Advent 2003 - 4 Our God Reigns!

Sermon Tone Analysis
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Reading: Isaiah 52:7-10
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”
Isaiah 52:7 (NIV)

I.   The messenger Approaches (v.7)

     A.  The Good News comes Beautifully

           1.  He’ll be comin’ ‘round the mountain . . .

                 a.  As a messenger with news from a battle

                 b.  Coming over the mts to Jerusalem

                 c.  Is the news good or not so good?

           2.  Pretty feet?

                 a.  The beauty depends on the news

                 b.  Better than a sunrise/set are such feet!

           3.  Beautiful feet carry good news

                 a.  Not hidden under chairs, or propped up

                 b.  Feet with a blessed burden to carry

                 c.  What do others say about your feet?

     B.  We Need this news

           1.  Jerusalem is waiting in ruins for news (9)

                 a.  God is mocked b/c Jer. is in ruins

                 b.  Jer. can’t bear more bad news

                 c.  What news does the messenger bring?

           2.  Peace or war? Good news/bad? (7)

                 a.  More ruin, destruction, desolation?

                 b.  Are we lost for longer, or forever?

                 c.  The news is Peace! It’s good news!

           3.  Who proclaims “Yeshua!” (7)

                 a.  Yeshua=salvation/deliverance/rescue

                 b.  Jesus is the only salvation there is!

                 c.  The message is “Peace!” “Salvation!”

     C.  The news is: God is King!

           1.  God [still] reigns!

                 a.  We won! Our King is not defeated!

                 b.  Our King is still our King!

           2.  The news is good for us!

                 a.  Our time of discipline is over

                 b.  We are slaves no more!

           3.  The news is good for the whole world!

                 a.  There is a God who is in charge!

                 b.  When God is King in Jer. all God’s people are and will be blessed!

II.  The watchmen Announce (v.8)

     A.  The watchmen are Watching

           1.  A city needs watchmen in its defense

                 a.  24/ 7 /365 people are watching the radar

                 b.  In ancient times too, but no equipment

                 c.  Watchmen are sometimes the 1st target

                 d.  A church/family need watchmen too!

           2.  These are doing their job (are we?)

                 a.  These continuously scan the horizon

                 b.  Would this happen at night (v.1)?

                 c.  Two jobs watch & announce

           3.  What about us?

                 a.  Are we vigilant about church/family/self

                 b.  Will we see the bad or good coming?

                 c.  Will we warn the rest?

     B.  The watchmen Shout the news

           1.  Don’t shout “Danger!”

                 a.  They raise their voices for all to hear.

                 b.  Only 1 of 2 possibilities: very good/bad

                 c.  Danger not on their lips / tone of voice

           2.  Shout the message joyfully: God Rules!

                 a.  We hear their joy b/4 we understand

                 b.  They repeat the messenger’s words

           3.  Listen to the watchmen

                 a.  Listen! To their joy!

                 b.  To their message!

                 c.  Open the gates. The messenger comes!

     C.  The watchmen see Eye to Eye (8b)

           1.  Their vigilance bears blessed fruit!

                 a.  They see the Lord with their own eyes

                 b.  Not just the messenger!

                 c.  They see the Lord b/4 the others!

           2.  See the Lord eye to eye (lit.)

                 a.  They lock eyes with the Lord!

                 b.  Can you imagine?!

                 c.  Yet 1 day we will see Him face to face!

           3.  The shepherds saw both too!

                 a.  Good news of great joy for all people!

                 b.  Were they the only ones watching?

III. The Lord Arrives (8b)

     A.  The Ruined rejoice! (9)

           1.  The dusty ruins welcome a rain of blessing

                 a.  The crumbled ruins rejoice!

                 b.  B/c the King comes to rebuild!

                 c.  They will be ruined no more

           2.  The abandoned city receives her King!

                 a.  The time of desolation is over!

                 b.  Not just buildings & walls, her people!

                 c.  No embarrassment, just joy!

           3.  “Lost and ruined by the fall”

                 a.  We are ruined and our lives in ruins

                 b.  We are desolate w/o God

                 c.  These ruins rejoice when God comes!

     B.  His peace comes with Holy Strength (10a)

           1.  His peace comes as comfort

                 a.  He comforts those grieving their loss

                 b.  He soothes the sorrow of the penitent

                 c.  He comes to strengthen the weak

           2.  His peace comes as redemption

                 a.  Sold for nothing, w/o $ redeemed (v.3)

                 b.  Ransomed from the enemy’s clutches

                 c.  We know how high the price was

           3.  His peace comes as a holy arm

                 a.  His arm is Holy in purpose & means

                 b.  His holiness is strong to do it!

                 c.  We see His holy arm from the manger to the cross.

     C.  The message is for the Whole World (10b)

           1.  The Lord shows His holy strength

                 a.  He will lay bare His Holy arm

                 b.  He bares it so the whole world will see

                 c.  What was hidden will be revealed

           2.  In the sight of all the nations

                 a.  The whole world will see His holy arm

                 b.  Not just His people, but all people

                 c.  Beginning with the Magi from the east

           3.  They will see His salvation (“Yeshua!”)

                 a.  What does His holy strength do?

                 b.  They see His salvation, His Yeshua

                 c.  See His salvation in the manger.

The Bottom Line:

We See it, we Hear it, we Sing it, so we will Tell it: Our God Reigns!


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