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What is the will of the Father?
Most Christians want to know what the will of God is.
We want to know because we want, or at least some part of us wants to know it.
Often, we want to know it so that we will not suffer consequences of being out of God’s will.
How will we know what God’s will is?
In John 6:35-36, Jesus makes two statements in which He tells us exactly what the will of God is.
Let’s read it together.
Last week we started looking at this passage, wanting to answer the question, what is the will of God?
We saw last week that God’s will has always been for people to have eternal life.
We saw specifically in verse 39,
The Father so wants people to be saved, that He has given some to Jesus before the creation of the world.
And it is His will that Jesus should not lose any of those He has given Him.
We are secure in the arms of Jesus.
He will raise up us at the last day!
That is a great comfort and encouragement!
To think that God thought enough of us to give us to Jesus, and that Jesus will never drive us away!
And, no matter what the world may do to us, we will be raised up by Him on the last day!
Well today, we want to look at the next verse where Jesus tells us what God’s will is.
We see this in verse 40.
My Father’s will is ...
In this verse, Jesus is once again plaining telling us what the will of the Father is.
It is pretty straight forward that it is the Father’s will that people be saved!
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit created man in their image so that we would be special among all creation.
They created us in their image that we might be unique out of all creation; that we would have: a mind to know and understand Him, a heart and will to love Him, and soul to communicate and fellowship with Him.
And yes, I did mix the pronouns; ‘They’ because the scriptures speak of them being unique persons, and ‘Him’ because those three are One God.
Though God created us to be righteous like Him, and in relationship with Him, we have all, since Adam and Eve’s first rebellion, chosen to be self-loving and unrighteous, doing what we will, instead of loving Him, and following Him.
That separates us from Him.
That also brings condemnation upon us, condemnation to eternal separation from God.
However, God does not desire that any perish!
That word for pleasure is the Hebrew word for ‘will’.
It is not God’s will that people perish for their sins.
It is not what He wants for them.
No, He wants all to repent and live.
However, though He wants it, He does not force people to be saved.
No, He draws people to salvation through His kindness, love and conviction.
It is the Father’s will that people are saved.
Last week, we saw in the previous verse some of the great doctrines, or teachings of scripture as we examined the details of verse 39.
Today, let’s look at the details here in verse 40.
The first detail is the word...
Where verse 39 speaks of those that the Father has given to the Son, verse 40 makes is clear that salvation is available for everyone!
It really is God’s will—God’s desire, and what would give Him pleasure—that everyone would be saved.
This goes hand-in-hand with the verses we saw in Ezekiel where He does not desire that anyone perish, but that they would live.
We see this in numerous verses throughout the scriptures.
We have seen it in John when we went through John 1, when God sent John to testify concerning Jesus that All might believe.
We saw it again in John 3.
We also see it in 1 Timothy and other verses throughout the New Testament.
God’s will is that everyone would be saved.
The problem with people not being saved is not that God does not want them.
It is that they do not want Him, and / or they do not believe God!
I like 1 Timothy 4:10.
He is the Savior for all people, but it is effective only for those who will receive Him by faith!
That is what John goes on to say in verse 40.
It is the Father’s will that everyone who
Looks to the Son
The word here for looks, is not one that speaks of a singular glance at some point in the past.
Rather, it speaks of an on-going, gaze.
Looking to really examine and discern.
Kind of like when you see something that you really want to know about.
You take time to examine it closely.
You look at it from all angles.
Illustration: Kids at Super Summer Slam with the gems.
They were looking at them closely, turning to see the gems from all angles, to see the beauty in them.
However, I am sure they are no longer looking at them.
It is the Father’s will that everyone who is looking to the Son, that is they are really wanting to see Him.
They want to know all about Him.
They want to see the beauty of the Son, and what He does for us.
But not just “I looked once as I passed by.”
Rather, truly looking to see.
Then, not only looks to see Him truly, but the ones who looking, believe.
And believes in Him
Jesus came at the One and only way for us to be saved from Sin, and restored to the Father.
John has spoken about this time and time again.
Do we believe that He is the only way?
Do we believe that His is our Righteousness?
Illustration of the speaker at the seminar who knew that the issue was righteousness.
Too many people claim to believe in Jesus, but what they are really trusting is that they live a good life, and that God will be pleased with them.
Yes, we should live good lives.
Those who are believers in Jesus, are called to live Holy and Righteous as He is.
But, are we trusting God to be pleased with us for our righteous acts?
Or, do we believe Jesus is our righteousness, and anything I do now is only out of faith in Him who loved me and gave Himself for me?
The Father’s will is that everyone who is looking to the Son, and believing in Him...
Shall have eternal life
The Father’s will is that we will no longer be separated from Him.
He wants us to have eternal life!
Eternal life is defined in John 17:3.
Eternal life does not mean He wants us with Him in Heaven in the future.
Eternal life is Knowing God!
Having a relationship with God which is possible because Jesus makes us righteous, and makes us at peace with Him is the goal!
Eternal life is that on-going, daily relationship with our Creator, and loving Father!
And, yes, He is with us each and everyday here through all we go through on Earth.
Then, in the future,
And I will raise them up at the last day
At the end of life in this world, we will be with Him.
And in the last day, He will resurrect and change our bodies for our souls to have a new, eternal body in which to dwell with Him for all eternity!
A body that no longer is frail, and falling apart!
That is what the Father’s will is.
The Father’s will is that everyone who is looking to the Son, and believing in Him would have a new, righteous relationship with Him, which will go on for all eternity in a new, unblemished body.
That is the Father’s will.
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