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Genesis 6:
The entire human race was corrupt in “their ways,” which includes twisted purposes, abusive relationships, vile words, and darkened hearts.
Noah shows us that it’s possible to be godly in a godless generation.
Noah was righteous, blameless, and faithful.
Today we will look at another individual who also stood in the gap.
It is no secret or surprise that ideologies and political philosophies shape events.
What is something we see concerning individuals or small groups of people with courage?
They did whatever was needed for the cause they believed in.
Were those people of prominent positions before they stepped up to the cause?
Did they rise from obscurity to stand in the gap?
What comes to mind when you think of David?
We know David was the youngest of his family and in that time period it wasn’t the most prominent position.
He was overlooked, and as we read in Scripture it appears his own family did not believe in him.
David was born in a time when Israel was discouraged and distressed.
Philistines had bee attacking; and were ruthless people.
The people became so tired of the assaults; they decided they wanted a king.
They wanted a man to rule them - not God.
Saul was anointed as king over Israel, and for a while his kingship looked promising.
But soon, when the Philistine army strongly came against the Israelite army, Saul proved he wasn’t up to the task.
He could have waited patiently for God (as God instructed),
1 Samuel
but he panicked and took matters into his own hands.
but he panicked and took matters into his own hands.
A Gap is a place of weakness, vulnerability, and danger.
At that moment in history, God’s people were in a huge gap and their survival hung in the balance.
Broken hearts and broken societies can occur when God’s standards aren’t valued.
We aren’t facing off with the Philistine army today but we face other enemies.
What are some examples?
Media - how does mainstream media depict us concerning gay marriage?
Against gay marriage.
What else are we against?
Discrimination, human trafficking, gang violence, racism, hatred,
What are we For? Love, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, and mercy.
Many have become the silent minority in these matters as a response .
What happens to those who do stand up for justice and truth?
They inevitably become targets.
So it seems that our society today is not really much different than the society David was born into.
We find
according to
God does not look at the things we tend to look at .
We look at the outward appearance, talents, giftings, prominence, etc.
David possessed no special prominence or recognition, but God chose him and Samuel obeyed God and anointed David.
What is the importance of God’s anointing as preparation for future action?
The anointing prepared him for his all-important role, but not yet . . .
not yet.
Behind the Scenes
It appears that Jesse had not taken time to train David for a fulfilling life.
The other sons got preferential treatment it seems.
But God had a different curriculum for David.
David’s shepherding responsibilities provided him a priceless education.
He faced challenges
He killed at least 1 lion and 1 bear with his bare hands!
This education prepared David to stand in the gap in one of the most famous encounters of all time between good and evil.
God was preparing David in private.
Later God would use David in front of a large crowd.
We’ve at least heard the story of David and Goliath.
You can read about it in .
But lets look a few points:
Israel had a giant enemy.
The enemy hurled threats.
The enemy blasphemed God, and instilled fear.
David came on the scene - he had 2 thankless jobs
he was still a shepherd but now he is an errand boy taking food supplies to his brothers for his father.
He heard the enemy’s taunting and saw the soldiers withdrawing in fear.
He sized up his opponent just like he had with the lion and the bear.
Saul and his army were terrified; David was courageous.
Saul saw an awesome enemy; David saw an opportunity.
Saul needed an ish (man) to stand in the habinayim (between two camps for combat)
David was determined to be that ish!
He realized a truth he later pinned in
Psalm 22:
David realized the struggle wasn’t against flesh and blood.
Something much bigger was at stake than an army becoming servants to another country - the reputation of God.
Goliath wasn’t merely threatening Israel, he was defying God Himself.
What difference does it make to realize the giants in our families and our nation are part of a spiritual battle against the forces of darkness?
When David stepped out with his sling and stones to meet Goliath - with armor, spear and sword; at the moment which side would you have wanted to be on?
Imagine being an Israelite soldier.
Would you be writing your will?
Would you be looking for a way of escape?
How would the gap look to you at that moment?
Very wide
David had no anxiety and he wasn’t tongue-tied.
1 Samuel
We know what happened next!
There must have been a hushed silence that came over both armies for a brief moment; before Israel began pursuing the Philistine army.
So often we focus on the courage of a young boy.
David’s courage was the result of his confidence in a powerful, wise, loving God.
Today our families and communities are facing enemies, some of them are giants.
When we stand up to them it’s not safe and its often not politically correct.
If we don’t stand up for righteousness and justice in our generation, someone will have to come along and find the courage.
However, by then the situation will be even worse.
Remember, Goliath didn’t start our enormous.
He wasn’t born 9 feet tall.
He was born smaller, but over time he became giant.
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