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The message of the Jesus Christ is the greatest message that has ever been shared.
The writer of Hebrews is speaking about the “last days” since Jesus had ascended into Heaven.
Jesus was assigned the duty of coming to the earth as messiaha
Jesus died on the cross for our sins, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven.
Do you ever think about what Jesus has been doing since then?
I submit to you that the world has often found themselves forgetting where Jesus is and what He is doing.
I didn’t know that meeting Bob Lilly was a big deal until it had already happened.
To me, I was just meeting a guy with big hands.
I have 1 goal for you today.
I want you to look up into the Heavens and see Jesus Christ on His throne.
I want you to see His glory.
When we read of His glory, we aren’t just reading from a book.
1–3  1 Going through a long line of prophets, God has been addressing our ancestors in different ways for centuries.
Recently he spoke to us directly through his Son.
By his Son, God created the world in the beginning, and it will all belong to the Son at the end.
This Son perfectly mirrors God, and is stamped with God’s nature.
He holds everything together by what he says—powerful words!
3–6  After he finished the sacrifice for sins, the Son took his honored place high in the heavens right alongside God, far higher than any angel in rank and rule.
Did God ever say to an angel, “You’re my Son; today I celebrate you” or “I’m his Father, he’s my Son”?
When he presents his honored Son to the world, he says, “All angels must worship him.”
7  Regarding angels he says,
The messengers are winds,
the servants are tongues of fire.
8–9  But he says to the Son,
You’re God, and on the throne for good;
your rule makes everything right.
You love it when things are right;
you hate it when things are wrong.
That is why God, your God,
poured fragrant oil on your head,
Marking you out as king,
far above your dear companions.
10–12  And again to the Son,
You, Master, started it all, laid earth’s foundations,
then crafted the stars in the sky.
Earth and sky will wear out, but not you;
they become threadbare like an old coat;
You’ll fold them up like a worn-out cloak,
and lay them away on the shelf.
But you’ll stay the same, year after year;
you’ll never fade, you’ll never wear out.
13  And did he ever say anything like this to an angel?
Sit alongside me here on my throne
Until I make your enemies a stool for your feet.
14  Isn’t it obvious that all angels are sent to help out with those lined up to receive salvation?
As powerful as this passage is, I want us to focus purely on verses 2-4.
1. Jesus is the Owner and Messenger of the Kingdom of God.
The new age of the world dawned when Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead.
the last days can be understood to mean “at the end of these days”, which points clearly to a crises.
We are now in the “last days”.
We are in need of a once-for-all revelation.
the “last days” were the end of the old era.
When God spoke to men by His son, it was meant to mark an end of all the imperfect methods.
The curtain had fallen on the old age and the final age had dawn.
His credentials vastly supersede those of the prophets and the angels.
Jesus is the heir, entitled by the law of God to inherit God’s kingdom.
Jesus was present at the creation of the world.
He rested on the 7th day whenever God rested.
Jesus is not just in the personalty of God,but related to Him.
The created order belongs to Jesus.
He is not inheriting what He has not been connected with.
He inherits what He himself made.
There is no denying that God could have made the universe apart from Jesus, but the New Testament is at pains to show that he did not do so.
When Jesus was born on earth, He was already equal to God.
But out of His human life, death, and Resurrection came the type of sovereignty that could pertain to Him because of His sovereignty over human flesh.
There is a difference when the leader of an organization speaks compared to the owner.
When the owner speaks, people stop what they are doing.
The owner is more than just a boss.
The owner was there at the beginning.
The owner deserves respect.
Jesus is the owner of the church.
He created everything and He is who we look to for leadership.
Would you look at Jesus differently if you fully realized that He owned you?
Would is affect how you treat your spouse, family, and finances?
Jesus IS the King of it all because He recieved it all when He ascended into Heaven.
2. Jesus Rules as God’s Reflection of Glory.
The Greek term for “radiance” is reflection.
Jesus is connected between God’s glory and light.
The Son out-rays everything in God’s divine glory.
To reflect His glory means to share in the same essence as the Father.
Glory - The reference relates to creation, God’s mighty acts, and His presence within the temple.
The glory of God can be seen in Jesus Christ.
The whole ministry of Jesus was evidence of God’s glory.
Upholds all things - This word implies sustaining, but also movement.
It deals with a burden, not as a dead weight, but in a continual movement.
He does it all by His word.
The sons power manifests in itself.
The world was called into being by the word of God.
Purged - the purification of sin was done by Christ personally, and was not something which he caused to be done by something else.
He Himself did it.
Jesus has the authority to purify sins.
this is an incredible concept.
Right hand - The right hand assumed a position of dignity and authority.
After dealing with sin, Christ ascends the throne.
What is significant about the right hand?
It is the highest mark of honor if a king should invite any one to sit at his right hand.
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