel can be offensive.) Ø They might reject us. They might persecute us. CONCLUSION: 7. (SLIDE 15) WHAT ABOUT CAIAPHAS? a) John doesn't include the conversation with Caiaphas? (Why?) b) (SLIDES 16-20) Matthew 26:57-68 c) They didn't have a conversation. The conversation was over before Jesus had ever got there. (Perhaps this is why John left it out?) 8. (SLIDE 21) WHO ARE YOU INVITING? a) Easter at the Arts Centre b) Closing Prayer
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