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The central miracle asserted by Christians, is the incarnation.
They say that God became man.
C.S. Lewis had it right when he made this quote.
Over the past several weeks, we’ve been seeing the truth of the incarnation...
…building up....culminating to the pinnacle of what we find in our text today.
We’ve seen phrases like this the past several weeks:
“The light shines in the darkness”
“The True light…was COMING into the world”
“He CAME to His own”
All of these phrases…pointing to the reality of what we see - starting in verse 14...
What I’d like to do today is to INITIALLY - focus in on the first 5 words of verse 14...
What are they?
I don’t believe, that on this side of the grave, we will EVER truly grasp ALL that REALLY took place...
…in Jesus Christ, coming in the flesh.
BUT - we’re going to try...
If THIS phrase is the cake...
What I want to do today is to examine the ingredients OF this cake...
the ingredients that MAKE up this cake.
To do that - we’ll be bouncing all around Scripture, but to start, let’s go back to verse 1 from this book...
I hope we remember this verse...
It’s one that we looked extensively at just a few weeks ago...
And so if we think back to those 5 words from v14, (And the WORD became flesh)...
And we apply v1 here - TO v14...
we see, AND ARE REMINDED - that WHEN v14 tells us the WORD became flesh...
We hopefully understand....
SLIDE: In the Word Becoming Flesh: God Became Flesh
In the Word Becoming Flesh
Seems like a LOGICAL conclusion, but it’s where we must start.
Yes - Jesus Christ IS the Word...
And according to v1 - we see that the Word IS GOD...
And so basically just do the math - God Became Flesh...
He BECAME Flesh…and DWELT among us.
The word "dwelt" the same word used in the Greek translation of the OT that refers to the Tabernacle.
It's the verb form of the noun (Tabernacle)
So basically it says - The Word Tabernacled among us...
Why is this significant?
When we think about the BIG-PICTURE story of the Bible, we see an interesting pattern concerning the - GLORY of God
Think back to creation...Genesis 1 and 2...And think about where the glory of God dwelled at that time:
The Glory of God Dwelled In: Eden
There was nothing at all that hindered the pure Worship of God in the Garden.
No coveteousness of man
No greed in man
No pride in man
Pure Worship
But then - Sin shattered everything.
And since then - God is getting us back to what? -- the Worship of Him
Where does the Glory of God dwell at the end of Exodus?
It's not in the Garden' the Tabernacle
At creation - His glory dwelled in the Garden of Eden
During the Exodus - The Glory of God Dwelled in: The Tabernacle
Where worship was uninhibited in Genesis 1 and 2...
Only ONE man, during and following the Exodus could enter the Tabernacle (the High Priest)...
And so with sin - came separation.
And so God now - putting His plan in place to REDEEM His people...
Sends - the TRUE LIGHT into the darkness...
AND NOW - In the Gospel - where does the Glory of God dwell?
The Glory of God now dwells in JESUS CHRIST!
If we want to Experience the Glory of God...
Taste the glory of God..
If we want to see the glory of God...
We LOOK to Jesus!
Jesus as - THE WORD
Well - The WORD - became FLESH, and dwelt among us...
So yes Jesus - The WORD - became flesh...
GOD became flesh!
But let’s dive in more…to see ANOTHER ingredient of - The Word Becoming Flesh...
SO when John 1:14 tells us that - The Word became flesh...
We also see…here from Philippians...
SLIDE: In the Word Becoming Flesh: Ultimate Humility Lead to Ultimate Mercy
In the Word Becoming Flesh
This past week, there were a couple times throughout the week where it really hit me hard...
…how our relationships with our kids are often DIRECT correlations with our relationship with God.
*I had just got home with Tia - we were out and about somewhere - and we pulled in the driveway…
…and parked the car.
Now a lot of times when I park the car, and go to get out of the car, Trey and Tia...
…what they’ll do is they’ll unbuckle their seat belts, and instead of opening their door and getting out...
they’ll climb into the front and get out my door.
Anyway - I got out of the car, and I knew Tia was gonna be following right behind me.
So I watched her climb into the front...
and she was holding something in one of her hands.
I reached out my hand, to steady her as she stepped out of the car (I didn’t want her to trip and crash onto the concrete.
And as I reached out my hand and waited for her to take my hand...
I WONDERED if she would take it.
BECAUSE - there are times when she refuses to...
And in that moment I thought - God - 10,000 times a day, You hold out Your hand for me...
SAYING - Ok Mike, let’s walk this way...
Let’s head in this direction...
Let’s make THIS decision...
…and there are times I refuse to take it…THINKING I know better.
BUT EVEN as a PARENT - there are MANY, MANY times when I know that what’s best for my kids...
is that DAD HUMBLE himself - and...
Be silly in the car...
Forgo DOING the adult thing - and instead get down to THEIR level...
..and ENTER their world.
To forgo being STOIC…and instead - be a KID with them...
Most times THAT’s what they NEED!
OF COURSE they need - Guidance...
But what they DON’T need is a parent who is no different than - a Parenting Book Written for Adults...
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