Revelation 19:1–10

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Have you ever wished you had a do-over? A mulligan, a Second Run? In hindsight, we all wish we could do somethings over.
How about the holidays? When thanksgiving and Christmas end, have you ever looked back and wished you had a do over. Revelation 19:1–10 is a picture of a do over.
Revelation 17–18 are a foretaste of Holiday regrets. Black Friday originated in 1952. Beginning in Philadelphia, the title ,“Black Friday,” was catching on, by 1961. IN the 2000’s the the Fourth Friday in November had become nationally established, as “Black Friday.” This was the day that merchants turned the red ink of their balance sheets from bleeding loses into the black ink of profit.
All retail hopes are bet on one day. Black Friday is proof that faith in anything or anyone other than Jesus is empty, sad, dark, and destructive. What was once a one day event has transformed into a weekend event, and with empty promises and greed for need of holiday hope has backward from 6 am. to 12 am. to 8 pm. to 6 pm on thanksgiving day. to the 4th week of November. It reminds me of Isaiah and the false prophets. Isaiah tells them to make more noise, start earlier, stay longer, wish smaller maybe their god’s are asleep, out to lunch, or just out of resources.
Travel with me to the promise of “Black Friday.”
You arrive at the shopping center early, to get the best place in line. To you surprise you see yellow tape, smoke, fire, rescue vehicles, soot, buildings collapsing, and store managers, employees, civic leaders, and delivery drivers standing at a distance. THIS IS THE PICTURE FOUND IN REVELATION 17–18.
Jewelry stores no longer expect the Christmas rush, the excitement of engagements, or the profit of last minute anniversary purchases.
Clothing Stores no longer need to offer BOGO.
Furniture stores have no need to advertise 0% interest for 60 months.
Building supply stores need no assistance in hardware or electric departments.
The perfume factories sit empty, because no customers come to the counters.
Grocery stores are silent shopping carts sit idle.
Stockyards and feedlots have nowhere to ship livestock.
Salve market—sellers in the skin trade have nowhere to sell their vices
What could be worst? You too could have banked you holiday hope and dreams on the power of civic leaders, the majesty of materialism, and the satisfaction of of satan’s seduction with false idols. this is the bad news of 17–18.
Here’s the good news! Everyone who has trusted in Jesus, serves a Savior of second chances.
As you stand in the desperation of dwarfed dreams, you heard church bells begin to ring, the angels begin to sing, and as you turn the see church lights shining across the street. as you walk toward the joyful noise you begin to hummmm.
We should rejoice, be glad and give glory to God.
Read revelation 19:1–10

Hallelujah! Jesus Saves

Hallelujah! Jesus Judges

Hallelujah! Jesus Reigns

Let’s Rejoice, be Glad, and Give Glory to God

Rejoice, over your invitation

Be glad, in your are anticipation

Give glory to God, by continuing in God’s preparation

Hold to the testimony of Jesus
Don’t Worship the Meal; Worship the Messiah
Don’t Worship the Menu; Worship the Master
Don’t Worship the Joy; Worship Jesus
Don’t Worship Thanksgiving: Worship, by thanking God for HIs blessings
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