Sunday School 12-2-18 The Wolves Among Us

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As we look at this morning, what were the lesson is listening to wolves? And in Matthew chapter 7 there's there's three different places. We'll go to Matthew chapter 7 verse 15 and 16 then will flip over to act chapter 20 and then we'll go to 2nd Corinthians chapter 2 as we look at this. if you're at in Matthew chapter 7 verse 15 and 16 we have it if you have to be an ostrich and have your head stuck in the sand not for realize that we have wolves around us all the time then our Christian Life. And so if we look at this in Matthew chapter 7 verse number 15 and 16 says beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes or Thorns or figs or thistle reverse number 17 even so every good tree bringing forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bring us forth evil fruit. And then we can we can flip over to Acts chapter 20. If you know I can I'll read it acts chapter 20 vs. 29 thru 31 just War I know this at after model Party Shop grevious wolves entering among you not sparing the flock also have your own cell shell Minute Rice speaking for perverse things to draw away disciples after this therefore watch and remember that by the space of three years. I see snot to warn everyone night and day with tear. That's Paul speaking in pause talking about it in here there wolves coming in our day and time there was all around us. And people get mad at me. and

I've been this way for a long time. and Albert, I just your folks. I believe what the word of God says.

And a lot of it it just cuts me to the Core. And I think hoe. and I don't but when you try to preach this word. And I'm talking about the King James Bible that God has preserved for the English-speaking people. It doesn't need to be Lester Roloff always said it doesn't need to be Rewritten. You need to be read. We don't need people that are taking scriptures that that take words out of God's word. We just need it just like it is and that's what the wolves are doing. The wolves are coming in and tell me that's not really what the word cocktail.

Will pray to Allah I hope to tell you that this is fiction. There's no reason for us to be here this morning. There isn't that mean if this is fiction, there's no such thing as salvation. There's no such thing as Heaven. There's no such thing as hell. So, why would we spend our Sunday mornings coming for a book of fairy tales?

Again, I'm not trying to but I'm very and you know this cuz you said I'm very passionate about the word of God. And we see there's wolves coming in and what it is. Let me finish 2nd Corinthians chapter 11 verses 13 and 15. Just for such a false prophets deceitful workers transforming them into the Apostles of Christ and no Marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of Light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also beach one transform into the Ministers of righteousness who is shall come according to their work. this is a a problem that we have today folks that the devil even himself. Call yourself a minister of light. and his followers

therefore it is no great thing if his ministers talk about the devil be also transformed as Ministers of righteousness who he shall be according to their work. So it should be no surprise today to us that people are starting churches that have no gospel in them. They don't preach the word of God. They just try to make people they try to tickle people here so that they feel comfortable. So I went to church today. Okay, what you learn? I don't know. If you see any of these churches if you been to any of them, but folks a lot of these churches, there's more dancing and swaying in there is the preaching of the word of God. You go inside and it's dark outside into the in the congregation or thing to have up here is all these lights and things that flare around is just like the world we brought the world into the church instead of taking the church to the world and ask her problem and you try to take him to church to the world. If you know you not going to do any Soul winning at all. You're not very popular with the people that you knock on their door cuz I'm trying to tell you about the gospel and that's what we're looking at here this morning, but there's wolves the wolves are deceitful there in sheep's clothing. We haven't seen this in our church and it is true and that's just the way we are but we have this tendency to help those who come to church with legitimate needs.

I asked. I mean, it's not just one one day a week. I asked God to give me Clarity and power when I do when I'm going to do when I'm studying and I'm looking at at these lessons and things because I'm not a great orator and I'm not able to get words across a lot of times but We bring people in the church, and that's what we need to do. And what the problem is is there wolves in sheep's clothing. So we have to be very careful. Because these people come in and they actually it they really have legitimate needs and their when they have the needs are always nice. They're always humble and they're always grateful. Yo, I'm just trying to tell us how to be careful because these leave wolves are deceitful people and when when we are drawn to those who are willing to do, whatever they they come in and they get in. I don't know if you've ever had it happen, but I have and I know probably you have to somebody comes in and they play on your emotions. This is what happened to me and this is what happened to me and we get caught up with that and we want to help them and take care of all their needs. And yes, let's do this. Let's do this and we used to be in on staff and stuff like that. We we had to be very careful about people coming to us and telling us about their knees cuz if we didn't do any Research into him and you just help him out, you're all you're doing is it that you're enabling them to keep going? We're not changing their heart. We're just enabling to keep going in the way than the way that they're going. So we had to do some research on him we had to do so, okay. What's Happening Here What's Happening Here we have yo people that come in to give you the

