Can They See Jesus In Me

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Can They See Jesus In Me  Matt. 26:56-58, 69-75


I. The Transformation of the New Life

  Peter wasn’t the same man he used to be, he had been radically changed by the Holy Spirit of God.

  A. His Past- Peter was a fisherman. They were notorious for vulgar language and wicked lifestyles.

    1. Luke 5:1-8- by his own admission he was a sinful man.

      a. Do you remember where you were when the Lord found you?

      b. Isa. 51:1- how long has it been since you have looked “at the pit from which you were dug”?

    2. Rom. 3:10-18- Look what God says about the unsaved.

  B. His Profession –

    1. Matt. 16:13-18- we read the depth of Peter’s profession.

      a. John 6:64-71-

    2. Has there been a time when you bowed down and acknowledged Him as Lord -- as your Lord

  C. His Proof –

    1. There were times when Peter excelled in his walk with the Lord

      a. Matt. 26:50-54-

      b. John 18:10-

    2. Fruit is a badge of our salvation

      a. Matt. 7:20-

  D. His Problem-

    1. In spite of all his pluses, Peter still fell in to din. He denied the Lord three times. At one point he does so with cursing.

    2. Because of the old Adamic nature we can still fall back into sin. That’s why we need to be so careful in our walk with Him and learn to lean on Him.

      a. Eph. 4:22-23-

II. The Testimony of the New Life

  Every life of a redeemed person is a sermon about the Lord. Peter at this point in his life is displaying a very poor testimony.

  A. He’s in the wrong place -

    1. He stays outside warming himself around the enemies fire.

      a. Note: There are some places that believers ought not to be. We need to ask ourselves “would Jesus be comfortable with me’? Would your location be a bad testimony for Christ?

    2. He’s with the wrong crowd

      a. That night Peter was associating with the wrong crowd and it wasn’t long before he was acting just like them.

        1. 1 Cor. 15:33- evil communications corrupt good manners

        2. How many have been led astray by the crowd they were in.

    3. He gives the wrong performance (72)

      a. He began to swear – he certainly doesn’t look like a preacher at this point.  What does you life have to say about Jesus? If someone followed you for 24 hrs. Would they conclude that you were a pagan or a Christian?

        1. If they listened to your music

        2. Met your friends

        3. Saw how you treat others

        4. Saw how you reacted when wronged

III. The Triumph of the New Life

  A. There is remembrance (75)

    1. No matter how far you get away or how cold your heart grows you will never get away from what Jesus did.

    2. We need to remember whose we are

  B. There is repentance (75)

    1. Peter confessed sins and called out to the Lord

  C. There is restoration

    1. Peter fell, confessed, repented and the Lord restored him. On Day of Pentecost Peter preached the gospel.

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