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God told Noah to build an ark b/c He was going to send rain & flood the earth.
Up until now, Noah & everyone living at this time had never seen rain…and the nearest body of water was probably 500 miles away.
But by faith Noah built the ark… and in , God tells Noah seven days before the rain ever begins to fall to get into the ark with his family…and Noah obeys.
And as a result of his obedience…he & his family were spared from God’s judgment.
But think about this - there were no storm clouds in the sky when God told them to get in the ark.
There were no rain drops falling when God said to go into the ark…Noah & his family obeyed God by faith.
For seven days they sat there with all the animals before the flood waters ever came on the earth.
It must have been a faith trying time…but when the rains began to fall & the ark began to rise…I am sure they were glad to be in the ark.
But think of how terrible it must have been for all of those who were outside of the ark.
For 120 yrs., Noah had preached & warned them of God’s judgment…but they laughed & ridiculed…but now Noah is safe & they are being swept away under the waters of judgment.
As the rain began to fall, they probably began to beat on the door wanting to get in…but Noah couldn’t let them in b/c God had shut the door.
Tonight, I want to look at and focus on the ark & how it represents JC.
And when we are in Him…He protects us from the judgment of God that is to come.
Genesis 6:7
Gen. 7:4
Gen. 7:10-12
These verses demonstrate that God had had enough of man’s sin & wickedness…so He sent the flood as judgment.
The flood demonstrates that even though God is patient…eventually His patience comes to an end & His judgment comes.
NOTE: God can’t overlook sin forever…Sin must be judged b/c God is holy & righteous.
In , we read that b/c of man’s continual wickedness & rebellion God was going to send the flood as judgment.
And in , the flood comes just as God told Noah.
NOTE: God does what He says…And just as He judged the whole earth with the flood…He will one day judge the whole earth again.
God is not a man that He should lie…If God says it, He means it.
And the bible warns us in the NT…that judgment is coming again…and the earth will destroyed one more time.
2 Peter 3:10-1
Just as sent the flood as judgment in Noah’s day…God is going to send judgment again in our day.
In fact, Jesus said it would be as it was in the days of Noah when He returns.
And we can that taking place in our society right now.
It’s business as usual…No one is thinking about God.
Violence, corruption, & wickedness is ever increasing in our society.
I believe the church is about to leave this world & God’s judgment is about to come.
God’s judgement came suddenly & swiftly.
Noah had been preaching & warning everyone for 120 yrs…but when the flood came, it was swift & sudden.
This day started just like any other day…but suddenly waters from underneath & from above appeared.
The phrase “windows of heaven” means “floodgates...”
In other words, this was a downpour of rain…It came of out of nowhere and it lasted for 40 days & nights.
NOTE: God’s future judgment will be swift & sudden.
Noah was a preacher of righteousness…and for 120 yrs. he warned the people of his day that God’s judgment was coming.
He walked with God & testified by his conduct
But he witnessed for God by his commitment to God in a difficult society
Like Noah, we should be warning people that God is going to judge the world.
We warn them by sharing the Word of God with them.
We warn them by telling them that God has provided a way of escape.
The story of the flood shows us that before He brings judgment...God graciously provides a means of escape from His judgment.
God graciously provides a means of escape from His judgment.
The ark that Noah built was a place of safety & security…It was a place of protection from the storm that was raging on the outside.
But notice this - the ark wasn’t Noah’s idea - it was God’s.
NOTE: Noah didn’t think up the idea of the ark himself.
The ark was God’s initiative.
He revealed it to Noah...He designed it and gave him the directions he needed.
No human plan would have saved Noah or anyone else.
There was no means of escape except the means God provided, and it was sufficient.
The ark Noah built was a real boat…but it’s also a picture of JC & the salvation that He provides.
Notice with me how the ark speaks of Jesus.
Its Substance – Gopher wood – cypress, it’s almost indestructible…it’s durable, & will not rot.
Wood is a picture of humanity in the Bible.
This wood pictures the humanity of Jesus Christ.
Just as those trees had to be cut down to build Noah’s Ark, Jesus had to be cut down to provide a place of sanctuary for you and me, .
The agony and glory of Calvary!)
Its Security – After the Ark was built, it was covered with “pitch.”
This word is used seventy other times in the Old Testament and each time it is translated “atonement.”
It literally means a covering.
The wood alone couldn’t keep the water out…so there had to be a covering.
The word “atonement” brings to mind the shedding of blood, .
Think about this - It’s not the humanity, or the life of Jesus that saves us, it’s His death and the shedding of His blood!
He didn’t come to just us set an example, He same to die, .
It is the blood that seals us and keeps us safe from the wrath of God, !
Its Size – The Ark was 450’ long, 75’ wide and 45’ high.
It could contain three million cubic feet!
It was plenty big enough to hold all who would desire to enter.
This is a picture of the sufficiency of Jesus!
He is able to save all who will come to Him, .
There is room at His cross for anyone!
Its Shape – It wasn’t shaped like a boat, it would have looked like a floating coffin.
This speaks to us of the fact that Jesus died for us and when we receive Him, we die to the world.
When Noah entered the Ark, he was identifying with death.
When we come to Jesus, we are identifying with His death on the cross and our own death to sin! ()
Its Structure – – The Ark had one door; one window and three stories.
These elements are a picture of salvation.
The one door was set low so that all could enter, .
The window was high so that all would have to look up, .
The three stories remind us that salvation is a work of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
It also reminds us that when a person is saved, their whole person – body, soul and spirit- is changed, !
Its Sustenance – – Noah was saved by the ship and he was also satisfied in the ship.
He had everything in the Ark that he would need to survive the flood.
In Jesus, the believer will find satisfaction for the soul.
He is bread to the hungry and water to the thirsty.
Those who come to Him will find that He is all they need to be satisfied, .
Its Schedule – – The Ark came to rest on the seventeenth day of the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar.
Why is that important?
The seventh month is when the Passover takes place.
Jesus died as they were offering the Passover on the fourteenth day of the month.
He was raised three days later – the seventeenth day of the month.
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