your book sisters it's something that we need, but it's hard for me to teach because sometimes we we Will get into the SN Armand start thinking with someone so short I'm not at home. There's no soul info about it. It's just this is the way we are. And people will come here and go visit the church and I'll grab them to somebody in the church's emotions. And the first thing you know that person is going to get in. I'm not talking about Victory and I've seen it at Central Baptist Church first-hand people come in and they they find somebody that they can tie down to their emotions.

And they're not good people. You know, there's a difference in is.

Evil is a sin. If you catch but not all sins evil. Sometimes but not all sin is evil Sin is Sin but it's not all but some of these times will come in and attached to somebody that there are they get ahold of their emotion and they will drain those people. What are some of the resources that they have it could be money? It could be I mean we've been in a situation where people come in and they're destitute as in they can't pay their electric bill. They can't pay the rent or whatever. It may be and the first thing, you know, they attacked on to somebody and they Taking things away from them and the first thing, you know the people then they're gone. And come to find out they may have been down there. Church 2 miles from here it did the same thing and then they come here so they're just people and the Bible has these things again when the crisis pass by somebody's pay for the electricity be turned on they pay for their cable to be turned on and they paid for their car. So it wouldn't get repossessed and they put gas in her car and when that crosses his past they're gone. So we have to be very careful because these people know how to work these won't but I understand please the church is is here for people that are hurting and we help people and I am pleased But there again, they're still these walls are that are deceitful people we've read about them and you can tell mother works. And yes, it's our job to help people but it's our job to change their heart that is not hard. But the teeth on the possible and help their hearts to change, excuse me in there. So there's people there dangerous, you know wolves don't always look mean and nasty. They can come in and they are they The other nurse sweet looking people, but they can create trouble in our church. And again, I mean, I guess we need the soul when we need to knock doors. We need to bite people and stuff and help them to help themselves. Just us take care of all their problems are deceitful. They're dangerous there evil the

There's examples.

2nd Samuel chapter 14 verse number 25 This is the story of Absalom Absalom was David's son Absalom was a very handsome and very popular and in 2nd Samuel chapter 14 verse number 25. It says but in all of Israel, there was none to be so much praise His absolent for his Beauty from the sole of his foot even to the crown of his head. There was no blemish in him. This is absolutely not mean it describes absolute.

what if we put your name there in 2nd Samuel 14 25

So and so was more handsome more beautiful than anybody in Israel than anybody around. That's what at that's how they see this. That's how the Bible describes apps, but in all Israel, there was none to be so be so much praise. Does Absol in for his Beauty. There is nobody better looking and Israel that all is Absalom. you know what and we We watch television so that you may not in that him and that's great that you watch TV. You see models you see me and etymology see women with her. That woman is so beautiful. Ellender be put in scripture as to be the most handsome man and Israel have it for his beauty. That was Absalom. But Absalom Harvard a grudge towards his father. You see that in Chapter 14 verse number 28, so I have to undo out two full years in Jerusalem and saw not the king space. This is David's son Absalom for 2 years. I lived in the same city and they never saw anybody. Not never saw each other. Scissor deceitfully Wicked absolon had to go ABS filburn because he wouldn't go tell the king that he wanted to seem Weave Shop 14th Street, Burnsville.

Ashland Harbor

hatred bitterness for his father for over 42 years. Help cuz when it starts building in festering in and we we build this.

