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Moses received His assignment and we saw the difficulty of obedience.
Obedience- may we be obedient because God is God.
Let us worship him, follow him and live for him because He is God.
We believe He is the source of life and there is no other God but Him.
We walk and live in obedience simply because He is God.
Nothing more and nothing less.
He is God.
God met with Moses in a bush that was on fire but would not burn up.
Moses received his assignment that he would lead the Israelites out of slavery and in to a land flowing with Milk and Honey.
God has clearly spoken and Moses has heard.
Now watch the dialogue with God here in chapter 4 of Exodus.
Exodus 4:
Moses begins this dialogue by looking to others.
He says what if they...
The focus is not on himself (so to speak) but he begins to shift the blame to others and says ok God I am ready but what if they.
When God gives us an assignment, it can be easy for us to begin to look around and pass blame on to others as to why we don’t want to do what God has called us to do.
“God I am ready but what if THEY”
What if they won’t believe me and will not obey me and question that the Lord did not appear to you.
As we blame others this appears to be spiritual
God I trust you but they are the problem for they do not trust you.
God I am ready to go but they are a big problem
God I love you but I can’t stand your followers.
We assume that we are spiritual but its the others who are the problem.
Who recieved the assignment from God? Moses or the people?
Moses did and it was Moses whom God spoke to at the burning bush and it was Moses that the Lord told to deliver the people from slavery.
When you break this down, this has nothing to do with others and this is all about Moses and His faith.
Passing blame can make us appear to be spiritual but this only drives us further from the one we claim to be close to.
Learn to identify and take responsibility for areas in your life that you are truly responsible for.
Is it really people who are causing you to doubt your faith or does it come back to you.
Caution: Some struggle to identify that which they are not responsible for.
As you learn to take responsibility in your Christian walk, some of you will be tempted to assume full responsibility for everything to the point that you blame yourself for everything including that which is out of your control.
Identify that which you are responsible for:
Don’t blame others
Don’t take the blame for that which is not your responsibilty
Exodus 4:1-
This will take place so they will believe that the God of their fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has appeared to you.
Now is the crowd around when this happens?
Is anyone watching?
Now what is interesting about this is that when they approach Pharoah in chapter 7 what does the Lord tell Aaron and Moses to do? Throw down their staff and it becomes a snake.
God met with Moses one on one and then used what he taught Moses one on one in front of Pharoah.
Christ followers exercise faith in private before it is put on display in public.
God is just confirming to Moses this call.
No one else is around and Moses says what if they don’t believe me?
God says Moses this has NOTHING to do with them.
This is about Moses faith and belief in God.
Exodus 4:6-
God continues to confirm this calling with Moses.
Moses says what if they… God says if “they” don’t believe then here are some signs.
Lord I want to follow you and be obedient to you but what if they...
God says here are some signs.
Here are some things that say that I am God.
You trust me because I am God and not God in the open but I am God of your heart in the quiet.
I am God.
Let me be clear if you want God so that he simply can meet your conditions of what you think a God should do then you don’t want God you want yourself.
To say that something is God, then everything yields to this supreme being.
Desires yield, agendas yield, lifestyles yield, parenting yields, finances yield and everything yields to that which is God.
God shows Moses these signs and look at Moses response.
I know just like me that many of you can identify with Moses this morning
Exodus 4:10
Moses response gets us closer to the problem.
Remember at this point he was saying them them them and now it gets closer to home as Moses says no I am the problem.
I have never been eloquent either in the past or in the present or since you have been speaking to me.
I am slow and hesitant in speech
This also appears to be very spiritual.
God you are not the problem its me.
We seem spiritual when we run ourself down.
God you are so good and great but I am not able to do what you have called me to do.
Sounds spiritual but I would argue that it is full of the sin of selfishness.
This has nothing to do with God but is all pointed towards self.
Reminder who is calling Moses?
Is Moses calling Moses?
NO Nor are you calling yourself.
God called you and the moment you doubt yourself it may feel very spiritual but in fact you are doubting God himself.
God’s response
Exodus 4:11-
Exodus 4:
God says who created you?
Who made your mouth that you are doubting?
I did
Now Go!
He not only says for him to God but he also says I will help you speak and I will teach you what to say.
Exodus 4:13-
This is our story
God wants to deliver us from the slavery of sin.
As God calls us out of this sin, we begin to say but God I can’t be delivered because of them.
God my friends won’t believe that I have been delivered.
God you want me but it’s them.
God says I will handle them.
Ok God you can handle them and you want me but I am not good enough to be delivered.
It’s me and I am the failure.
I will never make it.
God says “I am” I am God and you are not doubting you but you are doubting me.
I want to deliver you so leave your selfishness and follow me.
I want you.
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