Overcoming Addiction/Sin


From Paul Boatman's sermon on "Purity" @ OCC (can be applied to overcoming any addiction/sin problem).

1. Prayer—Paul challenges the Thessalonians to continual prayer.  The beginning of victory over impurity is the recognition that you cannot do it without seeking God’s help.

2. Regret—The hormone driven person has to step back from the gratifying experience to see what his close-up thrills are really producing.  You have to feel the genuine sorrow for the fact that you’ve become a user masquerading as a lover.

3. Confess—Every 12-step program knows that the centerpiece of recovery is honest, humble confession.  James says it well, “Confess your sins to one another and Pray for one another, that you may be healed.”

4. Repent—Many do not know the difference between regret and repentance.  You haven’t repented merely by feeling bad.  You repent when you shift your heart, mind, and body to persistently making the behavioral and intellectual choices that exclude the sin from your life.  A main dynamic of this changed lifestyle is being absorbed in the word of God.

5. Partner—I have never seen a sin addict gain Christ’s victory without accountability partners.  Christ does his work through Christians who practice the brotherly love of this 4th chapter. You give your partner access to the thoughts of your heart and your daily plans.  As Christ’s victory becomes yours, you are cheered on by brothers and sisters who share in the joy.

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