Wall around us because I've been done. I think I've been done wrong. And that's one thought he was done wrong asking thought that he should have been the king and he started getting people to follow him instead of follow David. He was trying to exert his self over the king. And now that he has this fuel. Bitterness. This is faster it up, please either your deceitful he try to get David's men to follow him instead of David and we don't have further and we need to be care of their evil. And like I said, he was a hurtful malicious. Bishop's conspiracy to harm someone

if Eagles in 2nd Corinthians chapter 11 verse 13 through 15

terrible an eagle's is a hurtful malicious vicious conspiracy to harm someone else. example You know. All all evil slacks it all evil sin, but not all sin is evil evil involves a premeditated plan to hurt. Someone evil is worse than sin UK.

if I

and I want

I know. I don't know anybody. I'm just so okay if if I took meth it's a sin. I'm hurting me. That's in. that if I

Smoke hurt me, it's me.

but if I sell meth to you that's evil because I'm hurting you. I'm not hurting me. Hey, I would I won't touch that stuff. But I'll sell it to you knowing that it's evil knowing that it's going to ruin your life. That's an evil. I hope you don't kneel. I hope you understand the concept here so I can do something that to me. That's in and that's what David said. It will look at in just a second, but there's all kinds of things that we can say or sense and I'm doing it to me that it's a sin. If I gossiped about me.

It it never happens that way but if you want to gossip about me you're doing evil to me if I say something if I talk about myself, but if I turn around and talk about you that's evil. Because I don't want to bring you up. I want to bring you down. So it is the evil part of it, but not all.

If I'm trying to do something to hurt people, that's evil. Now if I do it, it's a sin and I own you know, the thing about this is what I do it. I need to confess it in 1st John 1:9 if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us for once I realize And it happens to me a lot at work. These drivers are come in and how many they've got these foul-mouthed, you know, and they're on the road all the time and on and on and it'll really could you just cuddle little bit of your vocabulary out? We sure are going to have to talk to you. That's fine. It doesn't bother him. I want to be friends with him. But you know what after a little bit, you know, every other word is, you know. Well, you know. and they come in and oh, yeah, you're that preacher. But I know I'm just a Christian. I just love the Lord. Now, you're that preacher their little you're the one that they talk about on the road. If you come in here, you're the preacher and we're not supposed to do that. And I said I feel you do what you feel what you want. I said, I appreciate the fact that you know, you don't want to come in here and talk ugly and stuff like that. Missy that's it hurts. What comes out of my mouth that hurts?

But if I turn it around and I start talking about somebody in this room. There's somebody at work how you wouldn't believe what this guy's what this person in my son in school class. You won't believe what they do. You're not going to believe what and I'm out there telling it now that's evil of me because it's talk about somebody that is soon destroy the individual Center but evil destroys someone else and that's what we it wouldn't yes, if I do something if I've got which I do I have boxes to know. CNN against me

but if I turn it around And I do it for other two others that's evil. And that's what happened. We have feel their sin and then there's evil and again that's in 2nd Corinthians.

We'll look at. Real quick Psalms. I need to put some chapter 51. This is what David is talking about.

And we all know a lot of the older we've heard stories of David. If you've been to church anytime at all your first stories of David in the same said he's done some chapter 51 verse number for David says against D. And the only have I sinned and done this evil in thy sight that they'll Midas be justified when I'll speakers use me and be clear when I was judges. David said again be in the only have I sent he's talking about what happened with him and Bathsheba. But then they actually said and all done this evil in thy sight that was premeditated. That's when it's even when something else happens David send but what the what we talked with David and Bathsheba, that's the evil he what happened between him he'll keep premeditated that and we'll stop there. But first we have

rules all around us.

and I don't know. I haven't do not turn on apologize for the stand that I have hold God's work. And the problem is people want it to be Rewritten so they don't feel so bad about their sin. I'm the evil that they commit.

You know, well that we don't believe that book. We believe the one that's taking out the blood of Jesus. We believe in the one that's taken out that there's no Redemption for seeing you to do what you want to when you died gone. That's not what God says. God sent his only begotten son.

And so anyway, thank you for the morning. We praise God bless the day again in the preaching our Lord that you would continue to help us. Forward to see CNN to see evil and yes Lord, please. I know what we are to help people Lord where to be here and help in people that are needy the Lord. I most important thing is to show them the word of God to show him the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ the lord at their heart would be changed or we change Liza. We need Hearts changed, so they could see the mercy in the grace and the abundance from the Lord Jesus Christ and what you do for us the game pluck, please blessing the preaching hour this morning in Jesus name. Amen.

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