Asking for Prayer, Giving a Blessing, Applying God's Word

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In the author's last words, he requests prayer from his audience, expresses his prayer wish for his audience, encourages acceptance of his message by his audience. He also expresses his expectation to see his audience, his exhortation to have his audience interact with one another, and his prayer wish that God would give grace to his audience.

Sermon Tone Analysis
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Asking for Prayer - 13:18-19

The author asked his audience to pray for a reunion sooner that expe.cted.
The request is rooted in the confidence of having a good conscience and desiring to have a good life (morally upright way of life)
When you ask someone to pray for you, answer these two questions -
Why? - because of their situation/state of being - what is my situation or my state of being?
What? - this is the desired result - what do I desire to happen?

Giving a Blessing - 13:20-21

The author expresses a prayer wish in which the Lord would equip his audience for their service to the Lord.
The wish also conveys great things about our Lord.
When you offer a blessing, answer these two questions -
What ? - this is the desired result - what do I desire God to do for you?
Who? - what can I tell you about our great God?

Applying God’s Word - 13:22

The author encourages his audience to accept and apply his message.
The encouragement implies that the Gospel is important and applicable to our lives.
When you encourage someone to apply God’s word, answer these two questions -
Why? - this is the affirmation of transforming power of God’s word - what is the potential transforming impact of God’s word in this situation?
When? - this implies the urgency of obedience - when should God’s word be applied?

Final Words - 13:23-25

The author expected a reunion, encouraged to audience to acknowledge one another, and entreated God to give grace to his audience.
Communications end - they wrap up.
When we part company or end a communication, let us
Desire grace for others
expect a reunion - either here or in heaven if we are are believers in Jesus
encourage relationships to be formed among our community, our fellowship, our family of faith
entreat God to give grace to all the believers
to those who are weak in the faith (for strength and growth)
to those who are strong in the faith (for humility and service)
to those with false, bad, shallow understandings of the deep things of God
to those with solid, good, deep understandings of the deep things of God
to those who are straying from God (for return)
to those who are staying with God (for fidelity)
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