Teaching and Treachery

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Jesus is teaching about Himself and who He is but the crowd is divided about what they believe.

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Our reading today is . This is Jesus teaching and the Treachery around it. We start at
1. Teaching and Treachery


This section like most of the ones where Jesus is teaching brings out the best and the worst in people. Some believed but some wanted to arrest Him.
Part of the problem was that was that they thought they knew Jesus’ origins and they did not. Part of it was because they did not like Him questioning there faith in God and making Himself equal to God.
Many questions.
Starts and ends with wanting to seize Him
Some believed
The whole teaching on the coming of the Holy Spirit was new to them and had never happened that way before so again they had trouble comprehending and believing Jesus or His teaching. So, what better way to shut Him up than to have Him arrested and let the religious leaders deal with the problem.
3. Second Reading ESV
In the end what Jesus had said about them really not knowing Him proved to be true and while some believed many did not and sought to have Him arrested.
30-31 Results of teaching about who He is
32-36 Officers sent to arrest Jesus
40- 44 Divisions among the people
The word "arrest" instead of "seize" is used
Out of his heart will flow streams of living
water rather than inner most being
Moves from teaching to prophecy and back
again but the people don't seem to follow
the flow
5. Fourth reading NET Bible
Prophecy of His crucifixion and ascension also the giving of the Holy Spirit.
6. Changes
whispering to muttering
scattered to Dispersion
on to now on
Feast to Festival
Flow from him to out of his heart
from his innermost being
out of his belly
out of the believers heart
Christ to Messiah
V.42 verifies what Jesus said about them not really knowing Him.
I. V. 30-31 Reaction to Teaching
7:30 Response - At this
Act - they tried to seize Him,
Contrast - BUT
Results - no one laid a had on Him
Reason - Because His time had not yet come.
This verse is a response to the previous section where Jesus had told them they did not know Him because they did not know the Father that had sent Him. BUT His time or hour had not yet come so the result was that no one laid a hand on Him
:31 Concept - Still,
Act - many in the crowd put their faith in Him.
They said,
Quote - "When the Christ comes
Question - will He do more miraculous signs than
this man?"
Even through the discord and unbelief some believed. The word "still" could be translated "but" which is what ESV and others have done. This highlights the fact that the work of the Father goes on even in conflict. They put there trust, belief and confidence in Jesus because they saw His work and could not see any way the Messiah would or could do more. The tense used here suggest that it was at this very point they came to believe.
II. V. 32- 36 Sending Guards
:32 Act - The Pharisees heard
Specific - the crowd whisper (murmur) such
things about Him.
Time - Then
People - the chief priests
the Pharisees
Act - sent
temple guards
to arrest Him.
Not willing to let this teacher get a foot hold on the people the leaders send out the temple police to arrest Jesus.
:33 Act - Jesus said, (therefore)
Quote - "I am with you for only a short time,
Then I go to the one who sent Me.
Jesus is telling them of His death and ascension. For Jesus this was a time of hope and a keen sense that His time among these people was indeed coming to a close.
:34 Act - You will look for me,
you will not find Me
Where I am you cannot come."
For some they would look but die without faith in Jesus.
Where Jesus was going none of them could follow at this time, not even His closest disciples. They would one day but not now not till after Jesus had paid the price and gone back to the Father to prepare a place for them.
:35 Response - The Jews said to one another,
Quote - "Where does this man intend to go that we cannot
find Him?
Question - Will He go where our people live scattered
among the Greeks,
Teach the Greeks?
At this time the Israelites have been scattered among many different nations. Some had come back but some had decided to stay in the places where they had been sent. So was Jesus talking about taking His message to them. Once again these people have completely misunderstood what Jesus was saying and are asking the wrong question. Notice the irony here. Even as they scoff at Jesus going to teach the Greeks or Gentiles so the Apostles would end up doing just that.
:36 Question - What did He mean when He said,
Quote - 'You will look for me
you will not find Me'
'Where I am you cannot come'?"
Could it be that while angry at Jesus for showing up there lack of real spiritual depth and knowledge they are still curious about if His words might have some truth they are missing.
III. V. 37 - 39 Rivers of Living Water
:37 Time -On the last
greatest day of the Feast,
Act - Jesus stood
Specific - in a loud voice,
Condition - If anyone is thirsty,
Act - let him come to Me
Again the spiritual call to be satisfied in Jesus come drink to the full. This last day was a time of worship, sacrifice and a close to the week it is the eight day no work is done. This is the third time Jesus has used this kind of a reference. First with the woman at the well. Second in chapter 6 when He calls for those who are thirsty to come and drink and now here where the emphases is primarily on the water that Jesus can give that satisfies.
:38 Person - Whoever believes in Me,
Comparison - as the Scripture has said,
Quote - streams of living water will flow from within
See In we have an allusion to the law and the Spirit as a combination that provides this same kind of picture. The people of God were to find in the Law the very Spirit that would lead to living and life. Here the picture is living water flowing from the innermost being of those who come to Christ and believe. This Gospel of the change brought by Jesus for life and health was to permeate them and all they came in contact with. Ezek has a vision of this stream representing the Christ flowing from temple and spreading out to the whole world which it has and is still doing.
:39 Note - By this He meant the Spirit.
People - whom those who believed in Him were later to
Reason - Up to that time the Spirit had not been given,
since Jesus had not yet been glorified.
Seems to be a note of explanation by John as to why Jesus was saying this. In the O.T. the Spirit was mainly given to certain people for special purposes or a certain time. Now the Jesus is saying hat the Spirit will become available to all people for everyday living. Here we see also the beginning stages of developing the fact that Jesus death was not a defeat but part of Hid glorification. This would be fully accomplished when Jesus returned to heaven after the resurrection. The Spirit who was already present in the world would then come in Hid fulness on believers.
IV. V.40-44 Division Among the People
:40 Affect - On hearing His words,
People - some of the people
Act - said,
Quote - "Surely this man is the Prophet."
The Prophet was for told by Moses as one who would come and would be like himself. Jesus was more that just the prophet He was and is the living Son of God, Son of Man.
:41 People - Others said,
Quote - "He is the Christ."
Still others asked,
Question - "How can the Christ come
from Galilee?
As we can see again the crowd was divided. Some thought He was the Prophet like Moses, Some thought He was the Christ but some still could not get past His Galilean involvement. Often our prejudices and our misinformation clouds our ability to see what is right in front of us.
:42 Question - Does not the Scripture say that
the Christ will come from David's family
from Bethlehem, the town where David
Again we run into John's irony. While some of the people judge Jesus as not a possible candidate for being the Messiah because He was not born in Bethlehem John knows that He was. This accusation only makes it clear they are of the "world" not believers in the Christ.
:43 Conclusion - Thus the people were divided
Reason - because of Jesus.
The division was not so much because of Jesus as because of what He taught them about Himself. Similar divisions are still present when it comes to Who Jesus really is.
:44 Contrast - Some wanted to seize Him,
no one laid a hand on Him
Once again they want to silence Him by arresting Him but no one laid a hand on Him
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