Advent 1999 -4- Coming Light: A New Day is Dawning

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Readings: Isaiah 9:2-7; John 4:19-26
The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2 (NIV)

I.   The Peace child is born

     A.  He is born to Rule (v.6)

           1.  A lot of weight on tiny shoulders!

                 a.  The government on his shoulders.

                 b.  His shoulders aren’t that tiny!

           2.  Yet he has some pretty impressive names!

                 a.  Wonderful Counselor: Wise to rule.

                 b.  Mighty God: Not an ordinary baby!

                 c.  Everlasting Father: Always in charge.

                 d.  Prince of Peace: Bringing shalom to all.

           3.  He will sit on David’s throne.

                 a.  In the line of the man after God’s heart.

                 b.  Fulfilling the promises to David (2Sam 7).

                 c.  He will be enthroned forever.

     B.  He is born to bring Shalom

           1.  Shalom is more than “peace.”

                 a.  Not merely the absence of conflict

                 b.  Shalom is well-being and wholeness.

           2.  He is the Prince of Shalom.

                 a.  His rule gives Shalom to all under him.

                 b.  Shalom itself comes from him.

           3.  There will be no end to His Shalom.

                 a.  Neither his ruling or his shalom giving will come to an end (v.7)

                 b.  There is no end to it: this shalom deepens and broadens infinitely.

     C.  His birth is a dawning Light

           1.  The light dawns on we who live in the dark land of death (v.2).

                 a.  Not to those who are living in the light!

                 b.  It dawns to those who need it most!

           2.  The light dispels both darkness and death!

                 a.  The light chases away the darkness of sin and oppression.

                 b.  It chases away the shadow of death.

II.  A new day Dawns for God’s people

     A.  Sorrow is replaced by Joy

           1.  Where death was joy is! (v.3)

                 a.  Death brings sorrow/the light brings joy!

                 b.  This dawn brings joy where it wasn’t possible before!

           2.  Where there was only gloom, hope is born!

                 a.  Instead of mope, there’s hope!

                 b.  The day of the cynic is over.

                 c.  The day of the optimist has come!

           3.  The day of joy has begun!

                 a.  This isn’t just a “some day” thing.

                 b.  This day has begun. “Joy to the World!”

     B.  War is replaced by Peace

           1.  God has broken the rod of oppression!

                 a.  As in the day of Midian’s defeat: Gideon defeated them with torches and shouts

                 b.  He shatters the burden of oppression.

           2.  The implements of war will be destroyed.

                 a.  They won’t be needed anymore!

                 b.  In Isaiah 2:4 we read that swords and spears will be converted to farm tools.

           3.  The day of peace and shalom has begun!

                 a.  Not that we don’t need a military or a police force–we do!

                 b.  Victory is sure, but the fighting isn’t over

                 c.  We can have shalom now, though we won’t have all of it until His 2nd advent.

     C.  The day will be Everlasting

           1.  The day of joy and peace won’t end! (v.7)

                 a.  This isn’t just a lull in the hostilities!

                 b.  He will uphold the peace with justice and righteousness forever (v.7b)

           2.  We can “rejoice in the Lord always.”

                 a.  Even when the battle doesn’t go so well

                 b.  Because we know how the war is going

                 c.  The light has dawned on our darkness, so the darkness is never that dark.

           3.  We can “be at peace with everyone.”

                 a.  We don’t have to fight and claw our way to justice and peace–we have it!

                 b.  God’s peace flows from Him through us

III. We Live in the new day

     A.  Jesus: “I . . . Am He”

           1.  Jesus is the one “anointed” to reign on David’s throne (v.7).

                 a.  Messiah and Christ mean “annointed.”

                 b.  Jesus says he is the one Isaiah talks about in this passage (and others!).

                 c.  He is the one born with ruling on his shoulders.

           2.  Jesus, the Messiah, establishes a Kingdom that is not fixed to one place (John 4:21).

                 a.  Jesus came preaching “the kingdom.”

                 b.  But it’s not a political one, it’s better.

                 c.  We don’t worship in Samaria or Jerusalem, but everywhere!

     B.  The time has now Come

           1.  Jesus’ coming is the dawn of the new day.

                 a.  Isn’t that what the angels sang:
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests. Luke 2:14 (NIV)

                 b.  Jesus comes to destroy sin and death, as well as the power they have over us.

           2.  The time for true spiritual worship is now!

                 a.  Jesus comes to bring a new day of worship: true, spiritual worship.

                 b.  It’s not about rules or places, but about authenticity and relationship.

                 c.  The day has already dawned, not only is it coming, it has now come!

           3.  Jesus reigns over His Kingdom now!

                 a.  His Kingdom is wherever he reigns.

                 b.  Wherever he reigns he brings shalom.

     C.  Jesus makes Everything new

           1.  The dawning of the light of Jesus, is the dawn of a completely new day.

                 a.  There is nothing in us that His light doesn’t transform.

                 b.  The darkest dark he changes to day.

           2.  His coming means the “old wineskins” have to be discarded for new ones.

                 a.  The old forms don’t work anymore.

                 b.  It is so new, so different it can’t be contained by what went before.

           3.  Jesus is making everything new (Rev.21:5)

                 a.  He will finish when he returns.

                 b.  But he is making things new now for all who “prepare him room!”

The Bottom Line:

Make Room in your heart for the dawning Light to make Everything new in You.

(HoR: Joy to the World R# 171)

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