Crossing Our Jordan

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  Crossing Our Jordan Josh. 3:1

EBC   1/15/06

I. Look At The Message (3:1-13)

  A. See the challenge (3-4)

    They were challenged to do three important things:

    1. Watch God – the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament had symbolized the presence and power of God. . When the Ark moved the people were to move.

      a. We would do well in times of crisis to watch God’s movement in and around us.

        1. John 5:19-20 -

    2. Follow God – “go after it” – not only were they told to watch God but also told when He moved they were to move. This way require us to move leave our comfort zone. Israel was told to follow the Ark through a river over one mile wide.

    3. Honor God- “space between you and God” – we must never be accused of treating God like a buddy. We must always have a reverence for Him.

       a. Help us never to take our walk with Him for granted.

  B. See the command (5)

    1. The people were told to sanctify themselves. This referred to cleaning up their lives and becoming holy.

      a. Psa. 66:18 -

      b. 1 Peter 1:15 –

        1. We need to put away those things that are displeasing to the Lord. Before we cross over our Jordan we are going to have to examine our hearts and lives.

  C. See the commitment (9-13)

    1. We are reminded removing obstacles is God’s problem, making our ready is our problem.

      a. If God could be trusted then, he can be trusted now. Often we are unable to put obstacles behind us because we don’t trust God.

II. Expect A Miracle (3:14-17)

  A. See the problem (15b)

    1. The river was over 1 mile wide and over 2 million people had to cross. Imagine this type of situation in your life. The trouble is when we see a problem we leaving God out of the situation and focus on the problem

  B. See the plan (15)

    1. There was a catch in the plan. God wouldn’t part the waters until the Priests stepped into the water. It took an act of faith for the people to see the miracle.

      a. What a lesson for us. We generally just want the Lord to fix everything, we don’t want to have to make any hard decisions don’t want to make any changes in our lives.

  C. See the performance (16-17)

    1. When the Priests stepped into the raging river the waters parted. God opened a path of dry ground for them to cross

      a. Someone said,” God honors faith and faith honors God”. I want you to see today that it was God that did this great thing and that is the same God we are serving today.

    2. The same God that did this mighty feat for Israel is the same God we are serving this morning.

      a. Heb. 13:8- Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever.

      b. Regardless of our circumstances he’s still God.

III. Erect a Memorial (4:1-7)

  A. Purpose of the memorial

    1. To remind later generations of the power of God and faithfulness of God

    2. It is those yesterday experiences that get us thru today’s troubles.  

  Introduction to crossing Jordan

  Because of unbelief, Israel had been sentenced to 40 years in the wilderness. Those years are now over and Israel was ready to move on. However; there was one major hurdle – the Jordan River.

  Normally at Gilgal the river was only 100 feet wide, but during harvest the river swelled to over 1 mile wide. There was no way they could cross on their own they needed supernatural help.

  We all face a Jordan. As we look at the obstacles that stand between us and spiritual victory let’s also look at the one who can give us the victory. God still specialized in overcoming the impossible.


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